Opening the Sacred Heart

Healing the Wounds of Love – A Free Event

When it comes to relationships…

Almost everyone is trying to protect themselves from the Wounds of Love

Betrayal, Denial/Rejection, Judgement, Abuse/Persecution & Abandonment

When we face such wounds in our relationships, they often shut us down, close our hearts, and at times create deep life crises.

The Wounds of Love – when left unconscious, unhealed – often distort our emotions in relationship and can cause the heart to grow cold

Blocking us from loving again or as deeply in the future.

But what if we didn’t need to protect ourselves from the Wounds of Love?

What if, instead, they contained keys to awakening the Greatest Love we could ever imagine?

* The Wounds of Love were channeled by Alethia Pistis Sophia, formerly Anaiya Sophia – whose work can be found here

Jesus faced and transfigured the Wounds of Love during his Crucifixion (a Venusian Underworld Initiation.)  They correlate to his:

Betrayal by Judas

Denial by Peter

Judgement by Pontius Pilate

Persecution by the City of Jerusalem

Abandonment by the Father – “My God, my God! Why have you forsaken me?”

These 5 wounds are Universal Sacred Wounds – shadows cast by the Creation itself, which impact all of us in our relationships.  They are obstacles arising from the thorn of our humanity

Each wound, however, also guards a metaphysical gateway – the mastery of which opens the Sacred Heart & brings us into union with the Ascended Self

In this free class…

Discover the healing pathways for the Wounds of Love, which open the Sacred Heart –
the flame of Divine Love realized through the Sacred Wound(edness) of our Humanity.

  • Restore the Grace of Love after heart break, betrayal or abandonment
  • Empower your Heart with the Courage to Love unconditionally
  • Reveal the mysteries of the Sacred Heart – human & divine
  • Understand the Wounds of Love as initiations on the Path of Love
  • Connect to the Isis-Magdalene Mystery perspective of Jesus & the Crucifxion


Friday, October 20th @ 2pm EST – replays available if you can’t attend live

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