In Honor of Mary Magdalene And & the Twin Flame Mysteries

An In-Depth Masterclass on the High Spell of Romantic Love, Twin Flames, Sacred Relationships & the Isis-Sophia Path of Liberation through Divine Love

Can You Open Your Heart to a Love

That Dissolves the Laws of Space & Time?

Drenches The Wound in Ecstasy?

And Fulfills Creation’s Desire so Completely…

That Seeking itself comes to an End?

There is a mystery waiting to be remembered.

Waiting to be revealed…

The Path of Awakening through Eros – Romantic Human Love.

A Tantric Practice…
A High Magic…

The trepidation of traditional Judaic scriptures…
The secret of Christianity…
And the folly of countless monastic traditions worldwide…

Once guarded by the Ancient Temples of the Goddess of Love:
Venus, Aphrodite, Hathor, Isis, Asherah, Innana…

Now shrouded in messy & painful entanglements, “Twin Flame” experiences gone awry, and a debased & fallen “love culture” that often leads us to degrade the profound spiritual & creative potential of this most miraculous power of the human experience.

To all the True Lovers of Creation…
Servants of the Goddess…
And seekers on The Path of Love, it is time

To remember the True Art, the True Way, the True Teachings…

Of The Sacred Flame…

And restore the Mysteries of Romantic Love once more.


This Masterclass is Devoted to
the Transmission of Teachings on the
“High Magic” of Romantic Love as an Initiatory Path


In honor of the Isis-Sophia Lineage which anchors these teachings, do we also illuminate the Mystery of “Twin Flame,” which is fundamental to initiation in this lineage

The Twin Flame Mystery is so provocative… so compelling… so fundamentally progenerative to the origins of Life Itself, that it lies at the heart of every single human being, whether we are conscious of it or not…

But for those who are conscious of it – and more crucially, living it – illuminating the hidden pathways of Sacred Union through this deepest Heart’s Desire can be a mercy & true grace – revealing innumerable treasures to support us on our Soul Journey.

In honor of Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day – Ascended Mistress of the Red Rose Path of Sacred Union – let us gather in Mystery Circle to speak truth to the Twin Flame Path – its agonies & its ecstasies- and its ultimate gift : that of Liberation through Love.


The Twin Flame Path & the Mysteries of Isis-Sophia

Most people believe the Twin Flame path is a very “New Age” phenomenon – a kind of superficial pop dating psychology for those seeking a romantic partner 

However, it’s important to recognize that the Twin Flame path is actually quite ancient, deeply connected to Mary Magdalene, the Isis Mystery School,  and the Mysticism of Sophia…

And that it is an  advanced spiritual tradition.

A Mystery that was held in Royal Bloodlines – and underlying the most powerful empires of the Ancient World, it is still significant to the governorship of planets, but perhaps more importantly – to the health, healing & illumination of the Collective Human Heart. 

In this year’s Magdalene Mysteries of the Twin Flame Masterclass, I will be sharing the teachings of Sacred Eros – Romantic Love as a path of Service & Spiritual Development – elucidating the connection of these mysteries to the Isis-Sophia lineage & the life of Mary Magdalene & Jesus.

We will come to understand the Twin Flame – not as a Soul Counterpart – but an aspect of the Cosmic Body of Creation & a catalyst to our realization of union with Christ.

We will learn how to channel this power in “Sacred Relationships“…

Relationships which are consecrated to a spiritual purpose & service to others…

Carefully upending the pitfalls & delusions which can crash the Heart in Sacred Erotic States of Love… 

And learning how to genuinely hold this powerful, illuminating – yet potentially volatile medicine – as a true Mistress or Master of The Path of Love.

We will also open the treasure chest of buried secrets from Egypt, Atlantis, and times, worlds & spaces far beyond this one – to anchor in the Universal Significance of Sacred Erotic Love as the Sustainer/Sustainess of Creation…

Bringing this Power to nest in the Heart of the Earth once more.

This is a Masterclass  for anyone who has suffered the confounding phenomena of “Twin Flame” experiences or other initiations through erotic or romantic love that have left you knowing there is something unimaginably profound, sacred & mysterious at work in your own life that has unfolded through romantic love & partnership…

And yet…nothing that is out there on sex, love & relationships has even come close to illuminating its essence, let alone effectively guiding you in integration of its power

Truly it is time to restore True Love’s Guardian Spirit & for the Red Rose Path of Sacred Union to blossom once more.

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The Magdalene Mysteries of Hieros Gamos

Mystery Class Recorded on July 22, 2023

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In Honor of Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day

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