Hathor Rising

Immerse Yourself in the Mysticism of The Great Egyptian Mother Goddess of Fertility, Love, Music, Dance, Sexuality & Abundance: Hathor.

Magdalene Wounds

The Witch, the Bitch, the Whore. Heal the 3 core wounds of the Divine Feminine, carried by Mary Magdalene in her role as the feminine christ.

First Woman

From Demoness to Dark Goddess - meet the primordial agent of Feminine Power, Lilith & liberate the primal feminine force within you!

TASU Facilitator

The year-long facilitator training in the Temple Arts of Sacred Union. Training in Divine Love, Sacred Sexuality & the path of Divine Union.

Mother of Dragons

The serpent priestesses of the ancient world were guides to emperors, pharaohs & kings. Explore the dragon-serpent mysteries of Sophia.

Sacred Wealth

Build your sacred empire! Heal money wounds and empower yourself in leadership, prosperity, and the art of building an online business

Sacred Sales

What if sales could be sacred? Enrich yourself and your clients through the art of sales, sacred economic relationships & empowered communication

Lush Sadhana

Lush is a 21-day manifesting sadhana combining the tantric arts and abundance practice. Reprogram your money mindset & manifesting power.