The Tantric Art of Business

A 3 Part Call Series – For Priestx’s, Coaches, & Healers

Why is sex transmutation a secret to success in business?

How to immaculately conceive business plans, brands, strategies & online offers?

Why sales is a stargate? And how to transform your fear of selling to shift timelines, work miracles, open portals & birth worlds.

This is just the beginning! 

Call 1

Sunday, August 22nd @ 3pm EDT

Foundations for Tantric Practice in Business

Building Confidence, Overcoming Fear, Emotional Mastery, & Mindset for Success

Accepting Personal Power & Influence in the Global Economy as Spiritual Ascension

The Creative Attitude – What it is & why it is a Secret to Tantric Manifestation & working with money as Creative (rather than destructive) Energy

Call 2

Sunday, August 29th @ 3pm EDT

Immaculate Conception Codes in Business – Conceiving Offers through Divine Inspiration, Calling & Intuition

Ripening – 5 Ways to Know Your Conception is on Purpose, Profitable & You are ready to bring it to the world

A Mother’s Love – What it truly takes to overcome resistance & labor for your purpose

Ecstatic Business Births – Sex Transmutation, Wealth Consciousness & the Dynamics of Desire in Birthing Your Great Work in the World

Call 3

Sunday, September 12 @ 3pm EDT

Masculine & Feninine Energy in Business – Playing to Your Strengths & Sacred Union

Sales & Marketing – from a Tantric Perspective – Activating Creative Power Anatomy

Business as Grid Work – Becoming an Agent of Change in the Collective Consciousness – Portals, Stargates, Timeline Hopping & Much More through your business

Integrity & Success – Creating Safe Containers & Maintaining Alignment as a Coach, Priestx, or Healer

Recordings will be made available if you can’t join these calls live.

This series is a preview call series for the upcoming 2021 Fall Sacred Wealth ImmersionIf you decide to join us for the 4 month journey, you may deduct your investment in this 3-part series from the registration price. Discount codes will be provided in the email you receive after signing up below!

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The Tantra of Business


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