.Priest(ess) Path Reading

This is a 90 minute session with Akashic Research done beforehand where we will look at:

  • Which paths of the Priest(ess) your Soul is on
  • Reactivation & alignment with specific gifts & masteries from other lives / dimensions
  • Which Divine Feminine lineages (on Earth) and in the stars your Soul is connected to
  • Healing Priest/Priestess Temple Wounds your soul has experienced.  Specifically: Sacred Prostitution, Idolatry, Simony. Immaculate Conception Wounds.  Mother Priestess Wounds.  Learn more here.

This is a very deep and rich healing session where you will connect deeply to the Divine Feminine & release obstacles to your Inner Feminine nature or connectio to the Feminine.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions while we are in the records and it includes soul clearing & healing work along with follow up recommendations & guidance



Master Program Clearing
& Timeline Hopping Session

This reading is focused on unlocking your core Soul Contract for incarnation with this planet.

Why you came to Earth?  When? For what purpose?

How long have you been here?  Where did you come from?  Originate? What is your connection to the Ascended Realms?

Along with how to graduate from your most pressing challenges – what we call “Master Programs” – which are often encoded with the Fallen Celestial Codex – shame, disconnection, not feeling “at home” in your body, struggling, suffering, etc..

Clearing Master Programs is one of the most liberating feelings imaginable!  And that is precisely what we will do in this session – setting your body, mind, & soul free, while activating you in your ascended timeline & true Soul Purpose. 

Vital for those on Master Soul Paths. 


Lightbody Integration
Support Session

I will be making these special sessions available for those in this group who need support with Lightbody Activation during the Hathor Rising course. 

If you are experiencing dropping density, ascension symptoms, heaviness, internal blocks and restrictions – especially around the time of our ceremonies and/or after healing transmissions, this is an Akashic Clearing Session to support your integration. 

This 1 hr session will focus on whatever support you need in terms of energy healing, chord cutting, implant or entity removal, lightbody activation, and other energetic healing work..

It does not include any formal research in the Akashic Records beforehand and is limited to 1 hr.