Spiritual Effects of Sex You Might Not Know About

Sex is one of the most profound magical acts.

A multi-dimensional spell cast, capable of bringing spirits through dimensions and new souls into bodies…

Its really a shame that we don’t learn more about the spiritual, energetic, and metaphysical side of sex – as well as the effects it can have on our bodies.

And I don’t just mean our physical bodies!

(Even though health is one of my primary reasons for writing this article)

For those on the spiritual path and – especially – sexual shamans, healers, priests, priestesses and tantrika’s, its important to understand how sex effects the energy bodies & (upper dimensional) spiritual bodies – soul, celestial, Christ/Buddhic Bodies and beyond

If you’re interested in the intersection of sex & metaphysical phenomena, as well as how sexual metaphysics can impact your health & physical body, read on.

1. Sex attracts spirits

This should be fairly intuitive.  Sex is designed to bring a spirit into a body. It goes without saying then, that many spirits are attracted to sex… and not always for the purpose of incarnation.

Spirits flock to sex and sexual acts because they are doorways to physical expression & the material world.

These spirits can be:

  • Souls of the deceased / ancestors (most of these souls are seeking incarnation)
  • Hungry ghosts (Human souls trapped between dimensions.  They have unfulfilled desires from their human lives, and create attachments to human hosts to fulfill these earthly desires.)
  • Demons (Astral or Lower World Entities – these spirits operate very similarly to hungry ghosts, only with more malefic & destructive desires.)
  • Nature Spirits (Spirits of the Devic Kingdom – plants, trees, flowers, elementals, fairy, fey & other mythical beings.  Typically, nature spirits are drawn to playful, celebratory, outdoor, & ritual sex as an offering of nourishment, in honor of fertility rituals from ages past )
  • Deities & Celestials ( Beings of the Higher Worlds – can be invoked, honored and fed through sacred sex practice as well. In the case of Immaculate Conception, a Deity enters a sacred union – often making contact before love making, sometimes through an angel or other celestial attendant – for the purpose of Incarnation )

Knowing the kind and quality of spirit your sex is engaging can be quite important when it comes to your health, as many lower world spirits do drain life-force energy from human beings engaged in unconscious sex.

Spiritual Health & Safety Tips

For spiritual health & safety in sexual practice, its therefore important to:

  1. Choose partners who are spiritually healthy & strong and can remain present during love-making. (Otherwise, you might be having sex with an entity, not your partner!)
  2. Have sex in places that feel good to you – even better if you cleanse and/or establish a sacred space before you engage in love making or sexual self pleasure.
  3. Do not have sex while (heavily) intoxicated.  This is a surefire way to attract lower world spirits & can damage your health or lead to states of possession.
  4. Set clear focused intention before you engage in love making.  Either no spirits and full presence!  Or call in those positive spiritual energies you wish to feed, invoke or expand through your practice.

Remember: sex is a doorway to the Spirit (just as much as it is a portal to the physical world).  Empower yourself to experience those fruits of the Spirit that serve you, and guard against those that don’t.

2. Sex brings about an energetic, karmic, fluid, and spiritual exchange with your partner.

Sex is a sophisticated ritual that – at its core – is an art of union. 

Biologically speaking, the purpose of sex is to allow for DNA fusing & the development of a new body/ offspring to continue the species… 

However, there is a great deal of energetickarmicfluid spiritual energy exchange that takes place as part of that process.

The first & most obvious level of this exchange involves the fluid body – what was known as the “Afu” to the ancient Egyptians.  This is the life-force body, which comprises all the fluids in our physical form. It also includes the microbiome (micro organisms & pathogens we are carrying) along with the codes of our creative essence (IE: our DNA.) 

During sexual intercourse, the Afu is shared between two partners – (owing to the potential for sex to transmit pathogens, as in the case of STI’s).  But did you know that you also absorb the lifeforce energy and DNA of your partner?

Lifeforce is the vital physical energy contained within the Afu.  In the Taoist traditions it is known as “jing” and is transmitted through sexual fluids.  

Jing is not always exchanged evenly between partners in sexual intercourse.  Depending on the physical health of each partner, phycological factors, and whether orgasm & ejaculation occurs (or doesnt)… it is very possible for one partner to be energized by sex and the other partner to be drained, or vice versa.  

Additionally, we have the phenomenon of DNA exchange that takes place during sex.  DNA is a fascinating subject in and of itself.  We might think of DNA as both an ancestral & karmic code.  Through our partner’s sexual fluids, we can actually absorb gifts, intelligence, or siddhi’s (super powers) she or he has, or those of his/her ancestry.  However, we can also absorb negative karma’s & ancestral burdens as well.

(If you wake up dreaming of your partner’s grandparent after love making, you’ve likely begun work on alchemizing their DNA!)

It is important to learn techniques to refine life-force energy given or received during sex as well as techniques to integrate the DNA codes of our partner(s). Its also important to be mindful that some partner(s) will have a naturally harmonious constitution, life-force energy, & karma to our own (ie: we’ll easily integrate their energy, fluids & spirit and it will benefit us)-  and others may clash with our constitution, karma, or ancestry, making transmutation quite difficult.

Typically, sexual attraction guides us to individuals who will complement and expand our own energy & consciousness, but its always important to listen deeply to your body, heart & intuition when making choices of sexual partners.

Is this someone who’s spirit is attractive to you?

Do they have gifts, skills, or consciousness you would like to integrate in your own life?

Are you attracted to their positive qualities?  Or their shadow?

Is it necessary to sleep with them to fulfill the longing or attraction?

Are they strong & healthy? 
Do you sense their vital life-force energy as pure and vibrant?

Is their ancestry complimentary to your own? 

Would you be willing to carry the burden of their karmic shadow?

These are all helpful questions to ask when considering a sexual partner, as the union is much more than just physical. (If you are interested in learning about techniques for refining energy & DNA in sexual union, click here.)

3. Sex can expand the Soul (or bind it!)

The Soul is one of our spiritual bodies, which houses our unique immortal/divine essence & the wisdom of our many lives.  In the Ancient Egyptian understanding, the Soul was known as the “Ba” and it is connected to the physical body through a complex system of energy (and energy bodies) that interface with our glands (biochemical “translators”) & nervous system (“electrical” wiring.) Sexual intercourse produces a specific hormonal “cocktail” that temporarily expands our ability to run energy through the nervous system, making it easier to connect to our spiritual bodies – the Soul being one of them.  In fact, ancient sacred sexuality practices were designed to transform this heightened state of energy achieved through sexual arousal into spiritual consciousness When sex is inspired by deep love, it is possible to integrate deeper aspects of our Soul & Celestial Self into the physical body, and – through union with our partner – access bodies of light beyond the Soul level – at the cosmicChrist, & Buddhic planes of Consciousness. To achieve these states, partner’s must consecrate the union (of their physical bodies) as a “marriage” of their Soul “Deities” (the Divine Essence of their Higher Selves.)  To a certain extent, partner’s must already have awareness of the Soul Deity level to complete these practices (of entering Christed & Buddhic planes through love making)… however, some relationships & love affairs are powerful enough to inspire a spontaneous awakening to the Soul level, or beyond.   To be a bit more frank about what I’m speaking of here: it is possible to literally start experiencing yourself as a God or Goddess after a profound sexual awakening. This is the result of having expanded the primordial soma (human body) to run more energy, and the Kundalini (core Divine Power of Creation) rising into another station or plane of Consciousness. With this rising comes the responsibility to hold that level or plane of Consciousness & the power that comes with it, which often takes preparation in mind, body & spirit. Sex is a form of creation and with creation also comes the potential for destruction. In Ancient times, many of sacred sexuality practices were misused & resulted in gross egoic distortion of the Masculine Polarity (aggrandizement of the misappropriated human identity) while the Feminine Polarity became labored with over-responsibility (the suffering, guilt, blame & shame of Creation). This is still reflected in the Judeo-Christian worldview, & its war on the Fertility Goddess cults of the Ancient World. It is time we master the true path of Sacred Sexual Union, and harness the potential for Spiritual Awakening through sex without the wounds of the past! If you would like to learn more & be initiated in the Red Temple Arts of Sacred Sexuality, Divine Love and Spiritual Awakening, check out the Magdalene Wounds course, starting March 11th… Magdalene Wounds – Click Here And reclaim the spiritual power of sex for health, healing & awakening!


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