We can all feel that a radical new energy has taken the planet by storm in 2020…

From The Global Pandemic
To World-Wide BLM Protests
To Outcries around Censorship,
Child Abuse & Authoritarian Control.
To the Mass Exposure of Corruption, Toxicity, Environmental Chaos
& Deep Societal Evils taking place at every level of our society…
It is evident that a Great Cleanse is at hand.

This is the Beginning

Of the Mother of Civilization’s Return
The Rebirth of Feminine Consciousness
Into the Heart of (our now global) Civilization
And the Cleansing of Leadership
To make way for The True King to rise.

However, before Creation…
Must come a period of Destruction…
The dismantling of the old, the corrupt,
that which is no longer needed…
so that a New Humanity may be born.

Sekhmet: The Original Mother

Goddess of Plagues, War, Pestilence, Disease,

The Sun (Corona)

Protection of the Pharaoh (The Crown)

And She Who Guards the Secrets of Life

is with us now for that purpose.

Gather together with members of The Pride

To learn about Sekhmet’s long prophesied return,

So that you can navigate this time of Destruction gracefully

Receiving the gifts of Consciouness that are at hand.

The Mother of Civilization

According to prophesy, January 12, 2020
marked the beginning of Sekhmet’s Return…

This event will feature Keynote Speaker, Priestess Dea,
who descends from a nearly 2,000 year old lineage,
of women devoted to the Goddess Isis,
to discuss this prophecy, Sekhmet, &
the Return of the Mother
in our time.

Meet your hosts of this special event…

Priestess Dea

Priestess Dea

Akara Sophia

Akara Sophia

Hannah Borababy

Hannah Borababy

With other surprise guests & teachers!


What is the Pride?

History has elevated individuals to positions of pride.
Upheld celebrities, leaders, geniuses & even dictators
as idols, while allowing the masses to suffer a sense
of inferiority – always seeking power, love, &
authority outside themselves.

Yet true PRIDE is a Feminine (Collective) Power.
It is the unified field of the multitudes – the
incredible diversity of all life – acting AS ONE.

The Lion-Headed Goddess Sekhmet teaches
us of this Power. She tears down our idols & false
leaders to reveal the Power inherent in each of us…
And – more importantly – the Power of all of us, together.

The future Civilization is Collectivist – it is a Unified
Planetary Consciousness. But it cannot be realized through
super-imposed rules & laws developed by the elite few & imposed with
penality over the essence & diversity of Life Itself … It can ONLY be
realized through attunement to the Planet herself. To the Mother Herself.
To the great, pulsating heart of Creation that moves us each in mysterious
ways & synchronizes All Beings to Place, Purpose & the Rhythm of Creation.

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