Sacred Wealth Immersion

Attune to Wealth

Receive the healing Nature of Prosperity at all levels of your life. Release scarcity, lack & money wounds that come from the Illusion of Separation from the Godhead. Become a Channel & Director of Sacred Wealth as Divine, healing energy that emanates from Union with Source.

Align with Purpose

Activate your Dharma Codes & Why You Are Here– the unique Soul Purpose for which you’ve been called. Work with the “Immaculate” Conception of your Dream, Business or Next Creative Venture as Fuel for Manifestation. Align Metaphysical & Business Strategies in the Art of Manifestation 

Manifest Abundance

Unlock the Gateways of Sacred Pleasure to manifest abundance.  Source the pure Feminine Power of Shakti as your guide. Work through Soul Wisdom, Tantric Ecstasy, & the Spontaneous Guidance of Life in the moment to bring your dream into fruition.  This is the Art of Manifesting as a Mistress or Master of Creation.

Tantric Business Training

This 4 Month Immersion is designed to activate those starting or growing businesses.
The focus of the program is on the art of tantric manifestation & wealth consciousness, combined with online business skills.  This course is open to anyone who feels called to join, whether you are in business or not – but is specifically designed for those starting or growing Soul-led businesses – especially PriestX’s, Tantrika’s & Healers.

  How It Works


Are you ready to dive into the mysteries of Wealth Consciousness?  The Art of Manifesting? To truly breakthrough money blockages?  And CREATE your dreams?…

Through guided spiritual practices, teachings, healing transmissions & and powerful seminars with Akara you will be supported to embody Power, Purpose & Prosperity as a Sacred Agent of Divine Will.

The Sacred Wealth Immersion is a shorter form of the Sacred Wealth Academy that is focused in the Art of Tantric Business, Working with Money as a Healing Force and a form of Shakti, and applying it to the successful manifestation of Divine Vision through an online business.

You will receive tools, guidance & support to:

– Heal Your Relationship to Money (Especially if your money blocks stem from spiritual beliefs & resistance to money as a limiting, obstructing or oppressive energy)

– Open Money Channels through Divine Union & the High Tantric Arts

– Immaculately (Ceremonially) Conceive Soul-Led Business Visions & Bring them into Form

– Work with money, sales, sexual magic & business strategy to make your dreams a reality

Content is delivered in a convenient online portal.

This online course is tailored to priestx’s, tantrika’s, coaches & spiritual teachers – working online in this incredibly cataclysmic age of transformation.  However, the wisdom, skills, & training in tantric manifestation arts can be applied by ANYONE – whether business owner or not.

For full details on the content & modules… please see outline below:  


Points of Power in the Sacred Wealth Immersion:

Egyptian Mystery School

Follow in the footsteps of the Pharaoh – the Divine King/Queen of Creation. Explore Ancient Egyptian Mysticism & the Rites of Initiation for the Divine Ruler in a New / Ancient Paradigm of Sacred Leadership.

The Immaculate (Business) Conception

Work with the Art of “Immaculate Conception” to Conceive Creative Visions as inspired business plans. Birth your Business through Universal Laws of Creation, Ceremony, & Divine Magic

Awaken Your Sacred Power Anatomy

Journey through the 7 Gateways of Sacred Sexual Consciousness in male & female anatomy.  Learn Tantric Healing Practices to activate your own sacred power centers to increase manifestation in your business.   

Shamanicaly Journey Through the Gateways of Sexual Power to birth Your Business!

Sacred Wealth IS…

A Transformational Healing Program

Devoted to ongoing clearing, healing & re-programming of your relationship to money

A Magical Training & Mystery School

For those who desire to expand their Creative Power (Shakti) & Ability to Manifest

A Spiritual Path

For awakening souls who are committed to higher degrees of Leadership & Service in God

A Business Accelerator

Devoted to those in Tantric Arts, Healing & Coaching – working online (or desiring to be)

Sacred  Wealth Includes…

12+ Recorded Group Calls 

12 Modules & Guided PDF Content

4 + Transformational Healing Transmissions

Guided Tantric Practices + Initiations

Convenient Online Portal to Access All Materials  

Note: This is a Self-Study Course!

Does not include live coaching calls with Akara.

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Sacred Wealth Immersion

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