The Spiritual Mysteries of “The Illuminati”:
Divine Monarchy, Sacred Wealth, Power & Leadership

Heal Your Relationship to Money

Build Your Online Empire

The Grail of Life must be protected.

We call forth the Sacred Monarch

The One to Whom the Divine Right to Rule has been bestowed.

May you accept your Destiny of Service
May you accept the Good of the people as your own.
To lead us, guide us, direct us & protect us
Is True Nobility called.

An Introduction to
The Magdalene Mysteries of Financial Empowerment

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Welcome to the Sacred Wealth Mystery School

A Soul-Led Journey into the Mysteries of Divine Wealth, Power & Influence
The Initiation of Kings & Queens

An Introduction…

This mystery school is descended from the Ancient Egyptian Rites of Initiation for The Pharaoh- The Sacred King or Leader of Creation, to whom the Divine Right to Rule is bestowed.

It is birthed from the lost mystery school traditions of the Goddess, devoted to the initiation of Kings & Queens. Specifically that of the Royal Cult of Hathor in ancient Egypt- The Mother of Pharoah & The Consort of Kings, and the role her priestesses played in blessing, initiating & supporting the Ascension of Monarchs in Ancient Egypt.

After Hathor, the traditions of this Mystery School passed to the Cult of Isis – the leading Mother Goddess of Egypt in during the Age of Aries. And finally, to Mary Magdalene – “The Consort of the King” at the Dawn of the Age of Pisces… in which time the bulk of these mysteries were then repressed- hidden underground in secret societies & orders- due to the vicious onslaught of the Catholic Church and the shaming, demonizing & casting out of the Divine Feminine which occured during this age of time.

Secret Societies such as the Knights of Templar, The Masons, The Order of the Golden Dawn and other mystery schools throughout Europe carried pieces of this tradition forward to our present age.

However, due to the destruction and loss of the Priestesshood (who once guarded & maintained the purity of the mysteries) and the deeply disempowered state of women & the Divine Feminine during the last Age of Time, inevitably, the True Essence of Sacred Wealth was corrupted… employed for selfish, exclusionary & even perverse purposes of domination & exploitation by the “faceless” global elite of our present era.


Now, at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, for the first time in over 2,000 years, the revelation of these Mysteries is available once more through the reincarnation of Ka-Ra: known to you as Akara Sophia or Kara Gilligan- who is an original lineage holder of the Cult of Hathor.

The Age of the Water Bearer is upon us now- A time when humanitarian outreach to the Creation is necessary for the upliftment and transformation of our planet, which is currently on the brink of environmental apocalypse.

X No more can the rites of Kings be exclusively guarded by a few.

X No more can wealth, power & influence be held by a secret & corrupt minority.

X And no more can the spiritually-inclined “agents of God” hide themselves from the world… safely protected in monastaries, convents & lowly roles of service, vowing renunciation – and thus responsibility– for what is taking place on the material plane.

The Age of Aquarius & The Rebirth of the Humanitarian Leader

  • In this Age of lost faith in the authority of governments, corporations, & the Church…
  • In this Age of political unrest, environmental destruction & social turmoil…
  • In this Age where systemic corruption is being revealed at EVERY level of the current world order…

The rise of the new sacredly-empowered & humanitarian leader is at hand.

The Sacred Wealth Mystery School is an adpatation of an Ancient Mystery School Tradition to suit the needs of Leadership & Financial Empowerment in our modern era.

It is a place for Humanitarian Entrepreneurs, Artists & Healers to find empowerment in their gifts. To heal their relationship to money and birth their life purpose through the business of their dreams

The Academy is one part transformational business coaching program. One part spiritual healing journey. And one part mystery school, where you will discover your Sovereignty, Personal Empowerment in Purpose, and the REAL secrets to Financial Freedom.

For such a time as this…You have been called.

The ones drawn to this mystery school are the “Old Souls” of this planet.

You are here on a Path of Ascended Mastery, that requires a different mindset, way of living/being, and (literal) Orientation in God in order to complete your Life Purpose.

The lifestyle, objectives, & goals which drive the mass of humanity may not apply to you – or could in fact be deep hindrances to your development.

The fact is…

You are here to express the Sovereign Uniqueness of Who You Are as God…

As a human being, in every level of your life, work & way of being.

That expression & experience is not typically cultivated or encouraged by our current schools, cultural traditions & government bodies.

In some cases, it is DIRECTLY attacked.

Making you fearful & uncertain of stepping into True Power & Leadership…

Let alone the Grace of Limitless Divine Potential that IS your Soul’s Essence & Way of Being.


Add to this negative social conditioning, the reality of a corrupted world power system, global toxic money practices, and the severe suffering this creates in the lives of the poor & displaced masses…

And is it any wonder you are terrified of living your dreams?

Is it any wonder you push away prosperity & success?

And hide out in survival mode? Just trying to “blend in,” be a good person & get by?

This is not the life for you.

You feel it in your Soul & Spirit.

Your Divinity begs to be released from the prison of socio-economic slavery & social conditioning its been trapped in for ages.

And yet…

To free yourself from such a condition seems like it might take a miracle.

(Hint: That’s because it DOES!)

The Sacred Wealth Academy is a school that is designed to support this miraculous expansion into Ascended Mastery, Prosperity & Life Purpose on a SOUL Level…

With a specific orientation that encourages the integration of:

  • Wealth
  • Leadership
  • And Power Dynamics

In the fulfillment of Spiritually-Directed Life Purpose.

This is a deep, multi-dimensional journey of healing, awakening & Spiritual Development that empowers your SOUL as “King” or “Queen” of Creation…

Supports you to throw off the shackles of financial limitation & fear.

And embrace Prosperity, the path of making money & building an EMPIRE in your gifts AS a Sacred Path of Spiritual Development in God.

Welcome to your Destiny. Welcome to your path of Empowered Purpose.


Unlock the Gateways of Sacred Pleasure to Source the pure Feminine Power of Shakti within you. Learn how to manifest through Spontaneous Guidance, Soul Wisdom & Tantric Ecstasy. Remember that it is Pleasure & Love (Not Pain & Violence) which is the True Source of your Creative Power


Activate your Dharma Codes & Why You Are Here– the unique Soul Purpose for which you’ve been called. Become a Sovereign Being who can Source beyond fear of survival, competition or struggle for resources & manifest consciously from a place of true integrity with the essence of Who You Are.


Receive the healing Nature of Prosperity at all levels of your life. Release all sense of scarcity that comes from the Illusion of Separation from the Godhead. Become a Channel and Sacred Director of Wealth as Divine, healing energy that emantes from your Union with Source.

Before there was money…
There was Mother.

Before there was money– before the current age of our Western Industrial money system- Material Abundance was understood to be an aspect of Feminine Power– the Great Mother’s ability to bring forth life. To produce fruit.

Traditional prosperity practices were, thus, intimately connected to worship of the Divine Mother & celebration of the Feminine Principle’s ability to create abundance.

Sacred Wealth is designed to reconnect you to that original state of Abundance as an aspect of Shakti– the Divine Feminine Holy Spirit or Ecstatic Lifeforce of Creation.

“The King” within us is HE who directs, protects, and guides the Power of Shakti in creative fulfillment of PURPOSE.

When the true awakening of Purpose (“The King”) and the true revelation of Money (“Divine Mother/Matter”) are revealed, it takes only harmonious application of creative intent to bring forth the fruitfulness of prosperity in your life.

Healing our “Money Wounds”

For centuries, humanity has been enacting genoicide, abuse, domination, and enslavement of others for the sake of material gain in a “power over” model, instead of Sourcing Power from within. We’ve thus learned to replace our essential connection to “Lifeforce as Life Support” (ie: the benediction of the Divine Mother) with a man-made system of material sustenance & survival. Ie: “The Money System“-

Fears of visibility, blocks to receiving, learned disempowerment, dysfunctional consumption habits and disassociation (of our sacred, nature-based, or “magical” essence) from the world of “mankind” (money, business, and leadership) has thus resulted for almost every person on Earth (rich or poor!)

Healing our “Money Wounds” involves clearing old impressions of forced subjugation, trauma, numbness, escapism, & the various belief systems that develop around our personal & collective pain body re: wealth, power & receiving. Releasing resentment & fear of authority, forgiving ourselves & others, awakening from trauma-bonding through learned co-dependency & taking full, conscious ownership of our material desires as a form of Divine Love, results in restoration of Personal Power & enhancement of our ability to be Stewards of the New Paradigm.

When our Money Wounds heal, we genuinely enact a Soul Retrieval for the Collective Consciousness of our planet. We bring the Masculine & Feminine essences back into balance & “weave” the lost wisdom, gifts, & intelligence back into society. This is a Tantric Experience which prepares us to become the clear, co-creative channels the Divine needs to initiate the New Paradigm.

The Sacred Wealth Academy

The Sacred Wealth Academy is a 9-month spiritual healing & business coaching journey
into the mysteries of Wealth Consciousness & Divine Self Empowerment.

In this Academy, you will…

Balance Your Masculine & Feminine Energy

Heal the imbalance of Creative Power in yourself & in the world. Balance your Masculine & Feminine Energy. Bring the left & right hemispheres of your brain together. And re-establish the codes of Sacred Union in and through your relationship to money to manifest greater impact in the world.

Remember Your Sovereignty a Noble Servent of Humanity

Awaken the consciousness of a Noble Leader. Activate your power to serve! Receive the initiations of ancient Kings & Queens. Embrace who you are as a Sovereign Being who fully realizes “to rule is to serve.”

Embrace Pleasure & Sacred Relationship as Path to Expanded Wealth & Creativity

Learn how to create through pleasure & release patterns of burn out, pain, & resistance in your relationship to money & business. Ecsatically expand your earning power by embodying your “turn on.” Manifest money via Ancient Tantric practices of Pleasure, Sacred Relationship, & Sensual Magic.

Vastly Increase Your Material Abundance

Allow your cup to runneth over! Expand your income & energy levels! Give yourself permission to manifest all your material desires & live in the sensual magic of your Soul’s Calling on Earth. Receive money in service to this sacred manifestation of the Divine Plan through you.

How It Works


The Sacred Wealth Academy unfolds like a traditional mystery school, with progressive initiations into deeper levels of the mysticism of Material Empowerment…

Receiving your True Self/Soul as “Ra/God” and “ruler” of Creation.

Through guided spiritual practices, teachings, healing transmissions & and powerful group coaching over the course of 9 Months, you are supported to embody Power, Purpose & Prosperity as Sacred Agents of the Divine Will and to directly employ these in the manifestation of an online “empire” in your gifts.

*Changes Since Last Year*

The Academy now integrates Business Coaching WITH the Overarching Mystery School/Spiritual Healing Program…

Giving you both the Practical & the Metaphysical tools needed to empower yourself in purpose.

Content is delivered bi-weekly through coaching modules you can access any time during the week with live group coaching calls hosted on the weekends, to provide increased access for those still working their day jobs.

A series of 12 profound healing transmissions guide the shamanic journey aspect of the school, initiating you into the deeper mysteries the Goddess and the Path of Divine Power…

Supporting you to release limiting conditioning keeping you stuck, small, and disempowered…

And opening you into the path of Wealth, Power & Purpose that is yours by Divine Right.

Initiations Included in the Sacred Wealth Academy:

A 40-Day Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) to attune your subconscious mind to the frequencies of Divine Abundance & make you into a money magnet. We engage in this practices towards the beginning of the program to clear negative & limiting money stories and open our minds to the planes of limitless Wealth Consciousness.

You will:

  • Energetically Reprogram of Your Money Mindset over 40 Days
  • Perform daily rituals to cleanse & invoke Sacred Wealth as a permanent state of being
  • Attune your subconscious mind to the flowing freedom of Wealth Consciousness
  • Be given daily writing exercises, mantra, & spiritual practices over 40 days

Selection of Transmissions Received Over the Course of 9 Months

The Lucifer Upgrade

Free Yourself from Fear of the Shadow of World Power

Heal the 5 Core Money Wounds

Evoke Sacred Medicine for Each Economic Wound that will lead to ongoing freedom & personal empowerment

The Golden Earth Healing Transmission

Send the Gold Back to the Earth
Revalue your Feminine Essence in Relation to Money & Success

Divine Leadership & Sacred Power Dynamics

Awaken the Heart of the Noble Leader. Protector of the Pride.

Balance your Masculine Energy in Service to the Creation.

Heal fears of owning your power

The Dragon Power of Prosperity

Awaken Your Primal Instincts for Protection of Lifeforce. Welcome the Dragon of Financial Abundance into Your Life!

The Tantra of Business- Build Your Online Empire

Birth Your Business through the Power of Your Creative Anatomy
Journey through the Metaphysical Consciousness of the Lingam, Womb & Yoni to manifest your life purpose

Please note: Schedule is subject to change, as Kara prefers to allow for intuitive guidance to provide fresh content for the group and to work with the needs of expansion & financial empowerment in real time application.

Sacred Wealth IS…

A Transformational Healing Program

Devoted to ongoing clearing, healing & re-programming of your relationship to money

A Magical Training & Mystery School

For those who desire to expand their Creative Power (Shakti) & Ability to Manifest

A Spiritual Path

For awakening souls who are committed to higher degrees of Leadership & Service in God

A Business Coaching Program

Build Your Online Empire in 9 Months

Sacred Wealth Includes…

18 Live Group Coaching Calls (Bi-Monthly)

18 Video Modules & Guided PDF Content

40-Day Money Magnetism Practice

12+ Transformational Healing Transmissions

Private Facebook Group – 9 months access

Early-Bird Bonuses

For the First 10 People Who Sign Up and Pay in Full…

Receive Entrance to 

“Out of Egypt:The Return of the Template Training”

The mystery teachings of the Sacred Wealth Academy comes from the Hathor Mystery School in Ancient Egypt. Hathor was a Goddess of Love, Music, Dance, Sexuality & Abundance. The Mother of Pharaohs & the Consort of Kings, her temples were also devoted to Sacred Prostitution, and suffered through the “Whore of Babylon” trials in later times…

This 8-week training is an initiation to Hathor – this Ancient “Mother of Civilization” and a training program for thos who are destined to be carriers of these mysteries in our present age.

This course is a perfect compliment to the Sacred Wealth Academy, and will take you deeper into the Divine Mother mysticism that underlies the initiations received in the Academy.

For the First 10 People Who Sign Up on Payment Plan

Receive Comprehensive Homestudy Program 

“Sacred Sales: Guide to Sacred Selling of Your Services”

For many intuitive, heart-centered souls, “sales” feels like a “sticky subject.”

I know for me, I spent years working on trade, giving my work away for free, or simply avoiding any talk of selling my services at all because of how unconfortable sales made me feel.

Sales brought up a whole range of unsettling feelings around my worth, not wanting to “take” from another or be artifically “pushy” or “sales-y” when it came to sharing deeply meaningful and spiritual work with the world.

Then, I had a transformational healing experience, where I realized how fundamentally sacred and IMPORTANT sales conversations actually are…

ESPECIALLY if your work is heart-centered or intuitive.

Now, sales conversations are to me one of THE MOST SACRED & IMPORTANT parts of doing business.

I tell my clients now that “sales” is essentially the equivalent to the “consent conversation” you would have with a lover before taking your relationship deeper.

Its a vital and important moment of connection, where two parties can determine if they are a match for one another and how the construct of their (economic) relationship with safe and effective boundaries that allow their creative vision to flourish!

Sacred Sales is a 5-week course devoted to HEALING your relationship to sales & selling…

And teaching you how to have these sacred, clear, confident and empowered conversations about your work with others.

It teaches you…

  • How to confidently own your value in a sacred way
  • How to create real intimacy and connection with people interested in your products & services
  • How specifically to structure sales calls & sales talks from a place of empowered integrity to your truth
  • How to honor the integrity & truth of others in the sales of your products & services.

This is a self-study course that includes 5 recorded seminar calls and workbooks.

The course retails for $497, but for the first 10 Academy Members who sign up for the Sacred Wealth Academy, you will receive the Sacred Sales Homestudy program FREE.

Value: $497

Sacred Wealth Live Events:

Los Angeles, CA (Nov 18 & 19, 2019)

Charlotte, NC (March 9 & 10, 2020)

*May substitute for the Return of the Temple Training event in San Diego August 8 & 9 if preferred

Attend one or both live trainings to meet your fellow academy members and receive in-person coaching & support on your vision. Training days include coaching on marketing, sales, mindset & messaging, provide you with the value of in-person networking & activation, and will help you form lifelong friendships that support your vision. Get out of the house – where your dreams are just that- dreams– and into the world where you can make them a reality!

Academy Tuition includes attendance at 2 live Sacred Wealth events. You may substitute one of these events for the Return of the Temple Training in San Diego, if you wish.

Value: $1997

Personal Soul Money Medicine Reading + Business Coaching Intensive

Everyone who joins the Academy will receive a Personal Soul Money Medicine Reading + Business Coaching Intensive with Kara. This is a 2-part session (2 90-minute sessions) which include a detailed Akashic Reading of your gifts, skills & life purpose, along with clearing of personal blocks and restrictions related to money & personal power. Followed by an in-depth business strategy session, so you can create the bespoke plan that will allow you to succeed in your dreams.

Please note that the kind of business visions Kara supports coming through in these sessions is absolutely unique. Her gift is in seeing people’s unique value and channeling the messaging, marketing and game plan that will best support your alignment with the deepest and truest part of your Soul’s Joy. There is nothing “cookie cutter” about this, and the effect that such attention to the genuine Soul’s calling has on people’s future is actually a full enthusiastic “yes” to the creation process (Ie: “work) it takes to launch your business, because you are so deeply inspired by the beauty of your unique soul calling.

This is truly an invaluable service, and will aid you in integrating all the tools in the Academy to manifest your vision.

Value: $1297

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The Sacred Wealth Academy is the only long-term coaching & healing program offered by Kara. If you are wanting ongoing mentorship & initiation into the specific & unique content Kara offers, this is the best & deepest way to work with her. The Academy is a living experience of co-creation with the Divine – that is designed to support you creating a business in your gifts. To learn if this program would be right for you, please sign up for a one on one Discovery Session with Kara above.

*Please note: Sacred Wealth can induce massive releases of collective, ancestral, & past life trauma that may trigger the awakening of Kundalini Shakti & activation of your Life Purpose. We are not responsible for White Light Experiences, Mind-Blowing Samadhi States, and other Supernatural Occurences that may grace you by taking part in this call series. Thanks be to God!

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