Transformational Healing Group – Fall 2022

Divine Love, Sacred Sexuality & the Mysteries of the Twin Flame

According to the Mysteries
of Sophia-Magdalene…

The Twin Flame is an Upper-Dimensional
Aspect of our Spirit – connected to a Cosmic Body and the Pathways of Ascension 

Union with the Twin Flame
Takes Place through the Christ Consciousness – 
And Activates in us the Full Power of
the Holy Spirit

a miraculous, transfiguring power of the Feminine Divine Awakened in a State of True Love

The Miraculous Possibilities
of working in these fields of sacred Union
for healing, Cultivation of Love, the manifestation of Purpose, Abundance – and perhaps Most importantly- the transfiguration of creation in service to all life are as of yet untapped by Humanity –
But Not Anymore…

Please join me this Fall for an intimate Healing Group devoted to the Magdalene Mysteries of Sacred Union and full activation of the Holy Spirit through the Twin Flame Heart.

We will be working with Christ: the Cosmic “Bridegroom of Creation” to clear blockages to Twin Flame union within the individual soul, oversoul & collective body of humanity – activating the full power of the Holy Spirit in transfiguration of Creation. This allows the Realization of Sacred Union – to become manifest in ourselves, our soul family & in the world.

This work is focused in the upper dimensions of the Soul & Spiritual bodies and will take place through 5 group Akashic Healing Sessions (see more details below) devoted to transfiguring The 5 Wounds of Love & revealing the inherent sacred union we all have with the Upper Dimensional Majesty of our Christed Oversoul & Infinite Spirit Bodies. 

We shall offer all the blessings of this Sacred Union to the healing of humanity and christening of Creation in this time of deep polarization & antagonism in the “Body of Christ.”

Join me in restoring & seeding the Sacred Union codes on the planet!

Be activated in the Magdalene Mysteries of Sacred Union through the Path of Sophia & the teachings of Christ.

Reveal the miracle of Divine Love in your own life, and restore the magic of an open flowing heart full of benevolence and abundance from any relational, karmic, upper dimensional, or collective woundings that have caused your faith in Love to falter.

This is a deeply mystical and healing container for those on the Path of Love (Venus Path) which will activate in you the spiritual gift of your Divine Lover Nature – showing you how to channel it for your own & other’s healing, expansion & empowerment. Welcome Home!

This is a 5-Week transformational healing journey, focused on live in-person group healing transmissions through the Akashic Records, supplemented by PDF & recorded teachings on Sacred Union, the alchemical gateways of the 5 Wounds of Love & Ascension on the Venus Path.  Each week you will receive a video teaching on the Magdalene Mysteries of Sacred Union, along with personal practices to support you in:

– Healing from Past Relationships

– Clearing Soul, Ancestral,& Collective Blocks to Love

– Awakening & Purifying the Heart

These will be followed by our live group healing transmissions on Sundays – where we will be focused in a silent space of activation in the fields of Sacred Union and Akashic clearing for 1 hr.

Please be sure to be in a private space where you will not be disturbed and are able to lie down to receive these transmissions at those times.


Because this journey focuses deeply on transformational healing, it is best if you can attend the healing sessions live.  These group healing sessions will be held on Sundays @ 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT on the following dates:

October 9th, 2022  

October 16th, 2022

October 23rd, 2022

October 30th, 2022

November 6th, 2022

The Wounds of Love

Each of our 5 Healing sessions will focus on alchemizing 1 of the 5 Sacred Wounds of Human Incarnation & separation from the Divine Beloved on a cosmic, soul & collective human consciousness level.  These are the 5 points of Venus’ journey through the Underworld – and correlate to Betrayal, Denial, Judgement, Persecution, & Abandonment.  Jesus carried these sacred wounds through his crucifixion as: Betrayal by Judas, Denial by Peter, Judgement by Pontius Pilate, Persecution by the City of Jerusalem, & Abandonment by the Father – “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me!” 

The Wounds of Love are also hidden keystones for the Soul’s Ascension, when their alchemical gifts are unlocked. In addition to the 5 healing sessions included in this course, you will receive teachings on the Wounds of Love, their alchemies &  significance to the Cosmic Journey of the Soul & the Path of Sacred Union during the group calls.

When the Wounds of Love no longer bind the heart, the opportunities that are available to us in relationship are limitless and our presence to the Miracle of Love that is Life itself expands as devotion to All.

Sacred Union Telgram Group

This container will be supported by a Telegram Group – where members can connect, share resources, and ask me and other members questions in between our Group Healings.

If you decide to join the Temple Arts of Sacred Union Facilitator Training in 2023, you may apply your investment in this course to the overall tuition of the training.

Investment – Group Only


In Celebration of  Sacred Union

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