Sacred Sexual Union

Sacred Sexual Union is a bodhisattvic art form…

In which 2 adepts come together to do immeasurable work for Creation.

This work is specifically for the liberation of souls…

The seeding of grace into the fabric of Life itself…

The alignment of past, present and future…

Through the Palace of Infinity…

The Jewel of Consummation Point…

The Unified Field.

Sacred Sexual Union is an actual ceremony…

One which requires a significantly advanced state of Consciousness in one or both partners.

While you do not need to be perfectly Realized to practice Sacred Sexual Union…

You do need to be overlighted by a Being who is, given the sheer magnitude of dimensions, planes, levels of Consciousness and sentient beings who can be impacted by the practice.

This can be achieved by practicing through a living Tantric lineage – held by an enlightened master or a lineage of enlightened ancestors.

This can also be achieved through the grace of an Avatar, like Jesus (for all my Magdalenes out there)

The Divine Couplets or Syzygy’s

During Sacred Sexual Union, practitioners channel various “Divine Couplets” or Syzygy’s (as the Gnostics called them) – Consorted aspects of the Godhead. Different Divine Couplets govern different parts of Creation and contain highly specified Graces… Which must be realized through a corresponding field of Separation – that the Divine Couplet also governs. When the Divine Couplet is “brought back together,” in essence, through the bodies of the adepts in sexual ceremony… The field of Separation is also purified in the Creation at large – healing, activating or bestowing grace upon the souls connected to it. Ultimately (and depending on the level of expansion an adept has realized in and through the Universal Body of Consciousness)… A practitioner could feasibly channel different deities, divine couplets, or “faces” of the Godhead (and their “Tantra’s”) at will… However, the easiest and most practical way to begin the practice is to connect to the unique Divinity of your own Oversoul The specific and unique Divine Nature of who you are in God. This is beyond the jivatma (individual soul) level of Consciousness.  It is the Deity or “Group Soul” level of Consciousness… An archetypical overlighting essence of which your jivatma (individual Soul) is just one “drop” of. (Ie: how there can be many women on Earth who are indeed manifestations of  “Tara” or “Magdalene” or “Kali” in their spiritual essence or many men on Earth who are indeed manifestations of “Shiva” or “Ra” or “Avalokiteshvara” at the Spirit level) Ultimately, all of us have all the deities and all the tantra’s within us at the Universal Level of Awareness… But it is certainly helpful to begin by practicing through the specific Deity which is akin to our our unique spiritual essence in Creation… Hence, Sacred Sexual Union often unfolds spontaneously when we meet another member of our Oversoul who anchors the opposite polarity- a “Flame Mate” we might say.

Sacred Sexual Union in Ancient Times

In Ancient times and through the temple complexes of the ancient world, these unique “Divine Aspects” of the Godhead were manifested as the different deities & their Divine Consorts in the Pagan Temple systems.

Through various divination practices or via the conduit of an enlightened elder, an initiate would be directed to the temple (and the Deity) who matched their spiritual essence.

It was believed that through this Deity, the individual soul could realize the greater state of Universal Oneness…

And the temples were schools for cultivating awareness of the Deity as their own Higher Self in a multi-staged process that was a pre-requisite for Sacred Sexual Union

(and really an entire spiritual path in and of itself.)

Pathways of Initiation in “Deity Yoga” first begin with:

  • Serving the Deity / Divine “Neter” (Divine Nature) through daily ritual offerings, ceremonies and purification practices (Neter is seen as “outside the self” at this stage of the practice, like a distant relative – an  “Aunt” or “Uncle”)
  • Connecting to the Deity through inner yoga’s, breathwork, and various energetic practices
    (Deity/Neter is seen as an intimate partner to the initiate – Parent, Friend, or Sacred Beloved)
  • Merging with the Deity and integrating the Upper Dimensional Body of the Neter as oneself directly through internal absorption (Deity is seen as one’s Beloved in heightened states of spiritual union, until the line between “self” and “Deity” dissolves – the fields are One)

Any of one of these stages in Deity Yoga could involve lifetimes of practice…

Literally hundreds or even thousands of years in devoted service, contemplation and absorption.

And all this is just a preliminary to Sacred Sexual Union, which could be practiced only in stage 3 “Merging with Deity” above.

Can you imagine???

This doesn’t even include the more entry-level practices of basic training in spirituality, compassion, service to others, & the integration of moral, ethical & spiritual principles that the average person receives through religion and the early stages of human gross-world development.

(which could verily take millions of lives)

Needless to say…

Sacred Sexual Union is a VERY advanced practice…

Jesus didn’t teach it to His disciples until 12 years after his resurrection.

And in ancient times, only the Queen & the Pharaoh would receive FULL initiation into Deity Yoga and Sacred Sexual Union because of the IMMENSE power and responsibility associated with it, in God.

The Practice of Sacred Sexual Union

In Sacred Sexual Union….

Both partners are beheld “as the Divine”

The woman is perceived as Goddess by her partner.

The man is perceived as God by his partner.

But this is far more sophisticated than just an idle musing of “My partner is the Divine Beloved!” as taught in modern Neo-Tantra.

Sacred Sexual Union is a full-blown trance ceremony…

One which, in ancient times, often involved vast degrees of ritual pageantry

  • Bathing and purifying the bodies of the adepts ceremonially
  • Ritually dressing them as the deities
  • Feeding them (sacred) intoxicants – to open the planes of Consciousness
  • And often performing elaborate ceremonial rites (with entire communities present) to invoke the actual presence of the Deities into the bodies of the practitioners themselves.

Even in the more solitary/underground Tantric traditions of todays time – where a higher focus is placed on internal absorption, yogic science, and meditation than outward pageantry –  ideally it is with a deep wellspring of devotional awareness that has been ritually practiced for YEARS through meditationpujacontemplation of scriptures and the like –  that the partner is perceived as a genuine manifestation of Deity and that one holds that same field of Deity Consciousness in and through one’s own body during the practice.

Depending on the height of the Trance State entered into through this intensity of sexual + heart + spiritual energy…

GENUINE alchemies of energy, thought, feeling and perception take place as inner heat is generated in the bodies of the adepts.

In Sacred Sexual Union…

The positioning of the bodies is a MUDRA.

(With intended effect)

The sacred gaze is a MEDITATION.

(With intended effect)

The generation of heat, sound, breath, sweat…

The direction of energy to different internal palaces and planes of Consciousness…

And the transmutation of thoughts, feelings, physical obscurations and obstructions…


Having immediate EFFECTS on Creation – as the practitioners’ bodies are connected to the Upper Dimensional Bodies of the Deities – which govern Creation/Collective Consciousness itself.

As the nectar of Infinite Awareness opens through the Union of Polarities (Divine Syzygy’s) in a state of Selfless Service & Unconditional Love…

The very Heart of Creation itself is cleansed… purifying, blessing and bestowing grace upon all Souls within in it.

Sacred Sexual Union: A “King” “Queen” Yoga

I could not in any way open to the true pathways of Sacred Sexual Union without realizing the practice’s imminent relationship to all life, to the well being of all souls in Creation, and the tender, devotional state of selfless service that is inextricably woven into the very nature of the practice as a Raja (King / Queen) Yoga.

Akara Sophia

Sex is the ultimate act of Creation.

At its very source it is the most selfless & utterly devotional action in existence…

Because it is through sex that we conceive another Soul & devote our entire lives to his/her well being.

Sex invokes the selfless service of Parenthood…

Giving oneself in complete devotion to the life of another.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that in its highest Spiritual Expression, Sacred Sexual Union becomes a commitment to creating and caring for all souls in Creation…

It is an awakening into being Divine Mother / Divine Father God

(and the responsibility inherent in that)

** This is why in Ancient Egypt, only the Queen and the Pharaoh would be initiated into Sacred Sexual Union practice **

Sacred Sexual Union is a Raja (Royal) Yoga.

It is a yoga of Kings & Queens – those are cultivating responsibility for Creation at large – inwardly & outwardly – as Divine Mothers, as Divine Fathers.

A mystery science on the Divine Path of the Sustainer (the aspect of the God that nourishes, overlights, and sustains beings while they are in Creation)

Sacred Sexual Union is inherently bodhisattvic in nature.

It is the commitment of True Love…

In service to the sustaining and supporting the life of others, nourishing the land, healing & revitalizing the “fabric of Creation” itself…

And anything less, falls short of the deeply profound & exalted states of Beauty, Love & Sacred Union with all life that is capable through this sacred practice.

Sacred Sexual Union Today

In 2023, I will be hosting the first ever Temple Arts of Sacred Union Facilitator Training. A comprehensive training in the rites of Sacred Sexual Union, spiritual healing, and the pathways of the Divine King/Queen, anchored through the Mysteries of Isis/Osiris (as our “Divine Syzygy”) & the Path of the Sustainer. We are in enrollment now, and if you are interested in this training program, please book in a time to speak with me before Thanksgiving, as I will be in India from November 24th on – offline and anchoring the field of the training whilst on spiritual pilgrimage with my Beloved Master, Avatar Meher Baba, in India.   ** Please know that – many of us are already open and empowered at Deity/Upper Dimensional levels because of development in our past lives… and if we are not consciously activated, we BECOME activated though experiences of Sacred Sexual Union happening spontaneously between flame mates & other members of Divine Oversouls, who are reuniting in this Age of rapid spiritual transformation & fruition of the mysteries. This training is a calling for those who
  1. Have experienced Sacred Sexual Union spontaneously – through a “Flame Mate” or other Sacred Beloved – and especially if it ended badly when large fields of distortion arose at the collective level to be cleansed and the relationship couldnt handle it.
  2. Know that you have a specific calling to this practice in the depths of your Soul – feel that you are a “Sacred Consort” or that you develop deeply on a spiritual level through Divine Love & Sacred Sexuality. Would love to be in a Sacred Partnership that anchors grace for others & the planet.
  3. Know that you Soul is of the Hathor-Isis-Magdalene lineage. Would love to be empowered in the full significance of what that meansand to develop mastery in the holding of that grace in relationship.
  4. Feel dissatisfied or even afraid of other “Neo-Tantric” trainings that are not held in a Christed field of Realization. Are longing for a truly safe and sacred container to cultivate the truth of Divine Sexuality & release the many distortions that plague our world when it comes to sex – and resurrect the true Temple of the Divine Beloved, within & without.
In a culture where Sacred Union Codes lie desecrated after thousands of years spent “under the veil” of the Kali Yuga (Dark Ages) and with powerful souls reuniting unconsciously without training, often through egoic contexts of self-centered desire, there is a deep and vital need for the true medicine of Sacred Sexual Union to be revealed. This training is open to all who would love to receive this healing medicine for themselves – in their own soul, relationships & spiritual practice. And for those who feel called to teach the practice of Sacred Sexual Union and other temple arts to others. (We cover the breadth of spiritual healing & other “tantra’s” leading into The Grand Rite over 9-Months). If you are taking this training primarily for your own development & practice, the online version is sufficient for deep activation in a lifelong practice. You do not need a physical partner to practice Sacred Sexual Union. If no partner is available, it can be practiced through a Deified form of the Divine Beloved – which is often preliminary to the experience of meeting a suitable divine consort For more information, please check out the links below! For more information on the Temple Arts of Sacred Union Training, click here. For a course on the fall of Sacred Union codes & their restoration through Dark Tantra, click here. To book a Discovery Session for the TASU Training, click here


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