Tantric Sales Training

For High Priestx’s, Coaches, & Healers

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I invite you into a journey into the unexpected beauty of sales, the Heart of Sacred (Economic) Relationship & what its like to develop confidence in yourself and your ability to share your work with the world.

Sacred Sales is a sales training unlike any other.  This is a complete guide to pitching your work with heart to the world, based deeply in tantric principles.  If you are a soul-centered entrepreneur – a coach, healer or just someone with deep reverence for Sacred Relationships, Sacred Sexuality & the path of Divine Self Realization – you are going to love this course!

You see: most of us more sensitive souls resist sales & selling because sales tactics employed in modern-day capitalism derive from a “divide, conquer & colonize” model of economic relating.  We’ve been consistently exposed to pushy, deceitful, & invasive sales tactics, devoid of honesty, consent, & true connection/presence. Just like you can learn better communication skills to connect intimately with your romantic partner and the ones you love, you can also learn effective (and even sacred) communication skills to connect with people about your work and to discuss – gasp! – money.  Yep, that’s right!

Sacred Sales is a life-changing course that brings the power of sacred relationship & effective communication skills to the realm of sales, money & business, and can inspire – even the most guarded hearts – to blossom into ecstatic selling! 

Are you ready to heal your money story?  Empower your voice?  And sell with confidence & presence to those interested in your work?

Then this course is for you!


Course Modules

5 Life-Changing Activations in the Consciousness of Sacred Selling

Healing Trauma & Attachment Wounds Cultivating Financial Security From Within

  • Financial Security as Attachment & the Changing Nature of Creation
  • Understanding the Masculine’s Mother Wound
  • The Mother Wound & Financial-Political Corruption
  • “In God We Trust” – Healing Disorganized Financial Attachment
  • Stage 1: Removing False Gods, Abuse, Trauma & the Shadow Masculine from our Ideas of God, Money, & Power
  • Stage 2: Reclaiming Security & Protection. Cultivating Trust.
  • Predator to Protector. The Sacred Father & Establishing Security Within.

Includes Predator to Protector Healing Transmission
Video Training + PDF Module

The Feminine Energetics of Wealth Consciousness

  • Money as Shakti. An Energy of Love, Nourishment, Manifestation & Creation.
  • Working with Money as Frequency.
  • Attuning to Wealth, Price Points & Manifestation Plans through your Body
  • Cultivating Inspired Wealth Consciousness
  • Sensuality, Desire & Pleasure in Manifestating
  • Raising your Frequency & Staying in Full Feminine Manifesting Power During Launches,
  • Sales Calls & Other Money-Making Activities in Your Business

Includes Wealth Affirmations MP3
Video Training + PDF Module

Creating Sacred Containers & Working Agreements

  • Karma, Energy Management & Creative Exchange in Business Relationships
  • What is Sacred Relationship? How to Cultivate it in Business
  • Calling in Clients through Divine Alignment
  • Creating Containers & Establishing Sacred Contracts
  • Why Destiny-Driven Contracts Resonate at Higher Price Points
  • Legal Agreements & those Unseen
  • Extending Invitations. Screening. And attracting Clients to work with you.
  • Why the Foundation of your Success in Manifesting begins here.

Includes Healing Attachment Fears Ideal Client Manifestation MP3
Video Training + PDF Module

Hosting Sacred Sales Conversations

  • Preparation Guide to Hosting a Sacred Sales Conversation
  • Aligning Your Energy on Energetical, Emotional & Temporal Planes
  • Stepping into the Sacred Masculine: Being the Leader
  • Sales as a Stargate: Guarding the Portalway Between Worlds
  • Structuring & Holding this Conversation as a Gatekeeper of Sacred Space
  • Sacred Communication Guidelines & The Power of Consent
  • Accessing Intuitive Guidance in the Sales Process
  • Leading from Truth, Honesty & Integrity.
  • Listening from Compassion, Intuition & Attunement

Includes a Sample Script for Sacred Sales Discovery Sessions
Video Training + PDF Module

Penetrating Resistance & Objections

  • Penetratration- Why it is the Secret to Quantum Leaps & Abundance
  • Working with the Shadow in Sales – Your Own & Others
  • The Sword of Truth – Wielding it in Non-Violence. Slaying Illusions
  • Talking about Money. Confronting Financial Attachment Trauma in Others
  • Specific Guidance Through the 5 Most Common Sales Miasma’s
  • Supporting others in Secure Financial Attachment & Sacred Contracts

Video Training + PDF Module

Self Study

Course is currently offered as an online self-study course.

Includes Convenient Online Temple to Access all Recorded Videos, PDF’s, & Ceremonial Guides.

Self-Paced – 1 Year Access!





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