Heal Your Heart,
Awaken Divine Love

A 6-Week Initiation into the Sacred Heart, Activated through the Wisdom of Isis, in Devotion to Healing the Wounds of Love

Sundays: October 27, 2023 – December 3rd, 2023


Awaken from the Dream of Broken-Heartedness

Beyond this Illusion of Separation & Suffering

You are one with the Source of Everlasting Love

The Heart is a Gateway

Its Power Supreme above all others

In its Eternal Flame, do all wounds heal….

Are Lover & Beloved found to be One.

Initiation from the
Miraculous Seat of Isis

Keeper of the Promise, Revealer of the Sacred Heart


We are not of this world, you and I.  It is just a temporary sojourn. A school in the lessons of Infinite Consciousness. And perhaps nothing reveals that so painfully & perhaps so poignantly, then the inherent suffering of the human experience that so often pierces or even breaks our tender hearts.

Yet the Throne of Creation is held by a mysterious power that resurrects us from the fall… Holds us in times of grief, with infinite mercy, and reveals Beauty – the Power of Love – even amidst the ashes of Love’s supposed defeat. 

Welcome, Children of the Covenant.  Those who hold an undying flame within your Heart of Hearts. That even in face of life’s greatest cruelties, perseveres… as it once did for me, Isis, through the shadow of murder, lying, betrayal, ongoing persecution -as the battle for the throne I AM, I hold… wages on.   

Lift up your hearts in the power of my Son – conceived in miracles, yet born into tragedy – for he is the strength & renewal of Creation. A mystery woven with the threads of time itself, whose import is beyond the circling of any planet around its sun… A new age dawns.

From the seat of Love’s Unconquerable Power, I speak.  Anything wished for & held in absolute faith, shall come to pass.  My daughters are many who have held worlds upon worlds in resurrection of the Infinite.  But my son is but One – the Light, the Truth, the Bliss, the Healing of every Heart.  And so shall it be, for all of you, to raise him to his destined Throne.  

Join us for a miraculous journey…

To gather in the sanctity of Love’s Great Purpose…
To mend the fragments of our collective heart…
To conceive in ecstasy, by way of the eternal covenant…
Life’s Greatest Mystery: Divine Love
The Unending Bliss of Union
Embodied in the Sacred Heart


Sacred Heart Opening

Is a 6-Week Journey in the Mysteries of Isis-Sophia & the Path of Divine Love.  It is focused in a personal path of heart healing through The Wounds of Love (by Anaiya Sophia) & conception of The Sacred Heart – the illuminated state of Divine Love realized through the (sacredly wounded) human experience.

In this journey, you will be paired with a partner (should you so choose) to embody the heart healing pathways of Isis & her sister Nephtys – as they tend to the 5 sacred Wounds of Love – Betrayal, Denial (Lying or Rejection), Judgement, Persecution (Abuse) & Abandonment.

These wounds – if left untreated – can cause the heart to harden, atrophy or grow cold, as well as push love away from us in our lives.

The purpose of this journey is to prepare the heart for Sacred Relationship – the attraction or sustaining of a Divine Love Partnership… as well as to unburden the emotional body for the integration of Light & Ascended States of Consciousness. It is also offered as preparation for those who are destined to hold the currents of Divine Love through this tremendous time of collective upheaval, where the Wounds of Love are being purged through chaos, war, elemental disturbance, disease & other atrocities.

Connecting to the strength of Isis & her human counterpart Mary Magdalene… who held faith in the Power of Love through unimaginable forms of suffering, and… most especially to the Grace of Jesus, who transfigured the Wounds of Love through his own body in liberation for the planet – we will embrace the ascended pathways of Divine Love’s Power, held in the 4th Gate of the Divine Heart.


The Heart is…

A multi-dimensional gateway.  Through the heart we may visit other worlds, access multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves, make profound & seemingly “miraculous” demonstrations, as well as embody the full bliss of Divine Union.  However, this gateway cannot open fully when the heart still holds the unprocessed burden of Love’s Shadow. 

By cleansing the Wounds of Love & receiving the gifts they guard, we purifying the Heart – opening ourselves to the ascended pathways of the Soul in Divine Love.

In this, we also learn the true path of Sacred Relationships – awakening through Divine Love.

You will receive

6 Glorious Weeks of inspired activations in the Ascended Pathways of the Heart for each of the 5 Wounds of Love

A Guided process for treating each of the 5 Wounds of Love within yourself, with the support of a “sacred sibling” or partner (from the group) if you so choose

Ritual Anointing Oil recipes for healing the heart

A Group Healing Transmission & Activation for opening the Sacred Heart & Calling in Sacred Relationships (offered December 3rd – see below)



Our live group calls will be held on Sundays at 2pm EST.  Recordings will be made available if you can’t attend live.

Sunday, October 29th @ 2pm EST: 

The Ascension of Dimension: Immanence of the Earth Element in Sacred Relationships & Healing the Wound of Betrayal

Sunday, November 5th @ 2pm EST: 

The Illumination of Divine Mind: Truth of the Fire Element in Sacred Relationships & Healing the Wound of Denial

Sunday, November 12th @ 2pm EST:

The Unending Bliss: Compassion of the Water Element in Sacred Relationships & Healing the Wound of Judgment

Sunday, November 19th @ 2pm EST:

The Divine Construct: Right Action of the Air Element in Sacred Relationships & Healing the Wound of Persecution

Sunday, November 26th @ 2pm EST:

The Infinite Realization: Transcendence of the Space Element in Sacred Relationships & Healing the Wound of Abandonment

Sunday, December 3rd @ 2pm EST:

The Sacred Heart of Christ Conceived: Activation in the Ascended Pathways of the Sacred Heart / Twin Flame Anointing 

Sacred Heart Opening

Transfiguring the Wounds of Love – 6 Week Journey


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