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The Rose Lineage is a Timeless Emanation of Feminine Wisdom on this planet

Embrace the Calling- Birthing Horus – in Our Time

What is the Rose Lineage?

In relation to Earth, Venus traces the shape of a 5-petaled rose in the Night Sky reminding us of love’s beauteous influence on Creation.

The lineages of the Rose refer to those souls who walk The Venus Path – the path of awakening through Divine Love.

Anchored here on Earth through multiple Goddess lineages – including those of Hathor, Isis, Ishtar, Inanna & Aphrodite – as well as many more names sprung from countless cultures across the planet, the Rose Lineage is an eternal transmission from the Feminine Divine, which whispers fruits of realization through the Heartsong of Creation & the at times piercing path of surrender to Universal Love.

The Magdalene-Isis-Hathor Line

The Magdalene-Isis-Hathor line is a rose lineage which has its origins in Ancient Egypt.

  • Hathor is the first and oldest of the spiritual lineage. She hails from the Age of Taurus – a time when the abundance of civilization was “rebooted” after the mythic flood.
  • Isis followed Hathor during the Age of Aries – demonstrating the miraculous power of love to heal, create, and restore (the throne) during an age of war, conquest & the expansion of ancient empires.

Then the power of this lineage transitioned to the Hebrew people at the end of the Age of Aries.

  • It was embodied by Mary Magdalene – priestess from a Jewish community in northern Egypt & counterpart to Yeshua – who revealed the mystical path of union “beneath the veil” during the Age of Pisces, which has just come to a close.

The Time We Are in Now…

The Great Wheel turns once again, as we are now officially stationed in the Age of Aquarius, with revolutionary changes in media, technology, & communications having birthed a now globally connected human consciousness across the planet

But Aquarius is across from Leo in the zodiac…
The age of the cataclysm / Great Flood which destroyed human civilization, some 12,000 years ago.

The shadow of that time is rising to be faced and reckoned with as we step into this age.

Humanity currently wobbles around another potential catacylsm / world war / environmental collapse that could similarly end human civilization as we know it…

And rule by “group think” poses serious challenges to consider –

Not the least of which is the anger/painbody currently being held in the collective consciousness of the Earth & its potential for oppression & destruction.

It is vitally important the women of the Rose Lineage come together in service to the planet’s needs at this incredibly pivotal transition of the ages.

    Join me in oracular revelation concerning the Rose Lineage and “The birth of Horus,” – prophetic messages, guidance, and revelation for birthing a Golden Age on Earth & the role of the Magdalene-Isis-Hathor Sisterhood in this Divine Birth, including

    • The calling to reclaim our magic – particular Earth Magic – as planetary midwives for the planet.
    • The signifcance of the Rose Lineage in the “Birth of Horus” – the Divine Human consciousness of the Aquarian Age
    • What the breathtaking portents in the sky seen around the world in 2024 via the northern lights meant in relation to  our planetary consciousness
    • The battle for the throne of power that is currently taking place globally & how “raising Horus” – the rightful heir & redeemer – is pivotal to the outcome of our planet’s future

    Recorded on May 25th, 2024

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