Private Coaching & Initiatory Immersions in Luxor, Egypt

Journey to Egypt & Follow the Pathways of Initiation of Ancient Queens.

Quantum Leap Your Wealth Consciousness & Create a 6-Figure Business

as You Ascend from Priestess to Queen

The Queens of Ancient Egypt were considered embodiments of Isis-Hathor – forms of the Goddess here on Earth. They received attunement to the Ka Body of the Great Eternal Queen of Life, and were trained in the arts of holding her power as a Leader of Creation.

Receive this same initiation as you transform into a Woman of Power, anchored in the Queen Codes in life & business.

The Queen of Creation Wealth Retreats are private initiatory paths of empowerment for women who are here to lead – not just with dignity & grace – but also with wealth… the lifeblood of creation here on Earth.

They are specially designed to empower you on both the spiritual and material levels of success –

And are for those who are committed to becoming rich as a pathway of ascension.

I especially love to work with women who feel the calling of the Sacred S*xual Priestess in their soul but can’t see the way through the fog of personal insecurity, fear and the balance of your s*xual or spiritual power with present-day business & leadership strategy.

Let’s activate you as the Supernova of Creation you rightfully are, in the success you rightfully deserve.

Your pathway of initiation will begin with a Private Intensive, to be completed virtually before you arrive – as a deep-dive into your life, soul & spiritual power to open the way of the throne before you arrive. Then be welcomed to the Ancient Egyptian capital city of Luxor – the seat of Ancient Egyptian Royalty – for a life-changing anointing in the Power of Queenship, Luxury, Divine Motherhood & Success in your Business.

You will be empowered in the Temple of Hathor, Dendera… where the majesty of the spiritual Queen of Creation – Goddess of Love, Beauty, Music, Dance & Sacred Sexuality – will activate your soul in splendor. Travel to the Valley of the Queens, where the temple of the most powerful female Pharaoh, Hatshepsut, will awaken you to your Empress Power. And explore the mysterious & hidden pathways of initiation through the city of Luxor – connecting to Isis, Sekhmet, Horus & Amun-Ra, to cultivate the power of Sacred leadership in your life. 

Private business coaching & other healing work will be done in between our ventures at the Jolie Ville Resort & Spa where you’ll be hosted for 5 days & 4 nights.  

This Intensive Immersion is ideal for women on the sacred sexual priestess / Fertility Goddess path, who are integrating the Queen Codes in life & business.

Investment starts at $7K

Includes breakfast & luxury accomodations at the Jolie Ville Resort & Spa, all transportation & temple tickets once you arrive.

A Bespoke experience, tailored to each individual’s needs.

Please book a Discovery Session to learn more