An Intimate Transmission on the Path of Healing The Father Wound,

The Goddess
& the God of Abraham

Wednesday, September 20th 2023 @ 2pm EDT 

Rediscovering the Divine Father

Hathor – whose name means “House of Horus” – has always been a Goddess in deep devotion to Ra, her father & Horus, her consort… the Divine King.

In fact, the Magdalene / Isis / Hathor lineage is indeed a lineage of Sacred Union

Each feminine figure a wellspring of devotion to the Father/Son.

However, there is a karmic history on this planet of deep schism between the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine principles…

This is largely due to the demonization of The Goddess by The God of Abraham

The spiritual force behind Judaism, Christianity & Islam – religions which account for more than 50% of the global population.

That’s quite a psychic force to contend with!

But what if this split – this violent history – and the lingering wounds resulting from the religious warfare between the Goddess & the God of Abraham are all the result of one giant and very human case of misunderstanding?


– the restoration of friendly relations

– the act of making one view or belief compatible with another

The truth is we all need the grace of the Divine Father in our lives.

The Divine Father is a spiritual force that provides:

Direction (in exchange for Obeidence)

Protection (in exchange for Surrender)

Order (in exchange for Chaos)

And Unity (in exchange for Separation)…

Amongst other incredibly sacred and important qualities.

When we have a Father Wound or are living within the psychic battlefield of the Goddess’ schism from the “God of Abraham” – we may find provision, protection, peace of mind, purpose & direction hard to come by in our lives.

Please join me Wednesday, September 20th for an illuminating transmission on the power of the Divine Father and a guided journey of Reconciliation: A Step-by-Step Path of Healing the Father Wound – restoring harmony between the Goddess & the “God of Abraham.”

This class will feature: 

Illuminated Teachings on the mystical essence of the Divine Father, including (specifically) illumination on the spiritual essence of “The God of Abraham

Restorative history, translations, understandings & teachings on the inherent harmony between the Goddess & the historic Father (God) of 3 world religions

Elucidation of the Father Wound – How the Father Wound operates through ancestral, collective/historical, and metaphysical levels of consciousness. The Soul’s purpose of learning in and through Father wounds and a dismantling of the wound through the lines of Abraham

5 Step Path of healing our Relationship to the Father Principle – human & divine – and the gifts that come to us through this cosmic integration


– this class will focus on the Paternal Aspect of Divinity or Divine Masculinity, which is geared towards dependency (the child principle) in humanity.  It is ideal for touching those places within that are in need – of comfort, care, guidance, provision & protection… learning how to relate through our own vulnerability to the Divine Father – which can atrophy when abuse has distorted our connection.

This is indeed the case on a planetary level, concerning the Goddess & the “God of Abraham” – and this class is sensitive to and a responsiveness towards healing that wound. It will make clear the distinction between the true spiritual Father & the distortion.


$77 USD