Polarity, Power Dynamics:

And the Path of Sacred Union


Friday November 11th & Monday November 14th, 2022


(recordings available for all who cant attend live)


Polarity, Power Dynamics & the Fall of the Goddess

“There is only one thing Evil needs to do in order to possess a planet:

Bind the Feminine Principle”

– Coldwell Banker International VP, Brooks Greene-Barton (1944 – 2013, RIP)

You are invited to…

A 2-day immersion on Polarity, Power Dynamics & the Path of Sacred Union.

Today there is a new wave of “Polarity Teachers” out there conflating Power Dynamics with Polarity and promoting an ancient distortion field concerning masculine & feminine energy as well as “roles” in the Creation – the idea that men (or the masculine) is “dominant” and “leads” and women (or the feminine) is “submissive” and “follows.”

While this idea certainly makes sense within the context of the multi-thousand year old societal system of Patriarchy (in which women had no rights, no authority in religion, politics & economic life, & in which female existence was dependent on her marriage to a man who financially & legally “owned” her to survive) … 

The fact of the matter is there is no basis for this Power Dynamic in the fundamental Nature of Reality… and – in fact – the false programming of it hides an egregious fall in human consciousness – the actual root cause of our global possession by unconscious forces in the Kali Yuga (Dark Age)…

The Binding of the Feminine Principle

Remember the Truth: Liberation


In this stunning 2-day immersion…  peel back the layers of an Ancient Mystery – uprooting a distortion at the Heart of Sacred Sexuality, the relationship between men & women on this planet and an imbalance (of masculine & feminine energy) in Leadership that is literally leading humanity now to the brink of global destruction.

Remember the truth of Sacred Polarity as the Tantra’s teach:

That Feminine Energy, while passive, serves as the Source of Guidance…

And Masculine Energy (active) serves as the Applied Action of Leadership…

More importantly…

Remember that this innate and holy union of Masculine & Feminine energy in Leadership was once abundantly understood by our ancestors & integrated at the top of all power structures in ancient civilizations as the sacred relationship between:

The High Priestess & The King

Who were once ritually married in consecration of such gnosis to effectively rule the people…

Until they weren’t.  

In This Revelatory Experience,
Uncover the real reasons for WHY..

Eve was blamed for “The Fall” based on poor guidance given to Adam

Priestesses became “Prostitutes”

Middle Eastern religions demonized the Fertility Goddess cults

Why women to this day in “the birthplace of Civilization” (Middle East) are still covered and bound more than any place on Earth

And how the conflation of a hierarchical power dynamic with “polarity” and the “divine nature” of masculine & feminine energy continues this oppression in today’s time

Sacred Union Codes on this Planet
Have been co-opted
And They Must Be Restored!

After entering “The Fall” with Eyes Wide Open, we will dive into a thorough training in Polarity, Power Dynamics & the Path of Sacred Union, that will comprehensively guide the Soul through the Sacred Erotic, including an illumination of Kink, Power Play, Domination & Submission through a variety of sex & gender roles that reveal “Pathways of Liberation” through bondage & how “the poison becomes the cure” in GENUINE Tantric Practice. 

In this Immersion, you will:

Awaken the Path of Sacred Union – the field which magnetizes all things, the Source & Power of Love that attracts everyone and from which all polarity arises

Embrace the Divine Nature of Polarity – receive traditional tantric teachings on the Divine Nature of Polarity – Masculine & Feminine energy.  Feel these energies weaving in your own body, Understand how they operate on a Universal Level of Consciousness.

Connect Polarity to the Path of Desire – Understand polarity’s function in the dynamics of Eros – erotic desire. Honor the unconscious/shadow nature of erotic desire & how it is worked with (tantrically) on a path of Sacred Union

Discern Power Dynamics from Polarity – Learn the difference between Polarity & Power Dynamics.  Understand why Power Dynamics so often influence the expression of the Erotic?

Receive Power Dynamics in God  – Be Activated in Sacred Power Dynamics – receive how Power Dynamics function in God through the maintenance of the Spiritual Hierarchy

Illuminate Power Dynamics on Earth  – Understand fallen and inverted power dynamics as they have functioned on Earth, through the lost histories of the Sacred Prostitute and socio-cultural power systems in the world. Discover the wounds this has bred in us all – male, female, non traditional gender roles & the queer communities – and how these operate in the expression of our Erotic Blueprints.

Release Shame  – Release shame over “kinks” in your Holy Erotic Nature – all of which stem from conditioning through the human experience. Honor the bondage of our universally bound human sexuality on Earth at this time. Accept the unique blueprint of your Erotic “kink” as a sacred wound & a pathway of return.  

Practice Tantra – Tantra uses the poison to evoke the cure. But this does not mean the poison is the cure. Learn sacred liberation practices through sex, shadow tantra & the taboo & how to distinguish Liberation Practice from pathways which strengthen enslavement to Desire.

Be Empowered – With compassion, relate with fierce discernment as a guardian of Sacred Union on the planet – anchoring the Reality of Love in service to others.  Utilize your newfound mastery in polarity, power dynamics, and the sacred erotic to be the Ultimate Lover, who is selfless before both shame & desire.

The Conflation of Patriarchal Power Dynamics with the True Essence of Masculine & Feminine Polarity Might Not seem like a “Big Deal” to some –


However, the reality is that we all Must learn to re-center Feminine Wisdom in her rightful seat as the source of guidance within & without if we are to evolve beyond the ecocide that looms over the human race

No, feminine energy is not meant to “follow” or “be Submissive to” masculine energy. Yes, masculine energy leads but in union with feminine wisdom… in many cases guided “by her” from within

This unique immersion will not only clarify the true nature of the divine polarity, but illuminate sacred power dynamics & compassionately address their shadow – Kink & Bondage – through human eros as a liberation pathway in an of itself

Note: This is a dark tantra event


Intentional Field



This immersion will be held as a healing balm and peace-offering for the ancient “hate of women” and “hate of men” programming on this planet – with the speaking of uncompromising Truth in tender states of Compassion for all beings, for all sexes, for all gender roles – traditional and non-traditional – and all forms of polarity expressed through sexual orientation.  It is offered as a Universal Panacea for those suffering from shame, pain, & gender wounding of any kind – as well as pathway to total Liberation & Empowerment in your sexual self.

* Note: this workshop is NOT just about women or for women.  The bondage of the Feminine Principle on this planet has affected each and every one of us in our own unique way… 

This immersion is for anyone seeking the genuine awakening of Love and restoration of the codes of Sacred Union through their sexual selves and in need of addressing shadow and any form of erotic bondage & enslavement – the possession of your sexual lifeforce energy by forces you feel confused, afraid or ashamed of – and here you will find a safe haven of wisdom and compassion to gently unwind those “knots.” It is a space that is held in absolute non-judgement, but not without the sobering force of Truth – which sets us free.

Men, women, the LGBTQ+ plus community and all sex workers are welcome to attend this immersion

We honor and respect your deep and ancient history with the Fertility Goddess Temples, and pray that – through hearing the story of Her bondage & fall from Grace – you find the keys to restore the Sacred Sexuality of OUR Planetary Soul.

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