An Interview & Free Activation with

Jayaa Shetty & Akara Sophia

Sunday, June 11th @ 11am EDT

  Pegasus springs from Medusa’s Head – representing the Powerful Steed that is born when the Feminine Painbody is vanquished. A mount that can lift us from the island of our suffering to the life that is destined for us on the other side, he represents the expansion of the Spirit and the power to fulfill purpose that is a pivotal turning point in the Heroine’s Journey.

Join me and author, Jayaa Shetty, as we explore the mythology of Pegasus and the powers of the Celestial Horse Families as the empowerment of means – the delivery of resources, strength, energy, and power to overcome adversity & manifest purpose.

This event is devoted to the activation of our own Inner Hero and the Powerful Grace we may not realize is available to carry us when we are caught between “a rock and a hard spot” – the petrifying gaze of inner fear, worry and unworthiness that come from trauma.

It will include an activation with Pegasus & the Unicorns devoted to empowering you in the places you may not see the way through… bringing in all the energy & resources you need to go the distance and perhaps reach places you only dreamed of before!

Come ride the wave of Destiny
Let your Soul take flight!

This is a free event and is open to all.


Jayaa Shetty

Author of the Book Inner Warrior

Jayaa Shetty is the author of the book Inner Warrior: A Journey to Self Recovery where she shares her empowering story of overcoming abuse.  She is also a life coach & an intuitive guide who works the unicorn family, supporting others to overcome adversity & rise into their full potential.  


Join Us Sunday, June 11th @ 11am EDT!

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