New Moon Intensive

Sunday, March 14

4pm EDT / 1pm PDT / 9pm GMT


Essential Oils & the Neters Course

This course intends to impart participants with both practical and theoretical knowledge of working with essential oils and creating 3-4 oil blends sacred to the Neteru (Egyptian Gods) found on the Tree of Life.

Participants will learn how to match essential oils to specific Neteru.

Will learn methods to awaken the power of the oils to perform desired work.

Meditate with the hekau (words of power) of the Neter Auset/Isis to deepen our meditative, trance, and magical ability

Discover places of power on your body where anointing oils are most effective.

Led by…

Eze Okoye


Eze Okoye


Eze Okoye is a priest in the Ausar Auset Society where he has been taught in the manner of the Khamitic/Egyptian priesthoods of ages past. In addition to the Khamitic training, Eze has undergone 6 year training in the shamanic methods of China with special focus on the Early Daoist era of Shamanism. Lastly Eze, began his preparation in the traditional Igbo medicinal training of his native homeland Nigeria.



Pre-Training Video on the Egyptian Bodies of Light 

Note: This is an advanced course.

If you have not studied the Egyptian mysteries with Akara before
please watch the 30-minute pre-training video on the Egyptian Bodies of Light before your arrival.

Bring: notebook, pen, refreshments & your favorite essential oils to the live course. 

Please bring Jasmine or Spearmint essential oils (sacred to the Goddess Isis / Ausset ) if you have them.  We will be learning about oils & oil blends sacred to 9 different Neteru during this class, yet focusing primarily on Isis/ Ausset & her powers of trance healing.

* If you cannot attend live, replays will be available afterwards for your convenience.


Normal Investment $144

Course Only


Course + Lightbody Integration Session w/ Kara


Lightbody Integration Session


The Egyptians believed the physical body was just one of multiple bodies that each human being contained.  Integrating the Upper Dimensional Bodies (of Light, Sound, Love, & the Cosmic Bodies of Creation) into our physical, human body resulted in an increase in magical power, wisdom, energy, bliss (Love) & Consciousness, along the path to our realization as The Divine Man / Divine Human.  

This 75-minute private session is devoted to the integration of your Upper Dimensional Bodies of Light, along with personal tracking / reading of your unique stage in this process.  It combines Light Transmission, Clearing & specific Akashic Records protocols designed to call forth the integration of your High Self & Lightbodies with your human form.

Akara asks that you attend the workshop with Eze before booking this session and to please bring whatever essential oils call you to the session.  You will want to be in a place where you can comfortably lie down for 75 minutes in a sanctified space where you will not be disturbed. 

The Light Body and Level of Consciousness that is integrated in these sessions is completely unique to each Soul and where you are in your spiritual journey.  Depending on what is needed, your session may include Akashic Clearings, entity release, channeled guidance, & other spiritual healings, along with Divine Light transmission & integration of your unique bodies of Light.

Most people experience a very profound bliss during & after these sessions, along with increased sensitivity to spiritual guidance and a clearing of dense energies in their lives.  Akara asks that everyone who purchases this session book it after they have attended the workshop with Eze.  Attunement to the Neteru and information in this course will allow for the deepest transmission and activation in your Lightbody Upgrade process.


Special Offer – Only 10 Spots Available
Receive the Essential Oils & the Neters Course
+ A Lightbody Integration Session w/ Kara


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