Awakening Female Erotic Healing Power

In Reclamation of the Ancient Hathorian Temple Rites
& in Devotion to Ecstatic Birth on Earth at this Time

Immerse Yourself in the Healing Magic of Amrita,
Nectar of Life: The Ultimate Feminine Alchemy


The River of Life, Healing, Alchemy, & Transmutation
Flows from Within


Awakening the Erotic Wellspring of Female Sexual Power


-Nectar is the sweet liquid that flows from the sex organs of flowers to attract bees for pollination & the flourishing of plant life.  But did you know that the female body produces its own nectar?  With an equally life-giving & all-attractive power that is eternally fertile, healing & creative as well?

Amrita – known as the “Elixir of Immortality” or “Food for the Gods” – is the healing water between the thighs (of Isis) and all women.  It flows from a secret spot deep within the yoni, and is awakened through erotic ecstasy & deep surrender to sacred pleasure.

The awakening of Amrita is an alchemy – a feminine grace of transmutation that transforms resistance (pain) into pleasure. It is the Ultimate Gift of Female Sexual Power – an empowerment which allows women to experience both penetration (being entered) and birth (being “broken open”) as ecstatic.

At a time where humanity reels in the agonizing contractions of a Great Birth – let us come together in devotion to the Nectar of Amrita as an offering for…

– The healing of Resistance (in ourselves & others)
– The awakening of Ecstasy through the sacred pleasure of Surrender 
– And the Ecstatic Birth of a New Humanity at this time.


The Sex Magic of Amrita:
Nectar of Female Orgasm, cultivating the Elixir of Life 


Join me for an initiation in the Sex Magic of Isis – devoted to cultivating the Nectar of Amrita– Elixir of Life.

We will cover:

  • In-Depth teachings on the S*X Magic of Amrita, encoded in Ancient Egyptian spells


  • An activation in the Celestial Wellspring: “Sky River” of Immortality from which this lineage flows (on July 5th)


  • Trauma healing & s*xual alchemy techniques for de-armoring the yoni and opening to the fluid states of endless pleasure through the body


  • Guidelines for offering sexual pleasure & nectar as a ritual gift in healing, land blessing and alchemical rebirth




Group Initiation on July 11th, in honor of Venus Rising

Practice Materials & “The Celestial River” Healing
Transmission sent out on the New Moon, July 5th


This event is being held in honor of Venus’ rising “from the Underworld” – which she entered in an incredibly rare alignment of 5 planets in Taurus: Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, the Sun & Uranus – on the June 6th New Moon 

This New Moon initiated a planetary activation in the Taurean frequencies of sensuality, sacred pleasure, and abundance and a period of cleansing blockages to these Hathorian frequencies.

Venus rises again in late June / early July (depending on where you are on the planet) as the Evening Star in the watery sign of Cancer –

Representing the power of the Mother, Home life, & Emotions. On July 10th, she passes through her closest orbital point to the Sun (masculine/penetrative energy) in this new “Evening Star” cycle.

Cancer’s ascended nature is connected to our:

– Mother line & maternal spiritual lineages – including Goddess lineages
– Earth magic, land healing, & the spirits of the earth/hearth/home
– Emotional potency in magical rituals – which is essential to the cultivation of Amrita

Join me in a ceremonial sacred space to celebrate Venus’ Rising through the wellspring of sacred pleasure! Healing your maternal lineage & the earth, as we awaken the Elixir of Life!


What You Will Need


G-Spot Stimulator or Yoni Wand

Nectar will teach you self stimultation practices that require either a G-Spot Stimulator or curved crystalline yoni wand like this Andara wand shown above. – which you can purchase at your favorite erotic store.

Note: these sacred instruments are not required to attend the workshop





1 Guided Healing Transmission & self-practice materials sent out on the New Moon (July 5th)

1 Group Initiation (live half-day workshop) on July 11th in honor of Venus rising in the watery sign of Cancer. (* Note: Recordings will be made available if you can’t attend live.) 




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