Touched by the Sacred

A 2-Part Masterclass in

The Myrrophore Tradition

The Art of Anointing, Celestial Anatomy &  the Medicine of the stars

In a Time before this one…

A Celestial Medicine tradition emerged in the Land of Khem, devoted to the initiatory pathways of the Divine Man.  This medicine tradition was focused on the anchoring of the Soul & Spirit through the (human) body and its transition at the time of death. A Cosmic Midwifery accomplished through the speaking of words of power, anointing with holy oils, and invocation to the stargates latent in the human body, this Celestial Medicine could heal & guide the Soul on its journey through many lives. Used in ceremonies of initiation, the consecration of kings, the healing of the sick & support for the dying, much later a woman named Miriam of Migdala carried this sacred medicine to support a young prophet in his ministry, death and resurrection into Eternal Life.

Come join me to speak truth to The Myrrophore TraditionThe Ancient Art of Anointing & the Medicine of the Stars.  This mini-course is devoted to illuminating the origins, foundational principles & practice of spiritual healing through this Ancient Egyptian Medicine tradition – working with essential oils & the Divine Powers of the Celestial Planes.  We will explore:

The Origins of the Myrrophores through the Celestial Ancestors of Humanity & the Body of the Earth

The Human Body as Gaia’s Consciousness – the sacred weaving of the human, planetary & celestial bodies of Cosmic Self

The foundational principles of the Art of Anointing – a soul & spiritual medicine tradition based in sacred touch, invocation, & essential oil therapy in a ritual container

Oils as Elemental Medicine, how to work with them through the Star Gates of the Sacred Human Form


2 Powerful 3hr Classes devoted to the history, principles & practice of the Art of Anointing as a Celestial Medicine tradition

– A 50-page PDF Guide to the Ancient Egyptian Art of Anointing which includes:

– An overview of 12 different Neteru (Egyptian Gods & Goddesses) & their ritual oils

Ceremonial application practices for invoking & working with each Neter

– A guide to the Nile River pathway of initiation – overview of the Egyptian Temples, their associated Celestial Powers & import in the human body/mind/spirit


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