Transforming the taboo underbelly of

“A Mother’s Love”

Halloween fast approaches and the air is filled with witchy magic as we enter the season of ancestor worship – honoring the dead, our lineages & those who have passed on.

However, for many of us – lineage & even family itself can be a very heavy business – one we may not want to face, let alone celebrate.

Abuse, dysfunction, & toxic family systems leave a painful legacy.

But when abuse, dysfunction & toxicity come from Mother…

The pill is even harder to swallow.

Mother Wounds are among the most challenging to heal from…

Partly because its so hard to even see them, to even admit the

As we approach this time of Witchy Wonder, Ancestral .


Medusa was once a beautiful maiden & priestess of Athena, who was coveted by a God.

The Lord of the Seas- Poseidon – made love to her in the Temple of Athena.

As punishment for this act, the Goddess of War turned Medusa into a Gorgon –

A creature so terrifying that to look at her would turn the beholder into stone.

Medusa’s Experience
as a Pathway of Initiation

The Myth of Medusa highlights themes of sexual trauma in relation to the Priestess Path – especially trauma that petrifies or “freezes,” often causing an aspect of the Soul to leave the body & retreat to a Higher Realm. When that trauma heals, “the spirit of the stone” returns, bringing with it the Wisdom, Gifts & Illumination of that Realm of Consciousness.

In this container, we will be exploring “The Medusa Experience” as a grim pathway of Initiation – one that many (female) oracles, channels & priestx’s experience on their path of awakening & empowerment in the Divine Feminine. 

Together, we will be invoking the “Return” side of that journey, inviting the Illumination of the Celestial Realms & the Temples of the Divine Mother to restore lifeforce, wisdom, healing & the continuity of Soul Consciousness to our human experience, restoring the sanctity of our Inner Temple once more.

The Gorgons

“Guardians of the Temples”

Gorgon comes from the Greek “gorgos” meaning terrible or dreadful.

A popular creature from Greek Mythology, Gorgons were famously carved on the outside of Temples in Ancient Greece to ward off evil.  As Protective Spirits, Gorgons can help us heal from our most terrible trauma’s & integrate the wisdom of protection.

Medusa: Freeing the Spirits of the Stones is offered in honor of Athena & the Protective Goddess, who empowers us in our sovereignty – which was known to the ancients as “Virginity,” Parthenos, or the state of being “of herself.”

Medusa: Freeing the Spirits in the Stones

Will begin on the Day of the Partial Lunar Eclipse: Friday, November 19th 2021

And end on the Solar Eclipse: Friday, December 3rd, 2021

This immersion will include 3 calls on Fridays (Venus’ Day) Nov 19th, Nov 26th, & Dec 3rd @ 10am EDT.

Recordings will be made if you cannot make these calls live.

Each call is approximately 2hrs long, with added time at the end for Group Sharing & Q & A. Calls will include a combination of teaching, guided practice & healing transmissions – our final call is a special healing session.

Note: We will be consciously working with the Eclipse “Portal” – or the period of time between the Lunar & Solar Eclipse – as a gateway of transformation.

Eclipses – while foreboding to outer accomplishment & activity – are fortuitous times for meditation, inner work, & alchemical transformation. Tantric yogi’s believe that special spiritual practices are exponentially more powerful during eclipses, and that personal transformation can happen far more quickly than normal. We will be employing the power of the eclipse portal to engage in special spiritual practices to transform trauma & activate the Wisdom of the Goddess.

If signing up for this program it is recommended you fast or eat a light vegetarian diet on the evening of November 18th – November 19th ( Lunar Eclipse) and on December 3rd (Solar Eclipse)

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