Sometimes we need a special *key* to open the doors of consciousness & take the next step on our paths.  These mini-courses on unique & specialized topics may contain that key to your next quantum leap!  Hover over the images below to learn more.


The Myrrophores were an ancient group of Priestesses who worked with sacred oils for spiritual rites, rituals, healings & initiations.  Be introduced to the Myrrophore tradition & the Ancient Egyptian Art of Anointing…

The Lucifer Upgrade

What’s the connection between the Fallen Angel & the Venus Path?  How do colonial wounds inform our understanding of evil? Can the “Morning Star” be reclaimed as a Progenitor & force of Primal Masculinity?

The Freeze Response

Explore the myth of Medusa as an allegory for stuck, blocked, or frozen trauma in the nervous system.  “Free the spirits in the stones” & heal your nervous system of paralysis from painful events & trauma

The Wounds of Love

Were carried by Jesus during his crucifixion.  They are: Betrayal, Denial, Judgement, Persecution & Abandonment.  Sacred Heart Opening is a Journey to open the heart by facing and healing these 5 sacred wounds.