Touch the 3 Sacred Wounds of the Divine Feminine

To Remember, Activate & Embody the Wisdom of the Magdalenes, the Red Temple, the Red Woman

The First Wound

The Second Wound

The Third Wound

The Magdalene Wounds

The Magdalene Wounds are the 3 core wounds of the Divine Feminine,  experienced during the fallen age of time.  They were projected onto Mary Magdalene in her role as the Feminine Christ, and correlate to our collective misunderstanding of Mary as:

– A Prostitute (“The Whore Wound”)
– A Woman Possessed by Demons (“The Bitch Wound”)
– The woman waiting to be stoned (“The Witch Wound”)

Proliferated by Judeo-Christian religious teachings, genocide, and centuries of war against women, the body, sexuality, indigenous cultures & nature-based spiritual traditions, The Magdalene Wounds block us from the wellspring of Sensual Mysticism, Bold-Hearted Devotion & Fearless Surrender that characterized the heart of Mary Magdalene herself and lie within the Red Woman in us all.

In this profound 3 month journey, lift the veil on “The Red Temple” & discover the Madgalene Mysteries of Sacred Sexuality, Divine Love & the Path of the Red Woman.  Ignite a passionate longing for the Divine.  Heal the Virgin-Whore split. Channel the power of Sacred Rage.  Remember the Ancient Fertility Goddess Mysteries as the Source of Divine Kingship. Open the Gnostic Doorway of direct revelation through the body, heart & personal self – experiencing Christ – Magdalene, the infinite & the finite, nirvana & samsara… as one.

The First Wound relates to sexuality, the desire nature, & life in the body.  Women in patriarchal societies are told their worth, dignity, & desirability lie in unexpressed sexual potential (the Virgin) and are often shamed as “whores” for being sexually expressed or empowered. This shaming of sexuality disconnects us from the True Source of Divine Feminine Power, which has always lied in Sex & a woman’s ability to bring forth life

Remember the true Source of Life in the Goddess & learn to cultivate it through Sacred Sexuality.  This awakens the fountain of youth, connects us to passion/purpose – the fuel for spiritual growth, and initiates us on the path of awakening as a “Red Woman.”

The Second Wound relates to the heart & relationships. Women in patriarchal societies are taught their identity & self worth comes from fulfilling the needs of others.  This results in a co-dependent identity structure, where women who stand up for their needs are often labeled “Bitches,” and those who don’t must often resort to passive agressive manipulation patterns (“bitching”) to get what they need in relation to others. 

Free yourself from the fear of speaking your truth. Tame “the demons” of the Feminine Painbody and relate powerfully from the Throne of Embodied Authenticity & Self Worth.  Learn to channel sacred rage for healing, protection & personal empowerment – and realize True Love is not always “nice,” but it is always honoring the highest expression of who we are.

The Third Wound relates to intuition, spiritual gifts, & being seen in truths that run counter to societal norms or our family’s culture. For thousands of years, Judeo-Christianity waged war on the Goddess, nature, spiritism, indigenous cultures, & the various art forms devoted to the channeling of Shakti. The “Witch Wound” is the fear of persecution or rejection if we reveal our gifts, faith or Feminine Power in a society that has been inherently hostile to our kind.

Purify epigenetic trauma and the terror of being cast out for your gifts.  Embrace the power of your purpose without fear – transforming criticism, cancel culture, rejection, & hate into fuel for your own ascension & empowerment.  Allow the wild mysticism of your Soul to run free & take a stand for unpopular truths the way Mary Magdalene once did.


Enter the Temple

I like to think of the Magdalene Wounds like guardians standing before the entrance of the Red Temple… most are turned away by their fearsome appearance.

Yet when the wounds are honored, they become gateways to the rich mysteries that lie in the heart of the temple. Facing them: a rite of initiation to reach its inner sanctum.

In this course, we engage intentional awareness, compassion, and sacred practice to face, feel & heal the Magdalene Wounds, whilst awakening the mysteries of sacred sensuality, divine love, and the courageous heart of “The First Apostle.”

Drawing from Gnostic Christian mysticism, traditional Tantra, & the shamanic temple arts, this journey reveals “Christ” as the Ultimate Tantra – the infinite & the finite, Spirit & Matter, God & man, as one – and teaches the path of direct revelation through the The Red Heart of Creation, of which Mary Magdalene herself was an embodiment.


Eros as the Fuel

For Spiritual Awakening

The Path of the Magdalenes


About the 2022 Journey

The Magdalene Wounds course has been completely redesigned from former years, and Akara will be teaching this course live for the first time since 2016.  Below are the list of live calls for the 2022 journey, which will be included in addition to the practices, healing transmissions & video teachings included for each of the Magdalene Wounds in our online temple:

Live Call Schedule: March 11th – May 6th, 2022

All calls held on Fridays, Venus Day @ 3pm EDT

Erotic Innocence vs. Original Sin:
Remembering the Path of Sacred Embodiment –  March 11th, 2022

Red Temple Secrets:
The Path of Practice for the Red Woman –  March 18th, 2022

Fallen Celestials & the Demonization of the Feminine: Awakening from the Abrahamaic Worldview – March 25th, 2022

Love Trials & Ascension: The Shadow Flame of Eros & Realization as the Goddess – April 1st, 2022

The Art of Love: Chemistry, Communication, & Bonding – April 8th, 2022

The Shakti of Sacred Rage: Transforming the Feminine Painbody into Protection, Vitality, & Enthronement – April 22nd, 2022

Deity Yoga: The Tantric Arts of Embodied Divinity – April 29th, 2022

The Ocean of Non-Duality: Love as Hate & the Secrets to Transforming Collective Projection Fields  – May 6th, 2022

Spring 2022 Journey

March 11th – May 6th, 2022


Learn through a convenient Virtual Temple Space. 

All Live Group Calls will be recorded if you can’t make them live.

First Time Students –
Full Pay

Pay in Full


First Time Students –
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Repeat Students –
Taking the Course Again

Pay in Full


Course + Private Session

The Magdalene Wounds Course + Akashic Reading

This is a 90 minute Akashic Reading & Healing session which will be devoted to healing the Magdalene Wounds & Past Lives connected to the Priestx Path

  • Which paths of the Priest(ess) your Soul is on (of the 12 Different Sacred Arts)
  • Reactivation & alignment with specific gifts & masteries from other lives / dimensions
  • Which Divine Feminine lineages your Soul is connected to
  • Healing the Magdalene Wounds & other Temple Wounds your soul may have experienced.  Specifically: Sacred Prostitution, Idolatry, Simony. Immaculate Conception Wounds.  Mother Priestess Wounds.  Learn more here.

This is a very deep and rich healing session where you will connect deeply to the Divine Feminine & release obstacles to blocking your Feminine Essence

You will have the opportunity to ask questions while we are in the records and it includes soul clearing & healing work along with follow up recommendations & guidance

Pay in Full


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