Join me for 21 Days of Tantric Manifestation & Abundance Practice

Sadhana is Spiritual Practice.

Have you ever devoted yourself to a spiritual healing of your bottom line?

Would you like to feel like a lush garden in the summertime?

Dripping in beauty?  Overflowing with creative lifeforce?

Manifesting all that you desire?

Reprogram Your Money Mindset

& Amplify Your Manifestation Power

Through Sex Magic, Self Care & Attunement to Divine Feminine Energy

In this 21 Day Sadhana, connect to the SOURCE of manifestation as the Divine Mother & your body.

Reprogram your relationship with money to work in harmony with your health, sensual desires, passions & the spirit of joy.

Clear toxic money programming & activate easy, effortless manifestation power through sensuality, self care, tantric practice & permission to follow your full F- YES!



1. very rich and providing great sensory pleasure

2. sexually attractive

3. growing vigorously (as in foliage).

4. lavishly productive.

5. opulent. sumptuous.


The Deets


Your Own Schedule!
This is a Self-Guided Journey you can start any time & repeat as often as you like.


Daily Permissionary Emails, 21 Sensual Spells + Daily Guided Manifestation Practices AND 3 Recorded Group Calls

Being Lush is a practice.

(And most of us weren’t taught how!)

In fact, you’ve likely had the exact opposite drilled into your head for most of your life

(Limitation, self sacrifice, overworking, health abuse, worried & attached money consciousness, based fundamentally in lack – am I right?)

That paradigm must end!

It’s time to weed, fertilize & seed the garden of your mind with fruitful creative energy, wealth consciousness, and sensual power.

Is this your time to begin a new phase of life & a new relationship with money!?

Lush is a ritual container with daily guided Tantric exercises sent to your inbox each morning, to support you “shedding the straight jacket” of limited money mindset and restoring sacred feminine abundance in your life. Heal, activate & reveal wealth consciousness within & without.

Over 21 days you will:

– Clear Subconscious Blocks to Prosperity
– Heal Money Wounds & Attune your Money Mindset
– Connect to Prosperity as a Divine Feminine Energy
– Learn how to manifest through sexual magic, creativity. & tantric arts
– Align your health, passion, creativity & desire with the power of $$$
– Clear WHATEVER has been blocking the full “F -YES” in your life.

What you receive in this container:

Daily morning emails – with short 5 minute practices to spark ongoing transformation of your money mindset
Ritual Container & Guided Tantric Manifestation Practice (for 21 days)
3 Live Group Calls – on the arts of Sacred Wealth, Manifestation & Tantric Sciences
Materials you can take with you to implement this practice moving forward in your life.

Take this opportunity to TRANSFORM your relationship with money through the power of The Mother!  This is is the foundation needed for you to truly thrive!

What do I Need?

Prayer Beads, Purpose & Intention

Technically, all you need is an all-consuming passion to embrace your relationship with money fully & consecrate it to the Divine.

You also need the dedication to commit 10-15 minutes a day to this practice over 21 days.

All the exercises can be completed without sacred tools & talismans, but if you have prayer beads (a mala), a pleasure tool (like a yoni wand) and dried rose buds… we will be learning specific tantric manifestation practices that use these items.

Great! I’m in!

Making Your Offering

In giving, we receive.

Please select the frequency that is right for you!

This course is offered on a sliding scale.



Full Bloom