When Love must be Tested…

 Understanding Tricksters, Shadow Twins,
& Other Love Trials on the Path of Ascension 

A gathering devoted to illuminating

The Dark Side

Of Romantic Love

 Romantic Love is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe – if not the most powerful force.  Because of this, it holds great potential for both our spiritual awakening & divine empowerment, as well as the possibility to be exploited for a variety of lesser purposes & – in some cases – nefarious means.  Those who walk the Path of the Goddess – and especially the Goddess of Love – often find themselves tested beyond ordinary measures regarding romantic love through love trials – challenges, ordeals or great spiritual tests involving romantic partner(s) – some of which may endure through multiple lives.

In this illuminating seminar, we will discuss Love Trials & the Path of Ascension – specifically ascension through the Goddess of Love.  Themes explored include:

 Love Trials & Ascension

—> Can erotic love connect us to the realm of the Gods?

—> What other forces target romantic love for energy? Why are they drawn specifically to Divine Feminine souls?  

—-> What is the Shadow Twin?  Trickster?  Or Counterfeit Beloved?

—-> How are encounters with this persona related to ascension in the Goddess?

—-> What is a Love Trial?  (Signs, symptoms, difference from other relationships)

—-> What types of Love Trials are common for those on the Goddess Path? (understanding sacred contracts, karma’s, types of lovers, & lessons

—-> How to graduate from a Love Trial (or avert them completely) 

—-> Why we often grow in power after completing a Love Trial – the gifts awaiting us on the other side.

Seminar Held Friday, April 1st, 2022

Love Trials & Ascension

@ 3:00pm EDT – Recordings Available if you can’t make it live.

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* Seminar is included for all Magdalene Wounds 2022  course participants. 

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