Temple Arts of Sacred Union

Kauai Retreat

Dates, 2023

Venture to the land of Ancient Egypt in pursuit of the mysteries of Spirit! Our Egyptian Immersion will be based in the southern Nile region and feature pilgrimage to the Divine Feminine temple centers of Dendera (Hathor) and the island temple of Philae (Isis). We will gather in the spirit of the ancient initiates of the Khemtic Temple Traditions, engaging in spiritual pilgrimage, healing activations, and metaphysical training that awakens the heart of this lineage. Integrate spiritual gifts, knowledge, & wisdom from the Hathorian-Isis Codex & be anointed in the pathways of the Divine! 


Thursday February 23 – Thursday March 2nd, 2023


Luxor, Egypt (and surrounding region)

Airport to Fly Into:

Luxor International Airport
(Fly into Cairo & get a connecting flight to Luxor)


Akara Sophia & Solomon Arthur Kingston

* Solomon is an oracle, high priest, & ascension technician who anchors multiple Khemetic & other Mystery Schools through his embodiment as a Temple Guardian for the planet.

* Akara has been quietly resurrecting the Mysteries of the Goddess Hathor for the last 4 years.  She is a teacher, initiated tantrika & conduit for the mysteries of Spirit.

Join Us for a Mystical Quest

Into the mysteries of a Forgotten Age
And discover the Soul Power & Gifts of the Spirit awaiting you today! 

We will be staying at the beautiful House of Hathor on the East bank of the Nile River in Luxor. A private, serene retreat house, with pool & staff to tend to our group’s needs, this location will be our hub for pilgrimage to the rich temple sites nearby, as well as a sanctuary to host teachings, ceremonies & immersions with Akara, Solomon & the other guest facilitators.

On Monday, we will travel to the nearby island of Philae to visit the exquisite island temple complex of Isis on Agilkia Island. Our group will stay at a hotel in nearby Aswan making pilgrimage to the island temple of Isis during the day, anchoring in the Gifts of the Spirit through this consort-mother & miraculous healer! Double occupancy accommodations at both the House of Hathor & the hotel in Aswan are included in the training fee for the retreat.

After ceremony & pilgrimage in Philae, we will return to Luxor and the House of Hathor to close our immersion with integration, group sharing and final circles before departing on March 2nd.

Note: this retreat is focused on temple sites in the southern region of the Nile – anchored in the primary temple sites of
Isis & Hathor. (see Itinerary below) Luxor is gentler, more Feminine in its energetics and has a much clearer energy field than Cairo (where the pyramids are) – so its a better place to support our group in the sensitive spiritual activations we will be receiving.

Akara can support you in visiting the pyramids with other retreat participants after the immersion has closed on March 2nd. If you wish you can book a flight from Luxor to Cairo on Thursday March 2nd after the retreat ends and spend the weekend in Cairo, partaking in pilgrimage to the pyramids which we can arrange for anyone from the group- connecting you to a wonderful tour guide in Cairo. This, however, is not officially included in the Training Itinerary. Flights, food, taxi’s, tour guide, & hotel accommodations in Cairo would be your responsibility. If you let Akara know you would like to visit the pyramids on Saturday, she’ll make sure to loop you in on the planning for that.


Thursday, February 23rd: Fly into Luxor International Airport & Arrive @Retreat House

You will be responsible for your transportation to the retreat house. After that – all transportation to temple sites, Philae, and other locations will be included in the Training fee. Luxor has a very robust Uber community & taxi services that will easily get you from the airport to the Retreat House, which is about a 25 minute trip.

Friday, February 24th: Open sacred space of the training. Visit the Temple of Karnak & Luxor

This exquisite temple complex was associated with the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, in devotion to the Divine Family as Amun, Mut (his consort) and Khonsu (the Divine Son). It was the starting point for the Festival of Opet – a ceremony of Creative Renewal – where the statues of the Divine Family would be taken from Karnak in a celebratory procession up the Nile River to the nearby Temple of Luxor. There they would be bathed in the energies of rejuvenation – before being returned to Karnak. We will open the sacred space of our journey together by consecrating the Trinity of Sacred Union (Divine Mother, Father, Son – Creation) through the Temple of Karnak, followed by visiting the Temple of Luxor – temple devoted to the rejuvenation of Kingship (see below). Through this ritual pilgrimage we will intentionally “renew” our own mastery as leaders, teachers & facilitators in the Temple Mysteries, in service to the Divine Light & the Great “Pharaoh” of Creation.

Saturday, February 25th: Day Off Pilgrimage. Temple Sessions @ House of Hathor.

Saturday we will take space at the house to integrate our opening ceremonial pilgrimage and to engage in Spiritual Training and sessions with Akara, Solomon and the other facilitators. Afternoon will feature free time in Luxor to explore the bazaar, restaurants & other shops. Felucca ride & dinner on the Nile in honor of Hathor – who’s temple we will visit the next day.

Sunday, February 26th: Visit the Temple of Hathor, Dendera.

On Sunday we will travel to the nearby Temple of Hathor in Dendera, soaking in the Fertility Magic of this Great Creative Goddess ( and Grandmother of our lineage ) – exploring her exquisitely preserved Temple Complex in Dendera in preparation for our journey to Philae the following day. Here we will activate the Ancient Wisdom codes of the Mother of Music, Dance, Love, Beauty, Midwifery & Sexuality as we dive deep into the Mother Goddess Wisdom of this Great Creatrix!

Monday, February 27th: Travel to Philae to visit the Temple of Isis

On Monday we will rise early for an overnight trip to the Temple of Isis in Philae near Aswan. This will be the height of our journey, ceremonially – as we explore the ancient ruins of this island temple and connect to the miraculous healing & resurrecting power of Isis. Isis is associated with the lunar feminine energies, and her island Temple in Philae- surrounded by the waters of the Nile River – will create a nourishing bath of sweet, mystical beauty for us to receive activations, healings & empowerments. We will stay the night in nearby Aswan and have time to explore the market the next morning.

Tuesday, February 28th: Philae, Temple of Isis – travel back to Luxor

We will wake for breakfast on the Nile, overlooking the beautiful Temple of Isis. Check out of our hotel & spend time in the market of Aswan, before making the trip back to Luxor. Tuesday night will feature Temple Ceremony at the House of Hathor.

Wednesday, March 1st: Valley of the Kings / Valley of the Queens – Luxor

Our final day together will be a space of rest & integration, with the option to visit the West Bank of the Nile River for ancestral activations in the Valley of the Kings & Valley of the Queens. These ancestral burial grounds – presided over by the Goddess Hathor, guide to the Afterlife – are the resting place for a thousand years of Egyptian Royalty. Be activated in the Wisdom ofyour own Kingdom/Queendom, as you receive ancestral empowerment to venture forward on your Temple Arts journey. Closing Circle Wednesday evening to seal the container.

Thursday, March 2nd: Retreat House Check Out 10 am

Thursday is our check out day from the House of Hathor and the day you will fly home. If you wish to extend your stay in Egypt, Akara will connect you with a guide in Cairo for visiting the pyramids on Friday or Saturday. You may want to book a flight from Luxor to Cairo on Thursday and stay the weekend in Cairo to visit the pyramids. This, however is not included in the training & is an extra & optional excursion.

What’s Included

You training fee includes double occupancy accommodations at both the House of Hathor & our hotel in Aswan, all taxis & transportation fees between sites, all tickets to the temples, all facilitation (yoga, time with Akara, Solomon & other facilitators, as well as tour guides on site). Not included are food & airfare. This is because we will be eating out many days as we are touring the sites of Luxor & the surrounding area. Our Retreat House features a large kitchen and groceries are affordable – we will have a trip to the grocery store on arrival for shopping needs. We are looking for a chef to prepare daily breakfast and most dinners at the house (for the nights we will be there) – and there will be a meal plan that you can purchase (for an additional fee) – that will include daily breakfast & most dinners – should you want to eat these meals prepared at the Retreat House.

Also not included is spending money for shopping, gifts, relics & other treasures.

What to Bring

In late February, the weather in Luxor is temperate – with lows around 46°F/ 7.7°C at night and mild during the days with highs around 73°-80°F/ 22.7-26.7°C. It is helpful to bring light weight clothing that covers you well, as we will be in an Arabic country with conservative dress values. Its advisable to have shoulders, cleavage & knees covered on our visits to the Temples. At the Retreat House you can relax and wear whatever you desire. You may wish to bring a bathing suit (we have a pool on site), journal, backpack, camera, canteen/water bottle, ritual objects for altar (or that you wish to be blessed by the pilgrimage), and scarfs (for desert sun/wind/sand).

We will have more detailed list of items to bring – including those for health & safety – closer to the trip.


To prepare you for your voyage to Egypt, you will receive access to one of these 2 courses – both of which are rooted in the mysticism of Ancient Egypt & offer initiation to the Priest/Priestess path through the Hathor-Isis-Magdalene lineage.

Hathor Rising

Art of Anointing

We are very much looking forward to hosting this magical

& life-changing journey with you!

In Everlasting love,

Akara & Solomon

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