August 3-August 10, 2023

Sacred Sexuality, Sky Bodywork & Arts of Sacred Union Training

TJourney to the sacred isle of Kauai to study the Mysteries of Sacred Sexual Union over the Lion’s Gate, 2023.  We will be working with the star portal of Sirius’ Heliacal Rising – the time in Ancient Egypt of the Nile River’s annual flooding when the Great Fertility Rituals would be performed to restore fruitfulness & abundance to the land – to awaken the lost Temple Artforms of the Goddesses Isis & Hathor.  Gather together in a hands-on immersion in Sacred Sexuality, Sky Bodywork, and Hieros Gamos (The Art of Sacred Union) – unveiling the connection of these ancient temple arts traditions to the power of Earth (Magic) and the Tibetan Tantric Tradition. 

Kauai has been recognized by both the native Hawai’in lineages and the Tantric Buddhist lineages of Tibet as the Birth Portal for the planet.  This retreat will feature guest teacher Repa Trinaly – a Tibetan Tantric Yogi – who will help to illuminate the Ancient Egyptian Goddess tradition’s parallels with the Tantric Dakini traditions of Tibet.

Featuring deep immersion into sacred sexual healing, embodiment & the path of divine union, the Kauai Temple Arts retreat will awaken in you the deep significance of these ancient art forms to Earth Magic, the Royal (King/Queen) codes, and the embodiment of the Soul in Sacred Union.  Join us on the glorious North Shore of Kauai for a 7-Day Immersion into the gifts of Divine Sensuality – awakening the holy nectar of the Body Temple and consecrating it to our own, the earth & each other’s healing!

We will be activating our mastery in the Temple Arts through…

– Guided Daily Tantric Yoga & Temple Arts Practice

– Immersion into the Art of Anointing & Hathorian Skybodywork Tradition

– Activation & Teachings in the Sex Magic of Isis

– Training in Hieros Gamos & other Sensual/Sexual Ceremonial Rituals for the restoration of the Earth & realization of Sacred Union*

This is Sacred Union* as the union of Lover-Beloved, Creator-Creation, Samsara-Nirvana, individual soul & the Divine. The Sacred Union Temple Arts practices will be taught specifically with the focus of raising the Consciousness of the Earth… through the land, as people, in the heart of your own being. We will be learning group, partner, & individual ceremonial templates – in the spirit of the Ancient Fertility Goddess Temples & through the beneficence of Isis-Sophia.

Pilgrimage on the Sacred Isle of Kauai

We will be visiting some of the most precious sacred sites on the island… places that cannot be found without a guide, as they are are Ka’pu – sacred – and protected from the public (see below)

Pilgrimage on the Sacred Isle of Kauai

I wish I had the words to describe the sublime gift that is Kauai!  But words cannot capture the spirit of this land.  You need song, breath, feeling, art… a symphony of sound!   Like the choruses of celestial angels who awaken you each morning – some of the rarest seabirds on the planet… or the whales singing their harmonic attunements as they circle Kaua’i’s shores… or the sighs of sweet delight from her human visitors – gasping in awe at this land’s unending beauty (it really IS as beautiful as the pictures above. It takes your breath away!)

But the outer level of Kauai’s manifestation in all its brilliance is only the beginning.  It is truly the inner pathways of this land that make her “the crown jewel” of our planet…

The Hawai’ian Islands – if you count from the ocean floor to the highest peak of Mauna Ke’a (on the Big Island) are actually the tallest mountains in the world.  This island chain is the Mt. Everest of the Ocean – the Highest Point in the Watery Sacral Chakra of our planet.  And the Dalai Lama – who is himself from the highest earthen lands of Tibet where Mt. Everest lies – has confirmed that the birth portal for the planet lies here… over the sacred isle of Kauai.

When I say that Kauai is the “Celestial Womb” or even the “Celestial Yoni” for the planet – it is deeply, imminently true on every level of her manifestation. This is Isis – the Winged Consort-Mother – in Earthen Form.  Walking the shores of this sacred land is like entering the sweetness of the bridal chamber.  It is the most romantic, sensual, loving & unconditionally nurturing place on Earth – (and I sometimes wonder if I am even “on Earth” here!)

And while there are many other places with high sexual/lifeforce energy on the planet – here it is refined to the purest expression imaginable.  It is literally the perfect place to experience teachings.

The Birth Portal – Mt. Kalalea

Beyond that, Kauai is consecrated a spiritual training ground – dedicated to the initiation of sacred leaders. In the Old Ways, the Kahuna (priests) of all the other islands would come to Kauai to train, before returning to their people.

We will be embracing the “spiritual training ground” aspect of this land to be consecrated as priests/priestesses of the Temples Arts Isis & Planetary Womb Mysteries.

Coming to this land is inextricably woven with your initiation, and we will be visiting some of her most precious & deeply guarded sacred sites to receive activations. Please be aware that when you are here – literally, as soon as you step off the plane! – your initiation begins.

Kauai is in an ascended frequency.  She is the Crown Chakra of the Hawaiian Islands and many affirm she exists in a 5th dimensional state (or beyond) – its not like the rest of the Earth here.  When you are on Kauai’i your thoughts manifest instantly.  The land speaks to you. Very clearly.  It asks you to be in Sacred Union.  You can learn the art of union & along with many other mysteries, simply through presence with the land itself. 

I ask you to be very mindful when you come here because of this.  Mindful of what you are thinking (because it will manifest with lightning speed!) Mindful of the land as a Divine Mother & living Chalice Well who is constantly offering you divine love & the nectar of heavenly embodiment.  And mindful of all the other beings – rooted, winged, finned, landed, human & of the etheric planes – who are waiting to connect to the wisdom of your heart here.

If you come to Kauai in devotion, she will awaken in you a Love like no other.  She will awaken in you a Love, Divine.  She will tend to your needs long after you leave, like the most loving Sacred Mother – because she is.  She is your Mother – as all souls on this planet came through her.

It is an exquisite honor to greet this land with that awareness and be activated in Her Mysteries as an agent of that same Love! May we be worthy of the calling!!!


August 3rd – August 10th, 2023

8/3/2023 (Thursday) – Arrival

You may arrive on island at any time and check into the retreat house all day on August 3rd.  This is an open day for settling and grounding into the space.  There will be a group dinner at our private retreat house on the Northshore at 7pm and opening circle after that.  For those staying offsite, please come for the opening circle and dinner if you wish!

8/4-8/5 (Friday & Saturday) – Skybodywork™ Training

Skybodywork™ is a sensual alchemy and immersion into the mysteries of Immaculate Matter through sacred touch, sound, breathwork & the art of anointing.  This Hathorian-inspired bodywork tradition transmutes the power of the senses to reveal the Sky or Cosmic Bodies deep within ourselves. Training these days will be hands-on and include a trance channeling immersion with a sacred body oil each participant designs, as well as collaborative practice with other members of the group or with your partner (Couples welcome to attend.  Retreat is Co-Ed and open to all genders)

8/6 (Sunday) – Underworld Mysteries – Featuring Repa Trinlay & the Dakini Tradition

Sunday we will enter the Underworld to explore working with shame, shadow and taboo.  Here we will integrate teachings in non-duality, while we reclaim medicine, energy, and empowerment from our own individual & collective shadow- learning how to transmute these energies through Tantric Practice and the Power of Love, which results in the strengthening of The Sacred Bond.

8/7 – 8/9: Sex Magic of Isis Training

These 3 days we will dive into a full experiential immersion of the Sex Magic of Isis, working deeply with various sacred sites on the Northshore of Kauai to weave with the land’s power

8/7: Personal Sexual Energy Cultivation – Pilgrimage to Dragon’s Breath

8/8: Lion’s Gate – Couples Sex Magic Practice – Pilgrimage to the Royal Gateway in Ha-ena

8/9: Hieros Gamos – Initiation to the High Rite – Pilgrimage to the Sacred Cave at the Birth Portal for the Planet

August 10th (Thursday) – Check Out

Check out by 10am on the morning of August 10th.


Special Notes


The Temple Arts Retreat Kauai is part of the Temple Arts of Sacred Union facilitator training but is open to other participants who are not in the year-long program, including locals on Kauai.  There are limited accomodations at the retreat house.  Please see availability below! Should accomodations fill, we can support you finding local lodging and transportation,  Please book a discovery session for more details.

A WhatsApp Group for the retreat will be formed to support you all in planning, logistics and arrival on Kauai.  You will be responsible for your transport to the retreat house and transport back to the airport.  Transport during the retreat to various sacred sites will be provided. Note: a more detailed itinerary for this Immersion will be provided to all participants at the August 3rd Group Dinner and Opening Ceremony.

Included in the Retreat Fee is:

  • All teaching & instruction from Akara & other facilitators
  • Transportation & guide to sacred sites on the island
  • Ceremonial Templates & Manuals (Printed)

Extra’s / Additions are:

  • Airfare
  • Transportation to retreat house
  • Accomodations – Room & Board

Retreat Fee


Please Note: This Retreat Fee does not include accomodations!  Accomodations are booked separatedly.  We have 4 spots remaining in the Retreat House ranging from $1100 for a twin bed to $1330 for a Queen in shared bedrooms.  This will be in addition to the Retreat Fee.  You are also welcome to stay elsewhere on Kauai and commute, or if you are local, simply pay the Retreat Fee for daily attendance.  Please see acomodations section below.


Our retreat house is located on the Northshore of Kauai in the Princeville area.  Accomodations are not included in either the Retreat Fee or the TASU tuition cost. However, we do have the following accommodations available on the Retreat Site.  These spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Accomodation cost covers the room from August 3rd (check in any time) to August 10th (Check out by 10am HST).  We will also have meal plans available – full board (for those staying at the retreat house) and partial board (for those staying off site – will not include breakfast)

Master Bedroom + Private Attached Bath (With Jacuzzi Tub)

    Price-  $2150


    King Bedroom + Private Bath

      Price-  $1800


      Queen Bedroom (Shared)

        Queen Bedroom (Shared)

          Price-  $1330

          Queen Bedroom (Shared)

            Price-  $1330

            Twin Bedroom (Shared)

              Twin Bed in Shared Room

                Price-  $1100


                Twin Bed in Shared Room

                  Price-  $1100

                  Discovery Session.

                  If you would like to discuss attendance at the 2023 Temple Arts Retreat Kauai, please click the button below to book a Discovery Session.  I would be happy to answer questions and help you determine if this is right for you!  If times listed in my schedule do not work for you, please email my assistant Kim – – to find a custom time

                   With Everlasting Love,

                  Akara Sophia

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