Sacred Sexuality, Divine Love, & the Path of Union

Free New Moon Circle in Honor of Isis
as Mother, Wife & Miracle Healer

Join us for a Ceremonial Circle
on Sunday September 25, 2022  

In Honor of the Goddess Isis

where we will invoke…

Miraculous Healing

through  Partnership, Sacred Sexuality & Divine Union


Is a Goddess of Magic, Miraculous Healing
& the Rites of Resurrection as the Consort-Mother

Her Mystery School is anchored in the Magic of Sacred Sexuality & the Mysteries of Twin Flame Love through her Brother-Consort, Osiris

The miraculous healing power…

And sheer magic of Isis is especially geared towards love, sex & relationships.

Join me on the New Moon in Libra (W) / Virgo (V) for a ceremonial circle in honor of the Goddess Isis – where we will invoke miraculous healing through partnership, sacred sexuality & divine union.  Be introduced to the Isis Mysteries as you open to the Miraculous Power of the Twin Flame Heart to heal all fields of separation, manifest miracles, & reveal Divine Union.

Sunday, Sept 25, 2022 – New Moon

2pm EDT – Online

(Recordings available if you cant make it live) 

About This Sacred Time

Venus in the Underworld

On Wednesday, September 14th, Venus entered the “Underworld” where she will be for 2.5 months until December 2nd when she rises again as the evening star.

When Venus is in the Underworld, it is a powerful time for healing matters related to Venus – sex, love, & relationships. 

Gather in ceremonial circle to honor Venus’ power in your life by cleansing wounds related to love, fertility, past (or present) present partnerships in your life, and invoking the sacred sexual healing  *magic* of resurrection (Isis’ Specialty) to empower your soul in the Art of Love.

New Moon in Libra / Virgo

The first New Moon of Venus’ descent into the Underworld encodes the healing power of Her Journey.  This particular moon is taking place in the sign of Libra (w) and Virgo (v) – initiating a powerful shift in relationships worldwide… opening up the pathways for balancing individual freedom with love & partnership and healing the divide between our fantasies of love, sex & relationships and the earthly reality of the heart we are living now. 

Equinox Weekend

The Fall / Spring Equinox is a time where the day and night are balanced around the globe. This harmony between polarities bears Tantric significance, as the Equinox opens a doorway for the balancing of all polarities.  In the Northern Hemisphere, the Fall Equinox is the time of the Harvest. To reap the last fruits of the Summer in celebration as we enter the Winter months.

However, in Ancient Egypt – this was the time of their Ancient Fertility & New Year rituals – the seeding of the land to bear fruit in the coming year.

We will be embracing the sacred significance of this time, in honor of Isis, to invoke transformation of the heart & rebirth from the wounds of love.

Free Event!

This sacred circle is open to all
Recordings Are Available if you cant make it live

Sunday, September 25 @ 2pm EDT


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