A Masterclass on the Hidden Histories of Christ in Egypt

And the Indelible Influence of Ancient Egyptian Mysticism on Early Christianity

Jesus, Son of Isis

In fulfillment of – not just Jewish prophecy – a new-born child fled through the Nile Delta with his mother, escaping persecution from an illegitimate king.

He was raised for seven years at the footsteps of the Pyramids, vested with the power of the Priests of Heliopolis, and nursed by the land of Egypt in his early childhood

With his family in pilgrimage, He traveled up and down the Nile River, receiving activations & empowerments through the temples of the land and was recognized by the Iseans as the Son of Isis, a divine incarnation.

Returning to Judea, he would stun the Priests of the Temple in Jerusalem with his wisdom at 13 years old, and go on to shake the entire world with his legacy for ages to come.

The religion created in his name would draw heavily from the Ancient Egyptian religion of Divine Kingship, with themes centered on the sacrifice (of the king’s body) for new life, the resurrection of the dead, ascension into heaven, the healing power of the cross/ankh, eternal life and much more.

But today, the Kemetic Origins of Christianity have been lost, denied, violently repressed, or secreted away in the vaults of the Vatican…

Despite the fact that the oldest Christians in the world still live in Egypt to this day and the earliest and most diverse Christian writings are continually discovered on Egyptian land.

It’s time to pull back the veil.


“He was the fulfillment of Egyptian prophecy, just as much as he was that of the Hebrews…

maybe even moreso”

Join me

In remembrance of the Isean origins of Christianity

Revealing Jesus through the lens of Isis & the Divine Mother traditions of the ancient world.

Awakening Christian Wisdom through deeper understanding of its Semetic and Kemetic roots.

This class will cover:


  • Jesus as the fulfillment of Ancient Egyptian prophecy. His recognition as the “Son of Isis” & nurturance through the Iseans– the Ancient Cult of Isis – who his mother was devoted to 
  • The exodus of the Holy Family here in Egypt & their lost histories
  • Places visited by Yeshua, Mother Mary & Joseph in Egypt –  the “genius loci” of the family’s pilgrimage in the land (see map below)



  • Early Christianity’s development in Egypt –  How Mark “The Lion of God” established one of the first churches in Alexandria and why the Egyptian influence on Christianity was hidden by the (future) Roman Catholic Church
  • How the Isean tradition & Ancient Egyptian rites of Divine Kingship influenced the development of Christian belief systems
  • Coptic monasticism – how Egypt was the original birthplace for the mystical, monastic & contemplative Christian traditions.
  • The Cult of Isis‘ influence in the spread of Christianity across the Greek & Roman empires – how “the world’s first international religion” paved the way for Christianity

This class is celebratory and is held as a mystical, contemplative container
devoted to the Divine Feminine Christic tradition. 

  • It will include:
  • – Rich & revelatory teachings
    – Devotional meditation
    – And ceremonial activation

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