Original Innocence, Eternal Youth, Immaculate Matter, Everlasting Life 

Journey into the Mysteries 

Of the Immaculate Mother & the Pristine Origins of Creation
Channel the Power of Life’ Pure Origination Point for Conception, Healing, & Rejuvenation
In this Sacred Rebirth Ceremony in Honor of the Winter Solstice & a Rare “Star of Bethlehem”

The Immaculate Conception:
The Most Precious Fertility Goddess Mystery 

Most people associate the Immaculate Conception with Mother Mary and her son, Jesus. 
However, the mysteries of the Immaculate Conception pre-date the time of Christ.
Myths from every age speak of women who conceived children by the gods.
And the Ancient Fertility Goddess Temples protected theses rites of divine conception through many ages

The Immaculate Conception is not just an act of Creation.
It is a State of Being.
A realm of Immaculate Matter:
The Immaculate Mother.
Which is the Source of Original Innocence
And All Life’s Return Back to Source.

Through the Power of this Realm of Immaculate Matter, Original Innocence & Unconditional Love 
We can heal every distortion, continually rejuvenate the body, life in the material world or any body of Creation as well as manifest the miracles of Agelessness & Everlasting Life.


Under the Power of a rare “Star of Bethlehem” this Winter Solstice
When the light of Jupiter & Saturn will conjunct in a miraculous “Christmas Star” in the Heavens

Let us gather to explore the Mysteries of the Immaculate Mother
And channel Her sacred power in prayerful devotion to the Birth of a New Humanity.
From this Collective “Dark Night of the Soul” we’ve been in in 2020 & beyond.


Given the Immense Patterns of Conflict, Heaviness, Sickness & Blame that have risen in the collective during 2020… 

The Need for the Realization of Original Innocence
And Rebirth through the Realms of Immaculate Matter
is quite high right now


We will Gather Together on the Winter Solstice to Activate a Return to Innocence.

And receive Transmissions from the Immaculate Mother – Life’s Pure Origination Point

for healing, rejuvenation, rebirth & renewal – as we ascend into An Age of Beauty, Bliss & New Life. 

Winter Solstice – December 21st, 2020 – 3pm EDT

Open to Receive these Ancient Mysteries

December 21st, 2020 (Winter Solstice)

The Realm of Immaculate Matter

In Western Culture, we have been taught a doctrine of “Original Sin,” the corruption of the flesh, and that the world and all it contains is inherently sick & fallen. 




Operating from the belief in a “Fallen Creation” or “Conception by Sin”  




is a deep wound that is currently carried en masse by the Western World.




It especially affects those from Priestess Lineages like the lines of Sophia –




where the sense of having “birthed evil”  (the Archons & the Demiurge)




or “cast the world” into a “corrupted matrix” of some kind

plagues women from Western cultural bloodlines.






Learn about the origins of these myths & their connection to the Temple Priestess Path. 










Gather to consciously clear these impressions. 




To connect to the realm of Immaculate Matter –



The Immaculate Mother – for the restoration of Original




Innocence & the Purity of Creation in ourselves & in humanity.



This is vital for releasing the immense pain & suffering



that we are going through now as a collective –



the accumulation of thousands of years of ancestral trauma.







The Fountain of Youth & Rites of Resurrection


The Immaculate Matter Mysteries are the Key to the Incorruptible Nature of Matter,

the Awakening of Life, Youthfulness & Vitality. They are also essential to Resurrecting from Times of Loss.


We will be co-jointly applying this as a group to a 2021 New Year Ceremony –


supporting resurrection & healing from the pain of 2020 and calling in codes


for our personal & collective rejuvenation & rebirth.





This is a Seminar & Healing Ceremony that will be 2.5 hrs long.


Recordings Available if You Cannot Attend Live

Bonus: Interview with Emmanuelle Ku

December 30th, 2020 @ 4pm EDT 

Devotee of the Mayan Fertility Goddess Ixchel…

A woman in our time who conceived a child through Miraculous Conception

As part of your participation in this event, you will also receive access to a Bonus Interview on December 30th, 2020 with Emmanuelle Ku – a Priestess of the Mayan Fertility Goddess Ixchel, who conceived her son Tomas, after she was declared infertile by a doctor and with a man who had had a vasectomy. 

Emmanuelle had been praying to Quetzacoatyl for a child. After her miraculous conception, she was initiated into the mysteries of Immaculate Conception and Mystical Motherhood through her son Tomas – who was a living miracle & embodiment of Quetzacoatyl.  

Although Tomas only stayed in this world a short while, his life transformed many hearts & he activated Emmanuelle with profound mystical knowledge beyond the realms of life & death & conerning the Collective Return of Quetzacoatyl in our times. 

This will be a profound interview, where you will hear Emmanuelle’s story and together Emmanuelle and I will share about the parallels between the Mayan Fertility Goddess Tradition in Mexico and the Egyptian Fertility Goddess tradition… redefining the path of the Avataric Priestess in today’s time.

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