An Initiation to…

The Hathorian Realms of Immaculate Matter
& the SkyBodywork™ Tradition

An Experiential Immersion

in the Hathorian Temple Arts Tradition

In this free 3hr workshop immerse yourself in the Mysteries of Immaculate Matter, Original Innocence & the Art of Sacred Embodiment as you learn the fundamentals of the Hathorian Sky Bodywork™ Tradition.

Combining sacred touch, sound healing, trance channeling and the art of anointing, this unique bodywork is based in the Hathorian Mysteries of the Immaculate Mother and the Art of Sensual Energy Transmutation.

Learn how to awaken the sky-neter (sky nature) of the body to dissolve obstacles, “re-arrange the stars,” feed the immortal Ka and reveal the cosmic state of Immaculate Matter – the immanent reality of love that is inherent in our humanity as the sacred human form.

Remember the Dakini-Priest(ess) mysteries of the lost Temple Arts traditions & reclaim this ancient artform as an empowerment in your own life!

Who is Hathor?

Hathor is the Sky Goddess who emerged as “the primordial egg” of Immaculate Matter from the Cosmic Ocean of Consciousness.  She is the oneness of Earth & Sky, Space & Matter, the Infinite & the Finite…

And she is the Nursing Mother who nourishes our Ka (spirit) through the sensuality of Sacred Embodiment.

Eternally devoted to Ra (The Infinite Light), consorted to Horus (The Light of Man) and a Mother of Music, Sound Healing, Sacred Oils, Fertility Magic & Divine Love, this Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess guards a profound cosmic midwifery tradition that births the Soul/Spirit through the body – not just at birth – but in actualization of our Divine Human potential as well.

What is SkyBody?

The Goddess Temple traditions of the ancient world guarded alchemical practices designed to transmute the physical body & sense consciousness into Immortal Presence.

These practices were based in a fundamental truth modern scientists are now realizing reigns supreme at the quantum level – that what we perceive as “Matter” is indeed 99.9% empty space…

The body is a dancing hologram – the union of Space & Light.

Skybodywork™ is a sensual alchemy and immersion into the holy mysteries of Immaculate Matter through sacred touch, sound, breath, transmutation of energy & the art of anointing that supports the integration of our Cosmic Body potential.

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