Thank You for Hearing the Call

Your Gifts for Participating in the Healing the Waters Ceremony

Thank you for the beautiful, heartfelt offerings each of you submitted for the Healing the Waters Ceremony: An Offering to the Naga’s. Please find your own gifts: the Sophia Mother of Dragons E-Course & the Dragon Power of Prosperity Transmission below. Please note: the Sophia Mother of Dragons E-Course is homestudy only. The Facebook Group you should use is the Healing the Waters Facebook Group if you have any questions about Dragons, Naga’s, working with the Reptillian realm and the path of the serpent priestess. Thank you all so much for participating in this ceremony and hearing the call!


Important Notes About This Course:

Sophia: Mother of Dragons expressly explores the archetype of the Courtesan / Sacred Prostitute in relation to serpentine energy and the Kingmaking traditions of the ancient world.  It features an interview with a top global sex worker / “Serpent Priestess” – giving very raw insight into that world (and some of you may find that content triggering.)  Additionally, the course was offered specifically for women working through their relationship with “Toxic Masculinity” or the “Wounded Dragon” complex.  It ascribes to heteronormative gender roles, and some of you may find that triggering as well. 

My relationship to the Serpent Priestess archetype has expanded greatly since the time of offering this course, and I would certainly transmit a much different teaching if I was offering this course live today – focusing much more on earth magic and the shamanic applications of the elemental power of serpent / dragon family, as that is where my personal passion lies right now.  Nevertheless, there are still very beautiful gems of wisdom in this course from 2018, and my hope is that you will each find those gems to inspire your unique path and leave what doesnt resonate. 

Please, please respect the sensitive nature of this content.  Do not share it nor the names and identities of those featured in this course outside of this space.  Tantric Traditions are controversial.  They purposefully and intentionally work with fear, taboo, the forbidden and unknown – and these methods can be easily misundertood by the rest of humanity or applied for harm.  (Certainly, this is the case with Serpent / Dragon family.)  Tantric Practitioners are an “outcast” faith and the transmission of teachings in this tradition is traditionally done with great secrecy – along with full recognition of the inherent dangers practitioners accept by walking this path.  We embrace that danger and use the fear it evokes for spiritual growth. I ask that if you choose to engage with the Sophia: Mother of Dragons content, you do so in full responsibility and protect the secrecy of these teachings that have been passed to you as a result of your offering to the Naga Family – a family that is both predator and protector, according to the dictates of your own mind & mastery of that which you fear.  Selah.