Immerse Yourself in the Mysticism of Hathor…

The Great Egyptian Mother Goddess of Fertility, Love, Music, Dance, Sexuality & Abundance

Be Initiated into the Venus Mystery School & Discover the *Magick* of the Mother of Civilization

Hathor Rising

Summer 2022 Program – Now Open for Enrollment

Preview Seminar

Please note: Changes have been made to both the content & structure of the course since this recording.


(Male, Female, or Any Identification in Between)

Please allow me to introduce you to a long forgotten cult of Ecstatic Devotion…

To the Celebration of Life in its fullest regard!

To the Exaltation of Love!

The Glorious Rapture of the Senses!

To a Deeply Mystical & Erotic Sacred Space

Where Music, Dance, Fragrance, Naked Bodies & the Beauty of the Arts…

Awaken the Alchemical Temple Within…

Allow My Transcendental Visions of a Great Mother Goddess

To Seed You with Electric Inspiration & Miraculous Healing

Opening Your Heart to Love

Activating Your Divine Joy

And Allowing You to Receive All Good Things in Life.

Oh, Earthy, Grounded, Mystical, Mother Hathor…

Dancing Sky Goddess.  Dakini.

Mistress of Milk & Honey.

The Sacred Cow.

Oh, Wildly Abundant Queen of Egypt.

Sovereign Protectress.

Giggling Stripper.

Nursing Mother.

Your Love Knows No Bounds…

Are You Ready to Activate the Temple Again?

Experience the POWER of the Priest(ess)

And Uncover the Ancient Mysteries
of the Goddess Hathor:

“The Mother of Civilization”
Patron Deity of Sacred Prostitutes &
Grand Mother of the Magdalene Lineage


Today, Hathor is perhaps best remembered by mankind as the Golden Calf from the Exodus story.  You take Her Name every time you exclaim “Holy Cow,” or poke fun at someone clinging to an unshakable belief system as a “sacred cow”- but long before this ancient Mother Goddess became relegated to the realm of “False Idol” – she was absolutely essential to the thriving of society – and really WAS the foundation of Civilization itself.

As we now watch while that Civilization crumbles… technology, pollution, social injustice, corruption, perversion, sickness, disease, mass crimes against humanity & the utter domination of  lifeforcce taking place at every level of our now global culture & threatening the future of human life on Earth… it is time for us to gather together & invoke this Ancient “Mother of Civilization” & planetary mid-wife to birth us & the new humanity (through us) in this incredibly cataclysmic time.

Hathor Rising is more than just a course. Yes, in this program you will receive deeply illuminating teachings – video, PDF, and oral activation transmissions on the mysteries of the Goddess Hathor, the 12 Paths of the Priest(ess) and the eternal Venus Mystery School.  But this is also a collective experience that is unfolding right now – where souls who carry the signature of this ancient Mother Goddess are gathering together in ritual container to heal, align & support the Collective Consciousness through this Great Rebirth we are in. This is a living temple space – where you are a priestX of the “Grand Mother of Civilization.”  Where our group consciousness “as a temple” guides us in service, and where Hathor manifests through us as a collective.

Prepare to experience magic! The wonder of being in real-time service to the planet! And not just learning about the Mother through pendactic teachings, but experiencing yourself as Her – in the way that She manifests – through the body, through relationships, and through the womb of life which manifests as our collective consciousness.

Through this journey, we will inquire into the Mysteries that underly Civilization itself – where we came from?  Where we are going?  How human life on this planet is positioned within the greater context of the Universe and the Inner Planes?  And how to keep that life in balance with All That Is – which is the calling of the Priest or Priestess.

We will learn to see Civilization Itself as a Sacred Art Form.  A living tapestry of the intelligence of relationship amongst many different beings – human, animal, plant, elemental, and those of the Inner Planes. We will dive into what makes Civilizations sacred and what causes Civilizations to fall, and we will channel our group guidance to directly reconcile with the crisis of Civilization we are in now through group ceremony, ritual, & prayer.

This is a container where YOU can be the teacher too.  Where your gifts & your wisdom & your personal experience is welcome.  And where you will learn what it is like to manifest Deity through a group consciousness & a group field.

Hathor is a Goddess of Collective Consciousness.  She is often experienced as “The Hathors” – a group of beings, instead of as a solitary Divinity.

Since the Womb Fields on the planet activated in January of 2020, we have all begun to experience ourselves “as a group consciousness” world-wide. (What happens in China, no longer “stays in China” if you catch my drift.) We are viscerally experiencing ourselves as a world-wide planetary consciousness that is inherently connected for the first time. But that group consciousness must be cleansed of deep ancestral & societal wounds & our attachment to ego-driven, separative existence.

Presently, Hathor is manifesting largely as Sekhmet – the wrathful form of the Mother who comes when civilizations fall deeply out of balance.  The purpose of this container is to CLEAR the Womb Fields of collective consciousness “as a temple” so that a New Humanity can be born with less agony & more ecstasy, less fighting & more surrender.  If you are ready to activate that PriestX Power in you. To be initiated in the Venus Mystery School. And to be a carrier of the medicine of “The Mother of Civilization”… this course is for you!

A Note on the Title “PriestX”

In this course we work with the Priest / Priestess Archetype (PriestX)… an archetype that has a long legacy of wounds connected to it. Everything from colonization to slavery to issues of privilege & vows of celibacy… We do not ignore those in this course.  We face them head on.

A Priest or a Priestess very often is the “Sacred Archetype” of an Empire Tradition.  Certainly Hathor is an Empire Goddess.  One of the benefits of working with the PriestX  (as opposed to other archetypes such as “shaman” “witch” “healer”) is that it allows us to ACCESS the matrix of the empire to evolve it.  Essentially: It allows us to directly influence life in the world- in society & in the money-power, socio-cultural & political systems which govern it.  Other archetypes simply do not hold this power.

However, if you’re nervous about identifying as a “PriestX” may I suggest one of the many other illustrious titles society has given us over the years, such as:  “Whore,” “Prostitute,” “Diva,” “Red Women” or the ever iconic “Jezebel.”  I particularly enjoy the title “Mother of Prostitutes” (very Hathor) or you can always simply call yourself an “Idolator” and tell people that you do mystical work on issues connected to money, power, sex, and the empire.  That should do it right there!


What We Cover…

Foundations of Power: The Venus Path

Be introduced to a forgotten path of Sacred Knowledge based in the Mother Goddess.  “The Venus Path”… is The Path of Love.  A Path of Spiritual Development through Divine Sensuality, Sacred Relationship, The Blessings of Life & most importantly, Divine Love.  Dive into the Akashic History of this Universal Spiritual Path through multiple reiligions & cultural traditions and understand how the Hathor Mystery School & the culture of Ancient Egypt, was an expression of this once Sacred Order.

Hathor : Meeting the Grand
“Mother of Civilization”

Meet Hathor: the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Love & Primordial “Mother of the Universe” in ritual and ceremony as you allow your relationship to Her to unfurl.  Unveil the Beauty of our own Galaxy- the Milky Way– as Hathor’s Sacred Creation.  Move from her Cosmic Manifestation as “The Dancing Sky Goddess” (Dakini) to her Earthly role as “The Sacred Cow”- Mother of Civilization. Understand each of her titles & sacred powers as an aspect of your own Divine Femininity.  Learn how to activate & receive the blessings of the Great Mother Goddess through Sacred Sound & ritual connection to your Body, the Earth, the Stars, the body of your Beloved, & your own Sacred Sensuality. 

Temple Wounds & Sacred Prostitution

Journey through the karmic wounds that plagued the Goddess Temples of the Ancient World- healing your soul of “The Whore of Babylon” stigma and empowering yourself to own the “Path of the Sacred Prostitute” in a healthy & empowered way in modern times.  We will explore key, archetypical “Temple Wounds” that are nearly ubiquitous to the Temple Priest or Priestess Experience – from “The Mother Wound” to unconscious contracts to “Take the War out of Men” or trauma held from “The Fall of the Temples” and how that may be impacting your present-day life. Lift heavy burdens & free yourself to embrace the bliss of who you are, without shame, fear, or learned disempowerment.

Divine Love & Erotic Sovereignty

The Highest Expression of “Mother Nature” is the manifestation of The Supreme Lover – the deeply devotional, nurturing, & sensual “Mother of Consciousness” who is in complete devotion to the Lord of Creation. The Mother is the Template & Source for how we relate to the world. Become a master of sacred relationship!  Dance with the Holy Empowered Essence of the Sacred Prostitute to awaken Divine Love, Erotic Sovereignty, and your Relational Genius. Learn how the Sexual Mysteries are encoded in the Ancient Egyptian Canon and the eternal practices of Sacred Love & Sexuality.

Hathor Rising – June 20 – Sept 10, 2022

Below is an outline of the content covered in this 10-Week Container.
You will receive access to an online portal where an in depth course on Hathor,
the Venus Mystery School, & the 12 Paths of the Priestess is provided.

In addition to training modules, there will be bi-weekly live group calls, facebook group, and
collaborative ceremonial group containers for organic work “as a Temple.”

Akara typically holds space in a manner that supports the unique group who gathers for the course.
Thus, the structure and outline (specific modules) may change, depending on the group’s needs.


1. The Venus Mystery School

 Your journey begins with a deep Initiation to the Venus Mystery School.

The Ancients associated the Planet Venus with the Divine Feminine,
and we begin our Journey into the Mysteries of the Goddess Hathor, with a deep exploration of the Spiritual Lineage, Legacies, & Overarching Teachings of the “Venus Path”- a Path of Spiritual Awakening through the Divine Mother.

You will learn about the Lineage to which this Training belongs- the Magdalene, Isis, Hathor Line.  The Goddess Schools & the lost Goddess Religions of the Ancient World, and the principles, prayers, and core teachings of the Venus Path.

2. The Goddess Hathor

 Meet the Grand “Mother of Civilization”

This module focuses on the Goddess Hathor & working with Her in ritual containers.  Explore Hathors vast & diverse Character, Symbols, Mythology, & Forms of Worship.  Learn how to bring Hathor’s Essence into your life through ritual dance, music, sacred sexuality & sound healing. Understand & receive initiation into Hathor’s Mystery School & embody your devotion to the Ecstatic “Sexy Mamma” of Creation that lives within your Heart & Soul.

3. The Return of Sekhmet 2020
& the Birth of the New Humanity

 Understand the relationship between Hathor & Sekhmet.
How civilization’s rise and fall based on the relationship between these two “faces” of the Primal Mother. Learn about humanity’s celestial origins, the purpose of our Soul Group on this planet at this time, the prophesied return of the “Mother of Civilization” in 2020 – and how to navigate the Earth Changes while we serve the birth of the New Humanity.

The 12 Faces of Hathor

[Which Correlate to the 12 Paths of the Priest(ess)]

These include (amongst others) Hathor as: 

  • “The Lady of the Stars” AKA- Sky Goddess . Dakini.  We explore space, time, emptiness & the wisdom of the stars in the mysticism of the Mother.  Understanding Hathor as Midwife & the Sacred Time of Birth.  Astology’s application in ritual & ceremony.  As well as humanity’s origins in Star Civilizations and the beyond.  
  • “The Sacred Cow” – We explore culture as arising from humanity’s sacred relationship to the Earth. Nourishment & Embodiment arising from land, planting, & agriculture.  The body as the Temple- our most direct connection to the Mother.  
  • “Fertility Goddess” – Sacred sexuality, birthing, sacred relationships, sexual healing, sex work & sexual entertainers are all sacred to Hathor.  Unfold the mysteries of sacred sexuality as the source of creativity & be introduce to the Ancient Egyptian Temple Arts.  
  • “Goddess of Sacred Sound” – Sound is the origin of Creation.  “In the beginning there was the Word.”  Connect to sacred sound- language, mantra, song, toning, music, and vocal transmissions – as a spiritual path & source of healing, as well as the foundation of all manifestation.  
  • “Queen of Egypt” – Hathor is the mother (birther), consort, and death doula to the Pharaoh (King).  The Queen of Egypt was seen as an incarnation of Hathor, and the Pharaoh was seen as an incarnation of Ra.  Explore Ancient Egyptian Royalty rites & their connection to spiritual wisdom. Awaken the Solar Feminine Principle of devotion to the King – as the Lord, the Light, the Leader & Ultimate Sustainer of Creation.
  • “House of Horus” – Domestic Goddess Path. The Kemetic name for Hathor – Hteru – translates to “House of Horus.” Come to understand the principles of sacred space, the art of temple keeping, and the practice of domestic arts as a spiritual path of devotion.
  • “Goddess of Wealth” – Hathor is the Goddess of trade routes, mining (gemstones), and foreign lands.  Her wisdom teaches us the principles of sacred exchange, currency, and the trading of precious goods, minerals & wisdom across cultures as an act of fertility & creation.
  • “Mistress of Sacred Oils” – The Devic Priest(ess) Path. Perfume was invented by the Egyptian Culture and scent figured heavily into – not only religious rituals & daily worship in the Temples – but to the very foundation of their cosmology.  Perfume, Essential Oils – were sacred to Hathor. Exlpore their use as medicine in ritual & ceremony as a celestial healing modality.

  • “Mother of Beauty” – The Path of the Muse.  Hathor is the Mother of Culture (and all the beauty created from it.)  Art, Music, Dance & Socialization are all forms of Hathor’s energy.  Embrace your inner muse, artist & “divine socialite” in devotion to The Mother of Civilization.

(Not included here are the 3 secret paths/faces of Hathor –
which were reserved for High Initiates)

5. Sky Goddess Training

Be initiated into the Path of the Celestial Priestess.  Work with the space element in ritual & ceremony.  Learn how to attune to the movements of stars & planetary bodies. Explore the Mysteries of Hathor as “The Sky Dancer” & Celestial Origins of your own Soul.

6. Fertility Goddess Training

Sex is powerful medicine- one that can bring great bliss & healing into our lives, or one which can cause devastating soul harm.  Be initiated into the Mysteries of the Sacred Sexual Priest(ess), the Path of Sexual Magic, Healing & Manifestation, along with the alchemies of transmutation & Soul Awakening through sacred mastery of Sexual Energy. 

7. Body as Temple:
Activating the New Human Genome

Activate the 12 strand DNA of your Divine Humanity through the Egyptian 10 Bodies of Light Process.  Heal, attune, and integrate each of your bodies of Light.  Learn how to work with each in through somatic, elemental, sound, spiritual & other healing magics.  Awaken the Mysteries of Hathor as “The Sacred Cow” and sourcing Nourishment through elevated frequencies of the Mother’s Love.  Transmit these activation codes through prayer and ceremony to the rest of humanity.

Is This a Training Program?

Please Note: Hathor Rising is not a Temple Priest(ess) Training Program.  Meaning: you are not being certified to offer any specific healing work or services by Akara Sophia, Waking Beauty LLC, or any affiliates. However, completing Hathor Rising is a pre-requisite for the Temple Arts of Sophia Teacher Training – to be released in Fall of 2022.

Hathor Rising

June 20, 2022 – Sept 10, 2022

Live Calls Hosted on Friday’s @ 4pm EDT

  • Weekly Training Videos
  • PDF Tutorials & Ritual Guides
  • Group Conference Calls
  • Akashic Healing Transmissions
  • Special Guest Teachers (in the fields of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality &  Ancient Mystery School Traditions)
  • Initiation into the “Temple Mysteries of Hathor” & the Venus Path

Hathor Rising

June 20th – Sept 10, 2022


Modules released online through convenient Virtual Temple Space. Live calls with Akara are on Friday’s @ 4pm EDT.  We will have a Facebook Group for this program!


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Priestess Path Reading

This is a 90 minute Akashi Reading & Healing session which will explore your Soul’s connection to the Path of the Priestx and past lives connected in service to the Goddess. We will look at

  • Which paths of the Priest(ess) your Soul is on (of the 12 Different Sacred Arts)
  • Reactivation & alignment with specific gifts & masteries from other lives / dimensions
  • Which Divine Feminine lineages (on Earth) and in the stars your Soul is connected to
  • Healing Priest/Priestess Temple Wounds your soul has experienced.  Specifically: Sacred Prostitution, Idolatry, Simony. Immaculate Conception Wounds.  Mother Priestess Wounds.  Learn more here.

This is a very deep and rich healing session where you will connect deeply to the Divine Feminine & release obstacles to your Inner Feminine nature or connectio to the Mother

You will have the opportunity to ask questions while we are in the records and it includes soul clearing & healing work along with follow up recommendations & guidance

Full Pay


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