Summer Solstice Gathering to Celebrate the Solar Feminine Mysteries of the Divine King

Sacred Circle on the Summer Solstice – Free to Join

Join Us on the Longest Day of the Year to Celebrate the Mysteries of Solar Devotion from the Temple of Hathor

The Cult of Hathor guarded the Mysteries of Solar Feminine Devotion…
The Goddess’s role in birthing, raising, & sustaining “Ra” – the Sun, the Leader, the Light of Consciousness which infuses all Creation.

Daily rituals in the Temples of Hathor were focused around the movements of the Sun as an archtypical “hero’s journey” of the Divine Soul – who was honored as both the metaphysical form of Ra – “Divine Light” / Consciousness – and the incarnated form of the Pharaoh, the Divine Man & incarnated “Divine King.”

On every hour of both the day and night – different rituals were performed to honor Ra’s birth, his raising into manhood, his rites of initiation as King, his defeat of the principle of Chaos – Apothis – his ascension into majesty, his death, his journey through the underworld, his connection to the ancestors, and finally his rising again as the newborn child of Light – each day.

Though we may not realize it, the entire Christian religion is actually based in a much older Egyptian religion… and the Church to this day practices a similar hourly ceremony of devotion to the Divine Soul as Jesus through the Liturgy of the Hours…

Of course, the Divine Feminine’s role in birthing, raising, sustaining & even escorting “The Divine King” through the underworld as part of this grand hero’s journey has all been lost – though Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene verily played this role for Jesus throughout their lives.

As we connect to the Sun in its fullest expression on the Summer Solstice – it is time to remember the devotional mysteries of the “Solar Sisterhood” & the deep mysticism of the Divine Feminine in relation to the Light of Consciousness.

This gathering will be centered on the solar rituals practiced in the Temples of Hathor & on the Divine Feminine’s role in birthing, raising & sustaining Ra-Christ as a calling in our time. We will be connecting wholeheartedly to the purity of devotion, while gently cleansing the illusion of dominance/submission in Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine energy dynamics that has evolved from the betrayal of Love.

This is a free gathering that is open to all.

Recordings available if you cannot make this event live.


Summer Solstice – June 21st @ 4pm EDT.

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