The Path of Osiris: Human Ascension Through the Womb of Life

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From Death to New Life:
The Ancient Egyptian Ascension Mysteries of Hathor, Sekhmet & the Path of Osiris

This call will be specifically devoted to The Resurrection or Activation of LIFE & Creativity (The Mysteries of Hathor) – after a period of Destruction and is offered on behalf of Humanity Rising from the “Sekhmet Period” of 2020


Recorded in April 2021 for the Pisces-Aries New Moon – The Death-Rebirth Portal Astrologically



Join me in Exploring the Foundation of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School!


Ancient Egyptians saw their land

as a macrocosm of Osiris –

The Awakened King

The Nile River represented the

spinal column of the Divine Man 

Opening into 7 Tributaries at the Crown 

Egyptian Focus on Death, Funerary Rites, Resurrection, & the Journey of Souls in the Afterlife – was part of a larger shamanic understanding of how this “Divine King” or Awakened Human Consciousness is cultivated through spiritual states of death & rebirth.

Guided always by the Powers of the Benevolent Mother Goddesses of Creation & Destruction – Hathor & Sekhmet – through the alchemy of life (and death!) are we forged into the Diamond of Transcendent Awareness – the Divine Man / Divine Human.


On This Seminar We will Cover:

The Path of Osiris


Core Foundational Tenants
of the Egyptian Mystery School




Egyptian Mysteries of Creation


Ascension from Destruction/Death State


Divine Humanism

& Stabilizing in Your Path of Tantric Awakening




Hathor-Sekhemt & the Path of Osiris

Human Ascension Through the Womb of Life

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