Lions Gate 2022 – Abundance activation

Activate the Royal Inheritance
of the Isis-Sophia Lineage!

Free Sacred Circle on the Lion’s Gate

Monday 8/8 – 2022 at 4pm EDT

Embrace Spontaneous Outpourings of Prosperity

Creation Through Infinite Joy

Connect to the Ascending Frequencies of Bliss

As You Release the Heavy Energy of Global Fear

And Embrace the Richness of Who You Are –

You are a Daughter of the Rose Line
Your Very Essence is the Wealth of Creation

It is Time to Come Out of Hiding,

And Accept the Wealth that is Yours

by Divine Birthright


Join The Circle of Miraculous Expansion!

Wealth Activation for Healers, Priestesses & Midwives of the New Earth

Hello Beloveds!

I invite you to join me for a Prosperity Code Activation for the Sophia Lineage on the Lion’s Gate – 8/8/2022. This will be a miraculous activation circle, devoted to the Effortless Grace of Quantum Leaps in Joy & Prosperity – inside any and all circumstances, without limitation.

We will gather to:

– Speak Truth to the Heart-Opening Desires of our Spirit’s Expansion

– Embody Quantum (Extremely Small, Subtle, Gracefully Refined) Shifts in Wealth Consciousness that Allow Us to Realize Miraculous Possibilities in our Lives

– Channel Purpose, Empowerment & Unshakeable Privilege Codes from the Heavenly Empress, Sirius (Sophia’s) Heliacal Rising

– Anchor the Prophecy of Divine Love & the Awakened Humanity through the Great Shift of the Ages we are currently passing through 

What is the Lion’s Gate?

The Lion’s Gate is a celestial event in celebration of the star Sirius’ Helical Rising.  Sirius, known as Sopdet (Sophia) to the Ancient Egyptians, was a star associated with Isis & the Divine Feminine Power of Fertility & Abundance.

This sacred star would disappear from the horizon during the high heat of the mid-summer in the Egyptian Desert, only to rise at the end of this “dry spell” around the same time the Nile River flooded – bringing much needed fertility & abundance to the Nile River Basin, which their whole culture relied on in the year to come.

Today, the Lion’s Gate is celebrated on 8/8 as a time where prosperity, creative expansion, & the anchoring of divine purpose is available for one & all. This is especially for soul’s connected to the Isis-Sophia lineage, as Her Grace shines in union with the Solar King during this sacred gateway.

A Free Event – Come One & All! 

Recordings Available

(if You Can’t Make it Live)


In Celebration of  Sacred Union

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