Divine Virginity
& the Triple Goddess Crown

A Paradigm-Shifting Activation in the SuperNatural Grace (Super-Nature) of Divine Feminine Sovereignty 

Monday, February 6th, 2023 @ 5pm UK / 6pm CET / 12pm EDT / 9am PST


From the Temple of Athena in Athens, Greece

Protectress of  Virgin Sovereignty in the Feminine Divine


Many of us speak about Sovereignty in this modern era as a kind of personal wholeness.
“To be unto oneself” and to govern one’s life from an integral place of personal authority.

Realizing our sovereignty, is the equivalent of realizing our personal power.



When a person has been held hostage to the desires of another…

Forced to succumb to another person’s will…

Or Forbidden to act in accordance with one’s inner beliefs, needs, direction, or desires…

The deep imprint of powerlessness and “loss” of personal sovereignty can become almost systemic – painfully enacted again and again as our “reality.”

If you are someone with sovereignty wounding  you have probably danced with the various faces and forms of coping with this apparent loss of personal power, wholeness & authority…

  • From the invisible madness of compulsive fawning, people-pleasing, and codependency
  • To desperate attempts to “restore power” through violent rebellion, overthrow or destruction of self and/or other.
  • To deep avoidance, retreat, disassociation, or pulling away from (whoever / whatever it is) to maintain a place of personal sovereignty and/or integrity…

None of which truly solve the problem at its core.


Restoration of Wholeness…

The restoration of personal sovereignty from an experience of forced submission, abuse, binding, or loss entails the realization of an Inalienable State of Being

One that exists perpetually beyond all phenomena and despite specific experiences – no matter how systemic – of forced submission, abuse, binding or apparent loss (of Sovereignty)

In the doctrines of Divine Kingship, this Inalienable State of Sovereignty exists even in assassination.  Even in complete co-option by insurgent forces. Even if a kingdom has fallen for ages and ages of time.

And to realize this quality of incorruptible sovereignty inside the wound is the only source of True Nobility which restores – power, lifeforce, wholeness – completely.



In Ancient Times, this power of “Incorruptible Sovereignty” was associated with “Virginity” and phenomenon of “The Virgin Goddess”…

A Cosmic Force which perennially and miraculously reveals its grace inside our deepest wounds – working miracles & restoring apparent loss from abuse, separation & suffering in humanity

Imagine how your life would change if you realized your own Inalienable State of Sovereignty…

What the Ancients called “Virginity”

Inside your deepest trauma’s?
In face of your oppressors?
Within toxic systems of power, which might not ever change.
And in relation to your own “co-option” by lower forces and “sins” therein.

Imagine how this world would change, if those who worked for or served the Goddess realized the Divine Feminine’s own Inalienable State of Sovereignty – ie: “Virginity” – despite…

Centuries of global persecution…
Complete lack of public recognition, honor, respect…
Copious religious doctrines of repression & forbiddance…
And various falls from grace & corruption in the Goddess temples themselves… 

Realizing the Inalienable State of Sovereignty of the Virgin Goddesshead is truly the principle that allow us to act in a spirit of Grace inside all circumstances.

It is the key for healing all trauma…

And establishing all forms of sacred relationship

Through its realization we become immune to the shadow of relationship… which is the shadow inherent in Life Itself.

We anchor in an incorruptible Throne of Consciousness…

That is the inheritance of the Virgin Goddess…

Who is verily the manifestation of the Supreme Nature of Being, and the Grace of True Love made Manifest through the apparent state of separation engendered by material existence.

Restoration of the Goddesshead

Activation in Supreme Sovereignty through the Goddess Athena

Transfiguring Grace of the Super-Nature of Divine Feminine Virginity

Join me and oracular high priest Solomon Arthur-Kingston from Athens, Greece, for a spiritual healing & anointing in the supernatural grace of the Goddesshead – the Triple Goddess Crown – who’s unassailable Sovereignty (what to the ancients was known as “Virginity”) is a panacea for all wounds & a platform for our individual & collective liberation.

Dive into the mysteries of the Temple of Athena – Protectress of Divine Feminine “Virginity” – as a Sovereign Goddess of Wisdom, War, & the Realization of the Incorruptible Nature of Being inside our deepest wounds.

Receive illuminated teachings on the Triple Goddess Nature of Reality & be strengthened by The Inalienable Sovereignty of the “Goddess Crown” inside relationships, toxic power systems, and your work in the world as a servant/devotee of the Feminine Divine. 

This is a 2.5hr immersion that includes teachings on the Triple Goddesshead, The Mysteries of Athena, The Incorruptible Nature of Divine Feminine Sovereignty and its direct application in the healing of who we are inside relationships, trauma and life in a fallen world system.  This event includes deep spiritual healing in the paradigm-shifting grace of the Virgin Super-Nature and restoration of “The Triple Goddess Crown” for all who attend. If you have specific trauma’s to be resolved or healed, please bring those with prayerful intention to this transmission.

The Restoration of the Goddesshead is offered from Athens, Greece and is recommended for all those who have an interest in the Greek Mysteries, Temple of Athena, completed Akara’s course on Medusa & the Gorgons, or have specific intentions to restore Virginity, Sovereignty, or the Power of the Triple Goddess inside deep wounds – including those that may be connected to the “Fall” of the Goddess in the Western World, sexual, financial or spiritual abuse.

Please know that the Goddesshead was never truly lost. It is incorruptible.  “The Restoration of the Goddesshead” is only in our minds, hearts, and beings… and in the consciousness of humanity.

We invite you to activate the cosmic remembrance, ancestral memory, and DNA (Divine Nature) of the Virginal Goddess Throne – the infinite Love, Power & Wisdom of the Supremely Incorruptible Nature of Being.

It is recommended to attend this transmission live for the healing activation. 
However, recordings will be made available all participants. Sign up below.


Restoration of the Goddesshead

Activation in Supreme Sovereignty through the Triple Goddess Crown


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