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Welcome to the Temple!  As our gift to you, the following video seminars are completely free introductions to the Goddess Mysteries & Temple Arts tradition. Click the banners below to learn more and sign up.

Be introduced to the Venus Path – a Universal Spiritual Path of Divine Feminine Awakening, through the Mysteries of the Goddess Hathor – Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess, Queen of Creation & the lost Mother of Civilization.. Preview for our popular course Hathor Rising.

Was the Goddess always condemned by the God of Abraham?  This illuminating seminar explores the lost “Wife of God” in the Ancient traditions of the Near East & what truly caused the Feminine Principle’s sacrifice on the altar of monotheism.

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The Tantra of Yeshua’s Offering on the Cross

Temple Arts Introduction:


The Goddess Temple traditions of the ancient world guarded alchemical practices designed to transmute the physical body & sense consciousness into Immortal Presence.  Skybodywork™ is a modern recreation of these ancient temple practices. A healing modality based in Ancient Egyptian Wisdom, Skybodyworkcombines sacred touch, sound healing, trance channeling & the Art of Anointing using essential oils to awaken the Soul of the Flesh. This unique bodywork modality is based in the Hathorian Mysteries of Immaculate Matter and is a sensual immersion into Divine Embodiment. Explore the foundation of this Temple Arts tradition by signing up for a free introduction to Skybodywork™ at the link below: