In Every Age, in All Times, 

There is a Certain Kind of Woman Born…

But She has “It”…
And She’s Not Afraid to Use It

The First Woman:

Embrace of the Primal Feminine

Lilith is the Spirit of the First Woman
Who Lives Within Us All . . . 

But Humanity Doesn’t See Her This Way.

And Chances are…

Neither Do You.

Are you a Woman Who?

Do you feel & know the potency of . . .

Do you have. . .

And A Spirit That. . .

Have others tried to…





throughout your life?

Or Perhaps, Most Painfully…

In Grappling with the forces of your

own primal Nature…

Transform, Heal & Empower
Your Wild Feminine Nature

A Journey to Heal & Empower Your Inner Lilith

If you answered yes to any of the questions above,
you have the Spirit of the First Woman within you…

A Powerful Energy
That is easily co-opted by unconscious Forces
And Aspects of your power
May be suffering from the same bad rap
Lilith has been given for the last several thousand years.

(Read on Below)


If so, its time to awaken, Heal & empower
your Primal Feminine Nature-
Release her from the Shadows of the Past
and give her license to empower your life
in the fullest regard.

Are You Ready To…

Then Read On . . .

Meet Lilith:
Eden’s Primordial “Bad Girl”

Who is Lilith?

Lilith is a figure from Jewish Folk Tradition.

The First wife of Adam, made before eve… Lilith was created of the same Earth as he was – his equal in all regards.  Refusing to “Lay Beneath Adam,” she fled the garden of Eden, where she met the fallen angel Samael by the banks of the red sea.  In some stories Lilith becomes “The Mother of Demons” through her connection to samael- birthing evil into the world by the banks of the red sea.  In other stories, she transforms herself into a serpent and comes back into the Garden of Eden to tempt Eve.

What is The Lilith Upgrade?

“From Demoness to Dark Goddess”

In the First Woman Course, we work with the Template of Lilith’s Story as an Archetypical Journey to resolve the Shadow’s Which have blocked Primal Feminine Power from being Realized – in ourselves & in the World.

We transform the Wounds that keep us small, stuck & Afraid of our Power.

The impressions that we may become “A Dark, Dangerous, Demoness” if we really accepted our Sexual, Magical, & Mystical Powers…

And realize Lilith’s True Nature as the EMpowered Dark Goddess & Mistress of Primal Femininity.

from “succubus” to Strong Boundaries
From “Screech Owl” to Sovereign Communicator
From “Slut” to Sacred Pleasure

This is the Key to Unlocking



Demonized Lilith represents our world’s disconnection from Nature.

And in The Lilith Upgrade Journey, we explore the things that brought about this Disconnection from Natue both in ourselves & in the History of Our World.

We learn the Practices of the Dark Goddess….

To heal Shadows in ourselves created from…

  • The Mother Wound
  • The Sister Wound
  • Primal Feminine’s Relationship to “The Patriarchy”
  • And of course – what is perhaps the Largest Block to Feminine Power –
    Initiation with Lilith’s Consort – Lucifer, the Fallen Angel & Embodiment of Toxic Masculinity / The Narcissistic Shadow

When you are no Longer Afraid of Who You Are

Empowerment is a Natural State of Being


Women have been taught to deeply fear their primal feminine nature.

We have seen “Power” modeled in toxic & dangerous Ways

For milleniums this fear of women’s power has been projected as suppression to our bodies, our sexuality, our Magic, our voices & our Pimrodial Connection to the Force of the Natural World

When we carry these impressions…

(Taught by our mothers, our Sisters, Our Media, our relationship to Men & to the World at Large… Perhaps even carried deep within our souls from ways we abused power in this or other lives)

we remain in disassociation from the Source Power we need to truly be the Sovereign Creatrix of our lives

The First Woman Course is about “uncivilzing” you… helping you embrace the wisdom of your  body, your sexuality and your survival instincts as Sacred energy.  Something you MUST use to empower yourself and live freely “in the Jungle” of mankind.

Its about helping you Unlock your Voice.  Face your Fears. Transfo old Trauma’s with Sacred Pleasure & Sacred Rage.  Releasing Milleniums of Violent Conquest, shame, demonization and repression of women, Nature & the Primordial Power of your Ancestors..


In this course you will Connect to the Great Grandmother- The Dark Goddess Wisdom- of “The Witch,” “The Bitch” and “The Whore.”  The Sacred Warrior.  And The Wild Feminine Fertility Goddess you have that inhabits us all.

You will learn…

  • how to heal yourself with ecsatic Pleasure
  • How to Unleash the agony of repressed rage as awakening into your sacred boundaries
  • How to Discover the fierce truth needed to stand for yourself in the world
  • How to transform your demons into Magical Allies
  • How to Heal Shame, Release Resentments & Forgive Yourself & Others for harm Caused
  • How to Embrace the holiness of your primal instincts & your sacred animal form
  • Release fear of Your Magic & embody the Great Creatrix you have within
  • And Empower yourself in the body, in the bedroom, and in business… to lead your richest and most fulfilling life.


 How it Works:
The First Woman Course Content

This is a 7-Week Journey of Transformational Empowerment

The course will include videos & supplemental materials along with 4 healing transmissions:

Lilith & Mother Mary (Healing the Mother Wound)

Lilith & Eve (Healing the Sister Wound – Virgin/Whore Split)

Lilith & Lucifer (Healing Co-dependency with Toxic Masculinity)

Lilith & Adam ( Healing Dominance, Emasculation, Inability to Receive with Men/Masculinity)

For an outline of course materials,
*Please see below

Call 1

Mythology & History:

Transforming our Perspective of Lilith

From Demoness to Dark Goddess 

On this call, we will cover:

  • Who Lilith is?

Mythology & History of Lilith from Jewish Folklore and Ancient Sumerian Culture.  Lilith’s connection to Innana, myths & forms of the Dark Goddess from cultures around the world and the archetypical Underworld Journey of Divine Feminine Awakening.


  • The Story of Lilith as a Metaphor for the Disowned Feminine Pain Body in the Western World

As the Mother Goddess Power was repressed under industrialized Patriarchy, the Shadow Feminine was born.  How the demonization of “The First Woman” relates to the demonization of the body, sexuality, Nature, Divine feminine power, as well as the enslavement & colonization of black, brown & Indigenous cultures.


  • Surviving Patriarchy: Witches, Bitches & Whores

How powerful women adapted to “The Age of Civilized Oppression.” Meeting your lost Divine Feminine power archetypes as “The Witch,” “The Bitch,” & “The Whore.”


  • Pleasure & Defense:  Lilith’s Power Centers

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Gods and Goddesses who are deities of both fertility AND war?  Understand how Sacred Pleasure and Sacred Defense are related and what it means to connect to your Primal Feminine Power as BOTH Pleasure/Lifeforce & Protection/Defense


  • “Demons” as Daemons: Lilith & the Path of the Sorceress

Face your demons. Find your power.  Learn how to transform your “demons” into Daemons- familiar (power) spirits of Nature devoted to your protection.  This is the path of the Sorceress, Shadow Priestess… (otherwise known as the Shaman in many indigenous cultures)… How this is connected to decolonization, re-wilding, healing your womb/pussy, finding your pleasure, power, and maintaining Sovereignty in our world’s current inorganic technocracy.

Call 2

Dark Goddess Tantra

Welcome to the Left-Hand path!

On this call, we will cover:


  • The Shadow Feminine vs. the Dark Goddess 

How to work with Tantric Principles & Traditions to transform your Shadow into the Power of the Dark Goddess. Click Here for PDF.


  • Left-Hand vs Right-Hand Path Spiritual Traditions

Understand the Divine Feminine Path of Self Realization (Nature-Based, Shamanic, Magical, and Tantric Traditions) and how they differ from “Right-Hand” spiritual paths (Exemplified by most of the world religions). Benefits and challenges of working with the Left-Hand Path.  Guidelines for safe practice and spiritual empowerment in this forgotten wisdom tradition. 


  • Dismantling “Light Supremacy” in Spiritual Practice

How to work with Darkness as fuel for spiritual growth.  Introduction to the Forgotten Wisdom & Power of the Womb of Life. Underworld as Womb. Mother Earth. Transformational Decomposer & Incubator of New Life.


  • Healing Trauma & the Shadow Feminine

Understanding the Shadow Feminine as a Wound that needs healing. An Introduction to Trauma Healing- Methods, Mindsets & Practices of the Dakini- Tantric (Underworld) Womb Dancer who assists us in transforming Trauma.  How to use Sacred Pleasure, Sacred Rage, Protection, and Boundaries to heal yourself and fully alchemize trauma.  Each participant will be Creating a Trauma Healing Path & Protocol for your life.


  • The Compassionate Mother

Why its important to always work with the Compassionate Mother when working with the Dark Goddess. Forms of the Compassionate Mother across time, space and cultural traditions. How Mother Mary (specifically) heals and reveals Lilith’s true Nature and Power. Preparation for “La Mer” initiation and invocation. (see below) 

Healing Transmission

Lilith & Mother Mary

Mother Mary…

The Natural & Innate Guardian of Lilith


Lilith surrenders to almost no one.  Except the Compassionate Mother.  This is the one force in all the Universe that Lilith loves with all her heart, and will readily surrender to.

This transmission initiates you into the deeper mysticism of Lilith & Mother Mary’s connection, and invokes the “the raised serpent” – or upleveling of Lilith’s frequency in your own body and being.

It also calls in assistance from La Mer- the Ocean of Love – and the Mer people, to heal emotional trauma, amygdala and “primal brain stem” fears, and any repeating syndromes connected to trauma brain – or the tendency to hold onto negative experiences and repeat them in your life.

The Lilith & Mother Mary transmission is a deep awakening into the Beauty of Lilith’s sacred union with the full expression of the Feminine Divine as Compassionate Mother – and especially prepares us for the rest of the Lilith Upgrade by bathing any aspects of your own shame, shadow, demonized or denied Feminine Nature with infinite compassion and love… something you will be perpetually learning how to offer yourself throughout the First Woman course.

Call 3

Healing the Mother Wound

Feminine Disempowerment
Begins with Our Mothers

Restoring the Divine Maternal Nourishment of our Souls


The Mother Wound lies at the Heart of Western Civilization’s disconnection from the Earth & the Feminine Principle.

Sadly, many of us (especially those on the Lilith Path) were raised by Shadow Mothers: Narcissistic Mothers, Controlling, Co-Dependent, Harsh, or Personality Disordered Mothers, Mothers who were dominant, Mothers who were self-absorbed.  Mothers who were enmeshed or carried deep trauma and couldn’t truly nurture us.

Mothers who were absent. Mothers who were deeply repressed & meek & afraid themselves.  Mothers who taught us toxic beliefs about our the world & our place in it.

The Mother Wound often leaves us with an unhealthy relationship to Feminity & our Personal Power. Because our mothers themselves were often oppressed, the compassionate connection we have with them often prevents us from truly purging unhealthy patterns we inherited from our ancestral programming.

In Healing the Mother Wound you will learn…

  • The 7 Types of Mother Wounds & how these Shadows of the Mother affect us in relation to our body/health, our intimacy & relationships, as well as our financial life & personal power in the world.
  • Why important aspects of your Feminine Power  are likely trapped in your Mother Wound (and how to retrieve them)
  • Practices for Healing the Mother Wound and clearing maternal lineage trauma to restore union with the Divine Mother& reclaim the Gifts of your Female Ancestoral Lines.
  • Rebirthing Ceremony with the Divine Mother & practices for re-parenting your Inner Child with complete nourishment & compassion through this journey & beyond.

Healing Transmission

Lilith & Eve

Dissolving the Virgin/Whore Split

Awakening Erotic Innocence & Sacred Sexuality

Stop demonizing the radical receipt of pleasure in all its forms!  Your desire for freedom, for FULL embodied sensual expression, & deeply ecstatic experience is the KEY to unlocking your personal power! 

The Lilith & Eve transmission dissolves unconscious ways we ignore, deny or repress our deepest desires.  It sanctifies the “low-down, dirty and nasty” parts of ourselves bringing FULL Awareness of the Sacredness of our ROOT Lifeforce… Our Instincts for Sex, Survival and Destructive Recomposition- turning them into FUEL for ecstatic expression! 

It dissolves “Good Girl/Bad Girl” “Virgin/Whore” programming, which keeps us disassociated from our True Power and activates our inner “bad-ass” – giving us permission to be sacredly fierce, purposefully playful, & erotically embodied in our sexy, confident and sensually ALIVE human experience.

This transmission awakens the epitome of erotic innocence and unifies the villified Lilith with her pure & virginal counterpart- Eve, clearing shame and bringing us back into holistic activation of our Personal Power. 

Call 4

Healing the Sister Wound

The Virgin-Whore Split
And the Fall of the Goddess
in the Western World

Restoring the Pride.  The Power of Unified Sisterhood.

When The Mother Principle is devalued by a civilization it leads to sexual competition & conflict amongst women.  Restoring sacred sisterhood is vital to both personal & planetary healing.

“The Virgin-Whore” Split lies at the heart of the Sister Wound and shows up as competition, betrayal, slut shaming, and casting other women out of “the circle” based on sexual survival programming.


In Healing the Sister Wound you will…

  • Uncover the historical evolution of the Sister Wound in Western Civilization & understand its connection to the ultimate Fall of the Goddess Temples in the Western World
  • Track your own hidden or overt sister woundings and learn how to transform, clear & heal remaining trauma from them
  • Identify women with unhealed sister wounds & learn how to create healthy boundaries in your female relationships that elevate Feminine Power for all.
  • Learn how to cultivate a strong Inner Circle of Powerful Sisters in your life and realize why this is essential to all levels of your personal well being & deep feminine empowerment.

Healing Transmission

Lilith & Lucifer

De-Spell Yourself
from  Trauma Bonding
to toxic Masculinity


Lilith’s Consort, Lucifer doesn’t always come as the Beast he turns out to be.  No no.  At first he is beautiful.  At first he is incredibly charismatic & charming.

That elusive “Play Boy” running tricks in the Feminine Heart.

And we all know the story.  The dream. The Addiction! 

Can our love be enough to save him?
Heal him? 

Transform the Fallen Angel into the Noble Protector & the King we dream of?

This fairy tale… doesn’t end well.

Dancing with the Trickster often means Obliteration of our Feminine Essence.

However, Initiation with Lucifer is often what truly initiates us into our Power, Sovereignty, Priestesshood & the true Dark Goddess Wisdom we need to protect & embody that!

This healing transmission is a journey through the Lilith-Lucifer Codes… a dismantling of the hypnotic Luciferian spell (which works to drain Feminine Power) and a breaking of The “Bride of Satan” Contract that blocks our power as women.

Heal trauma bonding, retrive Soul Aspects enslaved in toxic relationship addiction & attachment disorders & realize true Empowered Union with men as a steward of your empowered Grail-Heart Essence on the flip side of this story!

Group Call 5

The Lucifer Upgrade

“From Devil to Divine Progenitor”

Upgrading The Shadow Masculine within
To Attract Allegiance from the Masculine Without


This call will be devoted to the upgrading your primal masculine energy as Lilith’s Masculine Counterpart: Lucifer.  The Fallen Angel.

When The Masculine is in a fallen state within us, we will usually find ourselves attracted to Toxic Masculine Counterparts…

IE: Narcissists, Addicts, Emotionally Unavailable Men, Sometimes Truly Dangerous Abusers (depending on how deep your Lilith-Lucifer Programming goes)

In the Lucifer Upgrade Call, you will learn…

  • The Difference between the (Wounded) Shadow Masculine and the (Empowered) Dark Lord.
  • How Lucifer’s Gift: which is taking responsibility for “being God,” can help you eradicate unhealthy relationship patterns,  and cleanse abusive energy from your romantic life.
  • How childhood and ancestral imprints connected to the Shadow Masculine in your life life
  • Why finding the Shadow Masculine within yourself is the key to transforming your relationship with the Masculine for good!
  • Transformational healing practices and wisdom teachings for alchemizing Shadow Masculine energy in yourself and in the world.

Healing Transmission

Lilith & Adam

Healing the Father Wound
Domination & Punishment
by the Wounded Patriarch


Lucifer isnt the only Shadow Masculine Energy Lilith has to deal with…

In fact, often what drives Lilith to the Arms of the Dangerous “Bad Boy” is the Father Wound.  The Wounded Patriarch who has lost his ability to understand and relate to Feminine Power.

Lucifer accepts Lilith’s wildness. Promotes her sexual power & magic. (Ostensibly)

Not like Adam.. her Patriachal husband.  Who’s own fear of the feminine is projected as righteous suppression of Feminine Power. 

In the Lilith & Adam Transmission, we explore Lilith’s Wound with the “Holy Patriarch”… This could mean The Church, The “Good Boy,” The Righteous Boyfriend or the Righteous Father (who secretly wants to put Lilith in a cage)

When Lilith is still “running from Adam” she is not yet in Her Power.  She is in escapist & avoidance tendencies.  Often ungrounded & disconnected from the mainstream world, and healing the “Lilith/ Adam Split” is essential to fully grounding “above world” once more.

As we rise from the deep work we’ve done in the Shadows of the Underworld, this transmission prepares us to fully integrate our Wild Feminine Essence with “The Father” again – mainstream civilization- and compassionately master & understand the Patriarch’s fears & inner woundings without resistance or need to defend ourselves.  We relate sovereignly & intelligently & boldlywith The Earthly Man once more.

Group Call 6

Lilith in Business

“Rise. Lilith out of the Shadows
And into Her Purpose –
The Ascension of the Initiated Queen”

Own Your Wealth, Health, Happiness & Dream Life
Become Empowered in Purpose


As an embodiment of “Yang Feminine” energy, Lilith embodies the Masculine aspects of Divine Feminine Nature- as represented by the Queen, the Sacred Warrior or the Sacred Activist within us.  Her energy is thus essential to financial empowerment & actively living our Divine Life Purpose in the world…

However, because most women are taught that owning the Masculine side of their Feminine Nature makes them “bitchy,” “bossy,” “un-Feminine, or not “nice” we often swallow our true defensive needs, personal boundaries, & ability to wield positions of authority in the world, for the sake of pleasing others.  This feeds Lilith’s shadow expression in us- as ungroundedness, neediness, irritability, PMS, and having to resort to seductive manipulation, rebellion, or outright addiction to get what we want.  Or… quite simply fleeing the “Garden of Eden” of our True Desires… because we just “dont have it in us” to make it happen

STOP THIS PROCESS IN ITS TRACKS by by finding the Power (Financially & Otherwise) to rule your Queendom. Take a fierce stand for the (usually “extravagant” resources) you actually need to thrive in your life purpose and learn how to manifest the highest vision of your Soul through your business.

In the Lilith in Business Call, you will learn…

  • How to release the Wounded Lilith’s “Rebellion from Adam” so your Wild Femican be integrated with men, money & your life purpose
  • What the Path of the SACRED Warrior is, and how it differs from the toxic Masculine culture of competition, violence, & greed that governs the business realm
  • Why Lilith is the ultimate Sacred Warrior and how to integrate the Fierce, Empowering & Protective aspects of this Dark Goddess through your relationship to money & business.
  • How channeling Lilith’s Gifts as the Sacred Seductress can help you in sales, marketing, and promoting high ticket offers in the world.
  • How to stop trading dollars for hours, raise your rates, & hold the tone of sovereign abundance in your business & beyond.
  • 3 Essential Mindset Shifts you HAVE to make to cut off energetic drains that are making it IMPOSSIBLE for you to be wealthy in your purpose.
  • What is the Hidden Path of the Priestess Queen? And how does this relate to the mysticism of Lilith & the Lost Order of the Magdalenes

Other Videos & Materials

In addition to the Live Group Calls listed here, the First Woman Includes additional videos, practices & resources on:

  • Psychic Protection & Defense
  • Turning Your Demons into Daemons
  • Serpent Priestess Mysteries (Ecstatic Embodiment Practice)
  • Warrior Goddess Training 
  • Sexual Empowerment Practices


This course is both a deep Archetypical Journey (Underworld Initiation) for  the Female Psyche, as well as a Training in Primal Feminine Empowerment Practice.  A course that can serve you for a Lifetime & assist in healing a number of destructive complexes in the Feminine Psyche

Step into Your Power!



All of this work is devoted to the integration of Lost Divine Feminine Wisdom into a Christ Conscious paradigm.  I teach primarily from the Judeo-Christian cosmology, but aim to reveal the synergy (and ultimate oneness) of these teachings through a multiplicity of faiths.  This means: you can partcipate in this course even if you do not resonate with the Judeo-Christian Cosmology.  Many connections will be made to similar truths expressed in cultures and wisdom teachings from around the world.

However, if you DO come from a Judeo-Christian background, please note that this course is an ONSLAUGHT upon the repressive, shame-based, and demonized “good vs. evil” programming that is taught by most Christian religions and WILL challenge you to go beyond that.

It will directly EXORCISE fears and those parts of you that ARE witchy, wild, whorish, or whatever label you’ve been taught to disown your power by.

Please note: that the Dark Goddess is no small power to toy with.  Join this course if you are ready to be responsible for ALL aspects of yourself.  To love, heal and integrate your darkside as power, wholeness and truth.  And to engage in a real (fun, provactive, exciting!) adventure of awakening that aims for non-dualistic Realization of God as all things.

How to Join!

Homestudy Course

Includes Access to Full Recorded Course in Elegant Virtual Temple


This Special Offer Includes Recordings of all 2020 Seminars
All 4 Healing Transmissions
Plus Bonus Content, Videos, & Exercises in convenient online learning platform.

Please note: This is a Self-Study Course!  It does not include Live Support or Coaching with Kara.