Featured Journeys

Our featured courses are in-depth immersions into the Priestess Path, Goddess Studies & Sacred Empire-Building for coaches, teachers and healers. You’ll find courses in Goddess Studies and Divine Feminine mysticism at the top of the page, and courses related to Sales, Money and Business just below.  All of the courses below are offered through our convenient virtual temple space as homestudy courses.  On occasion they are taught live. To be notified of live courses, events and trainings, please sign up for our monthly newsletter here. Note: we also have shorter courses & masterclasses available on a wide variety of esoteric topics that complement the Priestess Path here: mini-courses & masterclasses

Priestess Pathways

Heal the 3 core wounds of the Divine Feminine: the Witch, the Bitch & the Whore. These 3 wounds were carried by Mary Magdalene & correlate to the false perception of her as a 1. a prostitute, 2. a woman possessed by demons & 3. the woman waiting to be stoned…

Immerse yourself in the mysticism of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor – the Grand Mother of the Magdalene lineage & Mistress of Civilization. Learn about the 12 sacred faces of Hathor & discover the lost wonders & planetary mysticism of the Age of Taurus- time of sacred sensuality.

Lilith is the spirit of the First Woman who lives within us all. A force connected to the primordial origins of Feminine Power, she is the mistress of the primal lifeforce, fierce warrior goddess, great grandmother, crone, and the wisdom of the wild woman who lives within us all…

Wealth, Business & Manifestation

A 21-Day Tantric Sadhana devoted to revitalizing your relationship with money through sensuality, spiritual practice & the celebration of abundance! Reprogram your money mindset with pleasure & amplify your manifestation power through sex magic, self care & attunement to Divine Feminine energy.

If selling gives you the creeps, this is the course for you.  Learn how selling can be sacred – a space of profound service and transformation.  Develop the confidence, congruency & sacred relational skills to sell high end coaching or healing programs with ease and grace, as you radically heal your money story.

Build your online empire. Establish your Queendowm