How do I Receive Healing Transmission?

Healing Transmission are a personal time for you to connect in ceremonial space to Hathor and receive your own inner guidance & experiences.  Each transmission comes with a unique set of instructions that will be provided with that week’s Module.  Please be sure to read the instructions first.  When the time to receive your healing transmission, create a sacred space in your home where you will not be disturbed for an hour.  You may light candles, burn incense, and do whatever supports you entering altered states.  When the time comes to receive the transmission, sit or lie down and play the audio MP3 file that comes with the transmission.  Allow Akara’s voice to guide you on an inner journey.  Afterwards, we recommend you take it easy.  You may wish to journal or run a warm bath or simply fall asleep to integrate.  Pay attention to your dreams and experiences that happen in your life in the days following a transmission.  It can take up to 3-5 days to integrate.

I can't Access a File. What do I do?

If you are having trouble downloading content for any module or other technical difficulties using the online forum, please reach out to Tricia: tricia@bloomcreative.ca

Will I Have Lifetime Access to This Online Course?

You will have lifetime access to all the module content contained within this course.  However, the Live Group Calls and Q & A Content will be taken down 1 month after the course completes to ensure the privacy of future groups.  If you wish, you may download these replay links and keep them on your own harddrive for future reference.

Is this a Training Certification program?

No.  Hathor Rising 2020 is not a training certification program. Some of the videos used in modules came from a former program that was a training/certification program.  However, because of COVID, we have adpated a shortened online course on Hathor for 2020.  Full Training & Certification in the Temple Priestess Arts under Hathor will be offered in 2021.  It is a year-long program that requires attendance at a week-long in-person retreat.  Of you are interested in joining the full training, please email Akara – kara@wakingbeauty.com and set up a discovery session.

Can I Share About Hathor & the Things I learn in this Course with Others?

Receiving activation in a Mystery School tradition & Spiritual Lineage means YOU are “the continuation of the mystery” – which is always unfolding through our collective consciousness – that includes you!  Sharing sacred knowledge with others is a blessing & something that accrues positive karma for the soul.  Therefore, please feel free to share your own integrated wisdom from this experience with others.  While videos, PDF’s and transmissions are copyrighted (and we ask that you respect NOT sharing your login or any specific materials fromt this course – including group call recordings -with others to protect other member’s people’s privacy and the sanctity of this container) you are welcome to share concepts inetgrated from your own experience. 

If you are sharing specific teachings you learned from Hathor Rising with the world, please honor your teacher, and thank Akara Sophia or Kara Gilligan and reference the returnofthetemple.com website.  Honoring lineages and the roots of transmission of spiritual/cultural knowledge heals the Womb of Life & elevates the Feminine Principle in us all.