The Complete Nile River Pathway of Initiation

A Temple Arts Initiation on the River of Immortality: Awakening the Beauty of the Soul

October 28th – November 7th, 2024
















Join me in Egypt this Fall
to explore the pathways of Divine Kingship & the Ancient Egyptian Priestess Arts


Experience the initiations of Pharaohs & Queens, and countless figures of brilliance throughout history – from Moses & Jesus, to Aristotle & Alexander the Great, to Davinci – what is it about Egypt that catalyzes greatness in the human soul & spirit?  You are about to find out! 

The Nile River Pathway of Initiation


The temples along the Nile River form a pathway of initiation through the energy centers of the Divine Man.  Beginning in the deserts of Nubia with the formidable Temple of Abu Simbel and rising to the Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, this sequence of celestial temple activations was an initiatory path in ancient times – one intended to awaken the “deathless state” of the D’jedi The Divine Man/Divine Human.

We will take the full shamanic journey through these epicenters of divine human consciousness, allowing the mystical waters of the Nile & the magic of Isis – primordial wisdom of the Great Mother & spirit of this land – to be our guide.

Be initiated in the Ancient Egyptian Temple Arts tradition. Experience Skybodywork, essential oil therapy, blue lotus ceremony and the sacred sexual priestess path on the cooling waters of the river of life as you reclaim the wisdom of our ancient ancestors in the pilgrimage of a lifetime  

Enter the Temple Within…

The Gift of the Nile in an exclusive tour designed by Akara Sophia through the originally-intended sequence of temple activations on the Nile. You will connect to the power of your Soul through its many lifetimes, the King/Queen codes, & the mysteries of Divine Love & Sacred Empowerment.  This tour is designed for those interested in facilitating the Temple Arts Mysteries and applies to accreditation in our Temple Arts of Sacred Union Facilitator program.  However, its also open to all those seeking the heart of the mystery! Includes a 50+ page overview of the temples & their celestial empowerments to prepare you for the journey, plus a group call with Akara Sophia.  It is truly one of the richest and most profound shamanic journeys you can take on the Nile! 


Monday, October 28th: Fly into Aswan International Airport

Book a flight into Cairo and then a connecting one-way into Aswan.

Airport transfer to our beautiful Nubian hotel overlooking the Temple of Isis in Philae. Opening circle over dinner to welcome you to Egypt.

Tuesday, October 29th: Abu Simbel

Arise for a morning flight to Abu Simbel. Visit the stunning temple of Abu Simbel – root chakra of the Nile River pathway of initiation, devoted to Ramses II & Queen Nefertari and featuring an exquisite temple to Hathor he erected in his wife’s honor. Fly back to Aswan in the late afternoon & enjoy a Nubian dinner at our hotel overlooking the Temple of Isis, Philae

Wednesday, October 30th: Isis Temple, Philae

Enjoy a morning cruise to the island Temple of Isis, Philae. Explore the Mysteries of the Goddess of Love, Mistress of Magic, and queen of the watery Sacral Chakra epicenter of the Nile River pathway of initiation. Be baptized in the river of immortality at the original location of the Isis Temple and visit the sacred cave that the ancients believed was the source of the Nile. Dinner in the colorful Nubian village at sunset


Thursday, October 31st: Set Sail! / Kom Ombo

Set sail for our Nile river cruise this morning! Isis is the Mother of Horus, but to birth the King requires us to face our shadow & integrate the primal masculine fertility power of the crocodile god, Sobek, in Kom Ombo. Kom Ombo is actually 2 identical temples – one to Horus, the other to Sobek – who “face” each other as “mirror-images.” Here we work with the reflective power of the water element to compassionately integrate our shadow so that the primal masculine power of the King may rise.

Blue Lotus medicine ceremony this evening at “The Garden of Eden” – the only remaining island on the Nile to house the elusive blue lotus.

Friday, November 1st: Temple of Horus, Edfu

Edfu is a temple devoted to the falcon-headed god Horus & the Hero’s Journey. It is here that we rise into our Solar Plexus power!  Located at the mythic site along the Nile where Horus defeated Set, this temple is famous for its rich hieroglyphics, which tell the story of the origins of Ancient Egypt. Tour the temple in the morning, then visit a stunning swimming spot on the Nile to integrate. Dock at the Sensila Temple in the evening, to enjoy a sunset tour of this famous quarry where the megalithic stones of the temples were hewn.

Saturday, November 2nd:  Skybodywork / Sacred Oils Class / Luxor Temple

Enjoy a morning of Skybodywork ceremony on the boat to integrate the lower chakra work of the last 4 days, before we arrive in the city of Luxor – the ancient Egyptian capital & center of Egyptian royalty. In continuing with our Skybodywork theme of the day, we will visit a Sufi healer’s apothecary on the East Bank of Luxor for a rich class in essential oil healing according to indigenous traditions.  Then tour the stunning Luxor Temple – House of the Royal Ka Body – at night under the stars.

Sunday, November 3rd: Karnak Temple / Sekhmet Shrine

Enjoy the glory of Luxor with a tour of the impressive Karnak Temple this morning – the largest temple complex on Earth, home of Amun-Ra. Here the stones speak & the spirit moves.  We will journey through the 7 Gates of Karnak, learning about the Ancient Egyptian Temple system, 7 gates of initiation & their significance to the science of spirit, before visiting the secret shrine of Sekhmet for a private activation with the protectress of Ancient Egypt. Enjoy an afternoon of shopping on the East Bank or rest by the Nile before a royal dinner party, featuring belly dancing & live music at Amoura – our retreat house on the West Bank of Luxor.

Monday, November 4th:  West Bank / Valley of the Kings & Queens

The West Bank is the land of Amenti and features the royal tombs and funerary temples of the Kings & Queens of ancient Egypt. We will wake up early to watch the sunrise from the Temple of Hatshepsut before  a secret Isis Temple for meditation and ceremony in the morning – followed by a tour of the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut’s Temple & the Valley of the Queens.  Dinner at the stunning Memnon Restaurant overlooking the sacred mountain of Amenti.

Tuesday, November 5th:  Dendera / Abydos

Today we visit the Heart Chakra of the Nile River pathway of initiation, at the temples of Hathor  & Osiris in Dendera & Abydos. Open your hearts with sound healing ceremony in the glorious temple of Dendera, exploring the mysteries of the Goddess of Love, Music, Fertility & Abundance.  Then venture to one of the most mystical temples in all of Egypt: Abydos – uncovering the mysteries of the green-faced Great God of the Afterlife: Osiris. Flight to Cairo this evening & check in at our hotel in Giza.

Wednesday, November 6th: Great Pyramids of Giza / Sphinx / Church of the Holy Family

Awaken on the glorious Giza Plateau with views of the pyramids for a final day together at the Great Pyramids of Giza.  Be activated in these glorious initiation chambers that anchor our consciousness across the 3 worlds.  We will tour the Sphinx, then head to the Church in Coptic Cairo where Jesus, Mother Mary & Joseph lived – a true initiation in the heart of Christ Consciousness. Closing circle this evening to end our sacred journey.

Thursday, November 7th: Journey Ends / Optional Add-on Siwa Oasis

Tour closes today. If you are not staying on for the optional 4-day add on, check out + airport transfer to Cairo International Airport

Optional 3-Day Oasis Tour Add On

Siwa is a place of prophecy where Kings & leaders throughout time pilgrimaged to be anointed in the pathways of destiny.  Receive your own prophetic destiny reading at the end of your initiation & have time to integrate in the otherworldly beauty of the White Sand Oracle to Amun – featuring a desert safari tour + immersion in the hot springs, sacred pools, and of course the Oracle of Amun   .  This add-on includes 1 extra night accommodations in Cairo to rest and integrate after the first 10-day portion of our tour (you may receive spa or healing treatments that day or visit the Egyptian or Coptic museums) before venturing to Siwa on November 8th. For more information download the packet below. 

November 8-11th

What’s Included

– 10 Nights double-occupancy accommodations + all meals

– 5-Day Felucca Tour on the Nile

– All tickets & temple feeds

– Essential Oils class + all facilitation with Akara Sophia & other guides

– 1 round trip flight to Abu Simbel + flight to Cairo

– Airport pickup & dropoff

– All ground transportation to the temples


What’s Not Included

– Flights to Cairo 

– Spending Money for Shopping

– Tipping for our boat & tour staff (its customary to tip the crew at the end of our boat tour)






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After which the price will go up to $4999


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Payment plans available

All remaining balances on the retreat must be paid in full by September 1st, 2024

Seeking Siwa Add-On 


Includes 1 extra night accomodations in Cairo + a Kemetic Destiny Reading with Akara + the 3-Day Oracle Oasis Tour

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Akara Sophia