Tantric Wisdom of Easter

Saturday, March 30 @ 1pm EST

The roots of the celebration of Easter –

Where the Divine King’s body is sacrificed for the renewal of Creation

Go back long before the birth of Jesus & development of Christianity.

Whether we attend to:

  • The Hieros Gamos rituals of Celtic Beltane

  • The Isis-Osiris Fertility Rituals connected to the annual Flooding of the Nile (Egyptian “spring”)
  • Or the Tantric Demon-Taming practices of Tibet – where the Buddhic Body is offered in sacrifice for the renewal of Creation & pacification of demonic forces

There is a deeper wisdom stream that is expressly pagan, Tantric & anchored in the Grace of the Great Mother/Fertility Goddess

That lies at the heart at the Christian Mystery Tradition …

And was fulfilled by Yeshua himself when He surmounted the Agonies of the Cross to bring New Life to the world.

If it calls you to connect to the underlying Tantric & Divine Feminine Wisdom Streams which illuminate the offering of Yeshua’s body on the cross in its true significance –

Then I invite you to join me Saturday for a free activation & ritual gathering in the Tantric mysteries of Easter, entitled-

Offering the Body:

The Tantra of Jesus’ Miracle on the Cross


We will explore the ancient origins of Easter through multiple faiths, cultures and periods of time, illuminating the spiritual wisdom that underlies this Spring Celebration through the Face of the Divine Mother.

We will then explore the Tantric practices of India & Tibet – which brought pagan and shamanic ritual sacrifice practices into their true significance as fields of Liberation – the compassionate offering of the body by the Buddhic/Krishtic Lord for the liberation of all beings…

Considering the fascinating possibility that Jesus himself studied these art forms “in the missing years” of his life before the crucifixion.

Finally, we will open sacred space to honor the Offering of Yeshua’s Body, his miraculous Resurrection and to receive the blessings of His Eternal Emanation for healing, purification of sin, suffering, affliction & disease and to receive the blessing of New Life for us all.


This is a Completely Free & Complimentary Sacred Event!

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Offering the Body

The Tantra of Jesus’ Miracle on the Cross


Saturday, March 30th @ 1pm EST



Mysteries of the Mother