Join This Planetary Priestx Council

And Gathering of the Serpent Sisterhood to Discuss the Earth Changes & Channel Prayers for Healing 

Join us for a Planetary Priestx Council & Gathering of the Serpent Sisterhood to discuss what is taking place on Earth re: Earth Changes and to channel prayers & upgrades for the planetary Akashic. This sacred circle will include:

1. An Introduction to the Serpent PriestX Archetype

2. The Serpent PriestX’s role in Earth Magic & Transforming Collective Consciousness through Sexual Energy

3. An open forum for the guided restitution of humanity’s relationship with the Earth & the protection of sacred sites, natural resources, and other global treasures like the Amazon Rainforest through Ceremonial Activism.

The Serpent Priestx

The Serpent Priestess is a shamanic force connected deeply to women’s sexual power.

Specifically, the Serpent Priestess has the ability to:

  • enter trance
  • journey into other worlds
  • heal
  • divine
  • & perform a variety of rituals & ceremonies

Through the transformational channeling of erotic energy.

Most often associated with sexual healing work

One of the most incredible untapped powers of the Serpent Priestess is her abiliy to

  • Heal the Earth
  • Activate portals & sacred gateways in the Earth’s energy fields
  • Clear collective trauma (from the Earth’s energy fields)
  • And raise the consciousness of the planet itself

Serpents are natural guardians of Lifeforce energy

This includes the Earth’s lifeforce energy as sacred sites and places of power – as well as the lifeforce of all beings…

Join this council to resurrect the power, grace, & intelligence of the Serpent Priestess & Sexual Shamanism to heal the Earth and protect our most valuable treasures in this pivotal time.

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We recommend joining live if you can, as we will be asking for collective contributions of prayers for the Akashic.

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