A Money Miracle-Working Accelerator for 2024

Create Your Queendom

And Manifest it All in life & business

Starting March 17th 2024!

“Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.” – Wallace D. Wattles

All that you want to create in your life sits on a throne within you.

This throne is the source of your power, your creative authority & your purpose.

But it is guarded by one thing: The Right to be Rich.


If you don’t think rightly about money, you will never access this throne, fully.

You can live an entire life infused with the visions that emanate from its glory…

Dreams of helping others, traveling the world, building your dream home, retreat center, product line, having every experience your soul desires…

But always find yourself struggling in second gear.

Your dreams just out of reach, at best.

At worst? 

Suffering consistent hardship, in separation from your desires…

What I like to call the “Hungry Ghost” realm – shadow of the Goddess Throne.

The Goddess Throne

The Source of Infinite Creativity, Lifeforce, & Power in this Universe.
 A Realm of Limitless Magic, Material Creation, The Realizer of Dreams

It’s time to put your limiting beliefs about money and the false identities attached to them, aside –

The Martyr, the Slave Girl, the Victim, the Perfectionist, the Appeaser…

The one who is afraid of Success & Visibility…

The Hippie (With Her Head in the Clouds)…

The Good Girl (With her Nose in the Dirt)…

And claim the only version of you who can make your dreams a reality:



Mistress of the High Heavens, Keeper of the Goddess Throne.

She who can make anything happen –

The Rich Ruler within you.

Like Queen Isis who came before you…

And took the power of the High Heavens into her own hands…

The Queen pursues all that she desires.

And she certainly isn’t waiting on a miracle or savior to make the world right…
Or her dreams a reality…

She creates miracles, restores the world, & births the Savior of her own accord.


* You’ve received a stripped-down, diluted version of the Mother of Creation…

And it’s time for you to remember the power within you to do the same.

Enter the 2024

Right to be Rich: Queendom

A Money-Miracle Working Accelerator & Business Mistressmind

For the High Priestess Ready to become Queen

March 17 – May 5

Become A Mistress of Magic

Enthroned in the Power of Creation

Rich as the Goddess within  

The Right to be Rich: Queendom is a Business Mistressmind & Money-Miracle Working Accelerator based in the Rite(s) to Become Rich as the Queen of your Life. Over 8 weeks, dramatically transform your money story and claim your power, confidence, and authority to create what you desire.  Make a quantum leap in your life & business by mastering money & the art of quantum creation through the Goddess Throne – the limitless seat of creativity, magic & power within.


Are you ready to…


  • Greatly expand your earning potential


  • Attune your subconscious mind to 2X, 3X, or even 10X your income this year?


  • Realize a 6 or multi-6 figure business in your gifts?


  • Claim your Authority & as the Unapologetic Queen of your life?


  • Implement a business plan that actually works?


  • And work miracles with money through the quantum field?


Then, this is for you. 

It’s time to become rich, woman!

The throne awaits your call

This is an 8-Week Mistressmind in Money-Mindset & Business Strategy with weekly coaching calls & manifestation rites – exercises, rituals, & step-by-step guides to owning your worth, making money move (miraculously!), and working magic in your life. Held through the Queen of Magic, Lady Isis, you will be activated & empowered to own your throne – the power of creating all that you desire through the unapologetic right to be rich & mastering money in your life.

There is a version of you who is already rich

Who thinks positively & creatively about money. 

Who is bold, daring, inventive, wise.

Who is so supremely secure in her Creative Power…

She’s almost playful when it comes to manifesting anything she desires:

And she’s just been waiting for you to catch up & realize:

The world is yours for the making.

Week 1: Goddess Throne

 Isis, Mistress of Magic
Reveals the secrets of Manifestation


Magic is your birthright.  It’s who you are. The Goddess Throne lies within you. But it’s blocked by your fears, low self-worth & negative money-mindset. It’s time to open the way of the Throne.

Your Queenly initiation begins with a money-mindset & self-worth overhaul – as we unlock the secrets of manifestation through the teachings of Isis & the money mindset of a Wealthy Woman.

  • Be guided through an in-depth Money Mindset & Miracle-Working makeover – encoding your mind, body & spirit with the unapologetic right to be rich as the Queen of Creation

  • Confront the top 10 blind spots magical women hold that are draining your power, blocking your dreams, & keeping you from your financial desires

  • Cultivate confidence in yourself, replacing insecurity with self-esteem and developing the habits of success to achieve your goals

  • Commit to your Queendom – an inspired new vision for your life & business that places wealth & the magic of creation first in your life


Week 2: Make Money Move

 Pricing to Transfigure Creation


Most human beings live in the drag of money markets, making just enough to survive or be comfortable. Pricing in this sphere of influence only serves to uphold the status quo. 

This week you will master freedom through financial frequency, learning how to price your work through quantum energetics that actually move mountains & make miraculous changes in your own & other’s lives

  • Confront the true financial frequency of your Queendom – what it actually takes to create your dreams and the life you desire.

  • Master money as a quantum energy & gatekeeper of Creation. Learn to track the frequency of money (needed) to successfully manifest any outcome – including in your client’s lives

  • Price according to the sphere of miracles. Understand the significance of offerings & sacrifice in the manifestation of any prayer and how money fulfills the purpose of both in our time.

  • Anchor a value structure for your work through the ecstasy of true Divine Wealth


    Week 4: The Scorpion’s Gift

     Making Shadow Your Ally –
    Yielding Riches on Your Behalf


    The shadow exists for ONE reason – to propel us towards the Most High & to protect God’s Creation.  You cannot become rich without being a Mistress of Shadow – and this week you will learn why.

    Neutralize fear, integrate financial protection, and claim the right to command the shadow as an ally in your financial prosperity. Like Isis, let the scorpion’s sting serve you in manifesting all that you desire.

    • Illuminate the money-shadow of the world with wisdom. Vanquish your own financial fears and the claim the pressure they produce as a catalytic energy of creation & empowerment.

    • Learn the 7 Poisons to Prosperity by name, so you can recognize and command their influence – holding the throne.

    • Fine-tune your financial boundaries with self & others. Create non-negotiable financial standards in your life & business and protect your Queendom from sabotage & depreciation.

    • Master the erotic power of the shadow as a magnetizing force in money markets. Work positively and creatively with the world’s shadow to compel material manifestation, as did Isis.


      Week 4: The Divine Plan

      Claim the Passion of your Highest Purpose
      to Create an Offering Fit for the Gods


      A Queen lives in unfaltering devotion to the Highest Purpose within her, but she must access an electric kind of passion that transcends the solemnity of duty to fulfill her calling.

      Many of us unconsciously resist, water-down, or deny this full electric potential of our purpose due to collective programming

      This week, you will be “lit up” by the no-holds-barred conception of your life calling, forsaking the path of playing it small or safe for the true YES within you – a key commitment needed to bring riches in your life.

      • Face the ways you limit your potential by pandering to the scarcity mindset of “just being safe” or “surviving” in your business and turn that paradigm on its head!
      • Commit to riches by aligning deep, dreaming big and kindling the flame of ecstasy in how you envision your business plan
      • Learn to craft offers in your business through the quantum field of miracles – magnetizing clients that also live in this sphere of miracles, have plenty of money, and will jump at the chance to work with you
      • Master value proposition from the depths of your soul and develop an unapologetically strategic mindset in how you present your work that compels the forces of Creation on your behalf.


        Week 5: Queen of Prosperity

         Become a living Source of Riches
        Bestowing Wealth Upon All


        Becoming rich is not just about you. A Queen is a steward of wealth for an entire community. In Isis’ case, for the whole world.

        Your prosperity directly influences countless lives across the planet – your family line, ancestors, soul group, those who share ethnic, racial, gender, or religious backgrounds – as well as the people you directly serve, collaborate with or employ.

        There is power in the hidden web of life your Queendom elevates. And knowing how to harness this power – within & without – transitions you to “The Elect” sphere of Creation as a Keeper of the Prosperity of Life itself.

        • Enter into “The Elect” as a Queen of Prosperity and living source of riches through the Key Codes of Isis
        • Receive the deeper spiritual empowerments that support the Soul in holding wealth as sacred purpose – attracting vastly more money into your life
        • Learn to use your resources & influence to create positive change in your community and the world…with zero susceptibility to the chaos, civil unrest & vitriol of our time.
        • Cultivate empowered alliances with other Wealth-Code keepers that nurture you in your ascent & understand the worldly orientation & relational mastery needed to truly hold the throne


          Week 6: Prosperity Spells

          Speak Power to Creation
          & Manifest the Clients You Desire


          Our voice is the active dimension of the Goddess Throne & seat of Magical Power within.  Isis spoke more than any other Egyptian deity – Her word was her wand.

          This week we will explore the power of our word in calling in clients, making sales & creating the wealth we desire.

          From prosperity spells, to marketing plans, to the essential integrity of speaking truth to new limits and boundaries in our lives – the message we speak creates our reality – and you will learn to speak the Spell of Riches into your life.

          • Cultivate the power and integrity of your voice as an instrument of Creation & the primary vehicle of wealth generation
          • Fine-tune the magic in your marketing message – creating persuasive calls to action that magnetize clients to your business
          • Enhance your confidence & visibility through clear communication & embrace a marketing plan that lights your soul
          • Learn my 7 step Ritual Manifestation Process to invoke the Spell of Prosperity into your life.


            Week 7: Money Miracles

            The Grace of the Unseen
            And Mastering the Heroine’s Journey of
            Financial Freedom


            The journey to riches is truly a Heroine’s Journey. It’s an odyssey. An epic. With plenty of trials that transform the Soul.  

            To get rich requires courage, determination, hard work & devotion – but you are not alone in this great quest.

            There is immeasurable Grace that goes before you & a myriad of unseen forces of benevolence working on your behalf.

            This week, we will explore the realm of the miraculous when it comes to the Heroine’s Journey of mastering money in our lives.

            Increase your trust & faith in money miracles, open to receive financial boons, harness the power of your intuition & work with Unseen Realms to manifest abundance in your life. 

            • Acquaint yourself with the limitless grace that is here to support you on your Heroine’s Journey to becoming a Wealthy Woman
            • Learn patience & trust in the Divine when facing trials of growth or crises of financial expansion
            • Solve financial struggles through faith, determination, and applied intelligence guided by the Unseen Realm
            • Lean into the sphere of the miraculous on the Road to Riches – by making Faith your secret weapon & greatest ally 


                Week 8: Queenly Mistressmind

                 The Power of Three (or 4 or 5!)
                in Manifestation &
                Exponentially Multiplying Prosperity


                It’s time to fully remember the days of old & the power we hold as women to create and anchor wealth into this world.

                Ancient Egyptian magic worked through the combined ritual intent of soul families & the “power of the pride” – the female lionesses joined together in manifestation at the apex of Creation.

                You can’t do this alone.

                Join together with your sisters in a queenly mistressmind devoted to the High Rites of Riches and directly manifesting our business goals.  Learn how to channel the power of pride create everything you desire.

                • This will be a half day gathering that is based in live group coaching and a queenly mistressmind – where each can receive personal feedback and coaching and we can come together in a ceremonial ritual of manifestation to close the program.


                    The Right to be Rich: Queendom 


                    • Complete Life & Business Review by Akara
                    • 8 Live Group calls with personal coaching, group masterminding, & live support to manifest your dreams in 2024
                    • 8 Inspired Modules of Wealth-Generating Content
                    • Ritual Guides, Energy Activations, and Spiritual Empowerments that anchor the Soul in QUEEN Consciousness & the Power of Creation

                    Join a Mistressmind devoted exclusively to becoming rich in 2024 – up-leveling every aspect of your life and anchoring Queendom as an inspired state of living “in the eye” of the storm

                    Virtual Mistressmind

                    2-hour live calls on zoom each week with Akara – ( 1 hour of training + 1 hour of live coaching )

                    • A Welcome Packet for Akara to study your goals + desires

                    • Weekly rituals, exercises, and step-by-step guides in our Right to be Rich Modules

                    • Energy activation & spiritual empowerments

                    • Access to the Right to be Rich Facebook Group

                    Pay in Full


                    Or Payment Plan

                    4 Payments of $397

                    Mistressmind + Retreat

                    Mykonos, Greece

                    September 18 – 22

                    • The complete Right to be Rich Virtual Mistressmind plus

                    • A 5-day Queenly Activation & business coaching retreat on the stunning island of Mykonos in Greece (September 18-21, 2024

                    • Individualized business coaching within an exclusive group setting 

                    • Queenly Initiations at the Temple of Isis on Delos as an activated Mistress of Magic

                    • Option to join longer Greece Tour w/ Akara

                    With the Queen of Creation Mykonos Retreat


                    Includes 4 nights double-occupancy accomodations at a the San Marcos Resort on the island of Mykonos. Exclusive group coaching, beach, & day trip to Delos. Flights & food are not included. Payment plans available upon request. Email admin@wakingbeauty.com

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