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Our online courses, masterclasses & trainings cover a range of topics focused on the Priestess Path, Goddess Studies & Sacred Empire-Building for coaches, teachers and healers.  All of the longer programs) are hosted in our convenient virtual temple space and are homestudy programs.  On occasion they are taught live. To be notified of live courses, events and trainings, please sign up for our monthly newsletter here. Browse our library and explore the pathways of Sophia below!

Priestess Pathways

Featured journeys on the Way of the Goddess, each approx. 3 months long (homestudy).

Heal the 3 core wounds of the Divine Feminine: the Witch, the Bitch & the Whore. These 3 wounds were carried by Mary Magdalene & correlate to the false perception of her as a 1. a prostitute, 2. a woman possessed by demons & 3. the woman waiting to be stoned…

Immerse yourself in the mysticism of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor – the Grand Mother of the Magdalene lineage & Mistress of Civilization. Learn about the 12 sacred faces of Hathor & discover the lost wonders & planetary mysticism of the Age of Taurus- time of sacred sensuality.

Lilith is the spirit of the First Woman who lives within us all. A force connected to the primordial origins of Feminine Power, she is the mistress of the primal lifeforce, fierce warrior goddess, great grandmother, crone, and the wisdom of the wild woman who lives within us all…

Wealth, Business & Manifestation

A 21-Day Tantric Sadhana devoted to revitalizing your relationship with money through sensuality, spiritual practice & the celebration of abundance! Reprogram your money mindset with pleasure & amplify your manifestation power through sex magic, self care & attunement to Divine Feminine energy.

If selling gives you the creeps, this is the course for you.  Learn how selling can be sacred – a space of profound service and transformation.  Develop the confidence, congruency & sacred relational skills to sell high end coaching or healing programs with ease and grace, as you radically heal your money story.

Build your online empire. Establish your Queendom


Explore healing, shadow integration, & esoteric knowledge with these short courses, under $350.


The Myrrophores were an ancient group of Priestesses who worked with sacred oils for spiritual rites, rituals, healings & initiations.  Be introduced to the Myrrophore tradition & the Ancient Egyptian Art of Anointing…

The Lucifer Upgrade

What’s the connection between the Fallen Angel & the Venus Path?  How do colonial wounds inform our understanding of evil? Can the “Morning Star” be reclaimed as a Progenitor & force of Primal Masculinity?

The Freeze Response

Explore the myth of Medusa as an allegory for stuck, blocked, or frozen trauma in the nervous system.  “Free the spirits in the stones” & heal your nervous system of paralysis from painful events & trauma

The Wounds of Love

Were carried by Jesus during his crucifixion.  They are: Betrayal, Denial, Judgement, Persecution & Abandonment.  Sacred Heart Opening is a Journey to open the heart by facing and healing these 5 sacred wounds.


1 or 2 part masterclasses on revelatory topics in Tantric mysticism.

Isean: Mother of Christ

A Masterclass on the hidden histories of Christ in Egypt & the indelible influence of Ancient Egyptian mysticism on Early Christianity

High Spell of Romantic Love

A stunning immersion into hidden Tantric Mysticism on Romantic Love as a Spiritual Path.  Also covers Twin Flames & the Isis-Sophia Mysteries of Sacred Relationships.

Essential Oils

Join guest teacher & Kemetic Priest, Eze Okoye, on an immersion into essential oil healing & the Neteru – healing the body with the Ancient Egyptian Gods

Secrets of Esoteric Embodiment

Adeptal paths for women strengthen the connection of the Universal Shakti to the physical body.  This can result in the Earth – villages, cities, countries, planets- & even Cosmos itself, being held through her own body


Temple Arts Training Programs

Temple Arts of Sacred Union 

 The Temple Arts of Sacred Union is a year-long facilitator training in the Isis Mysteries of Divine Love, Sacred Sexuality & the Path of Divine Union. This training centers on the Sex Magic of Isis, as it applies to intimate partnerships. The next training will be held in later 2024 or early 2025.  If you would like to be placed on the waiting list to be informed of enrollment, please enter your name and email address in the field below:

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The Goddess Temple traditions of the ancient world guarded alchemical practices designed to transmute the physical body & sense consciousness into Immortal Presence.  Skybodywork™ is a modern recreation of these ancient  healing practices. A Temple Arts modality based in Ancient Egyptian Healing Wisdom, Skybodyworkcombines sacred touch, sound healing, trance channeling & the Art of Anointing using essential oils to awaken the Soul of the Flesh. This unique bodywork modality is based in the Hathorian Mysteries of Immaculate Matter and is a sensual immersion into Divine Embodiment. Explore the foundation of this Temple Arts tradition by signing up for a free introduction to Skybodywork™ at the link below: 

Trainings are held in Egypt

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