Sacred Wealth Immersion

The Sacred Wealth Academy is a school that is designed to support this miraculous expansion into Ascended Mastery, Prosperity & Life Purpose on a SOUL Level. With a specific orientation that encourages the integration of wealth, leadership, and power dynamics in the fulfillment of spiritually-directed life purpose.This is a deep, multi-dimensional journey of healing, awakening & Spiritual Development that empowers your SOUL as “King” or “Queen” of Creation.

Sacred Sales

Journey into the unexpected beauty of sales, the Heart of Sacred (Economic) Relationship & what it's like to develop confidence in yourself and your ability to share your work with the world. Sacred Sales is a life-changing course that brings the power of sacred relationship & effective communication skills to the realm of sales, money & business, and can inspire – even the most guarded hearts – to blossom into ecstatic selling!

Priestess Pathways

Hathor Rising

Immerse Yourself in the Mysticism of Hathor... The Great Egyptian Mother Goddess of Fertility, Love, Music, Dance, Sexuality & Abundance. Be Initiated into the Venus Mystery School & Discover the *Magick* of the Mother of Civilization

First Woman

Work with the Template of Lilith’s Story as an Archetypical Journey to resolve the Shadows which have blocked Primal Feminine Power from being Realized – in ourselves & in the World. Transform the Wounds that keep us small, stuck & Afraid of our Power and realize Lilith’s True Nature as the Empowered Dark Goddess & Mistress of Primal Femininity.

Magdalene Wounds

The Magdalene Wounds are the 3 core wounds to Divine Feminine that have blocked the Power of the Sacred Feminine in this last age on Earth. Unwind deep Patriarchal programming & fear of our power as women. Heal karmic wounds related to persecution for being in our gifts. Open the gateway to Sacred Sexuality, Divine Love, & Sacred Union. Reveal the deeper Mystery Teachings of the Magdalenes. And connect to the lost Sacred Mysticism of the Goddess.

The Art of Anointing

The touching of the face of God in the flesh. The transmission of the Holy Spirit. The invocation of Heaven into Earth. The raising of matter – the Sacred Neters (“Holy Natures”) – to reveal the intimate presence of the One within all. To anoint is not just to touch the body, but to touch the Soul. To speak words of power, healing, and illumination into the depths of matter. To call forth the Holy Spirit to bless, awaken or reside within the Anointed One.“Christ” means “Anointed”. The training is for those who are here to touch the face of God in humanity.