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The First Religion on this planet was deeply based in the Goddess & the Power of Fertility

  As civilizations developed in the Ancient Near East, the power of man came to replace the power of the Earth for survival, and wars for territory between kingdoms resulted in the rise of Masculine Deities as the primary source of protection, provision, & way of life.

Asherah – the name of the Ancient Semitic Fertility Goddess and once touted “Wife of Yahweh” – took a huge fall in the consolidation of Jewish Power & Identity against the threat of neighboring empires.

This seminar explores the sacrifice of the Fertility Goddess, which took place in Jewish culture – as a product of war & the battle for Masculine Supremacy. 

It traces the effects of this sacrifice as “The Magdalene Wounds” – the shaming, demonizing & casting out of the Feminine Principle- in the later Judeo-Christian empire and seeks to restore the lost harmony & forgotten “love affair” between the essence of the Divine Patriarch – so magnificently present in the Jewish & Christian faiths – and the Power of the Fertility Goddess, his Mother & original consort.

Recorded on Ferbuary 1st, 2022

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