Fall 2022

A Temple Training

in the Art of Anointing


The Art of Anointing is the Christening of Creation-

The touching of the face of God in the flesh. The transmission of the Holy Spirit. The invocation of Heaven into Earth.  The raising of matter –  the Sacred Neters (“Holy Natures”) – to reveal the intimate presence of the One within all.

To anoint is not just to touch the body, but to touch the Soul

To speak words of power, healing, and illumination into the depths of matter

To call forth the Holy Spirit to bless, awaken or reside within the Anointed One

“Christ” means “Anointed”

The training is for those who are here to touch the face of God in humanity.


is a sacred art form that combines touch, prayer (“heka” – words of power), and the force of the Holy Spirit, aided by the use of sacred oils – the distilled essence of sacred plants – “Neters” or “Nature Spirits” – to bless, heal, empower or guide the Anointed One.

This ancient Temple Art is a priest or priestess skill – with roots in the Kemetic tradition of Ancient Egypt – the culture that invented methods for distilling essential oils.

The Art of Anointing is used in:

Ceremonies of Initiation – to begin, seal or activate a sacred process (ie: Baptisms)

The Consecration of Kings (To bestow the empowerment of Heaven & Earth upon Sacred Leaders)

The Healing of the Sick (the art of anointing governs the spiritual & soul level of healing & may be used to invoke transformation through the spiritual, soul & energy bodies)

The Worship of the Gods – (the offering of sacred oils restores the Spirits of the Earth & connects us to the Cosmic & Celestial planes)

The Support of the Dying : (anointing during the last rites is a baptism for the Soul’s journey through the other worlds- alleviating suffering & calling Supreme Grace to guide the Soul.

And The Embodiment of Cosmic Divinity (as a support for meditation & the development of trance states, the art of anointing is a plant medicine that supports the integration of our upper dimensional bodies into human form )

This ancient temple art is a treasure of the Divine Feminine Wisdom Traditions, originally brought to this planet through the beneficence of Hathor (Hteru) – Mistress of Sacred Oils – but carried through the Healing Arts of Isis (Ausset), to the sacred hands of Mary Magdalene (Myriam of Migdala) in the Christian tradition.

This training is an initiation to the full spiritual power of this sacred art (form) of anointing. It teaches:

The History

Path of Practice

Sacred Principles

Healing, Trance & Invocation Methods

Ritual Guides

And Esoteric Laws (of Creation)

Which guide the Art of Anointing.

This training is ideal for those working in the fields of spiritual healing (soul / akashic records), shamanic healing ( especially with interest in ritual healing & plant medicines ), bodyworkers, sex workers, ceremonial leaders, and the divine feminine temple arts. 

We will cover:

The Myrrophore Tradition:
An Introduction

Origins of Essential Oils, Unguents, & Perfumery in Ancient Egypt

Historical Role of Scent in the Temple Arts Tradition:  Worship of the Gods

Essential Oils & the Rites of Kingship: The Anointing of the Pharaoh

Essential Oils & the Afterlife: Mummification & the Preparation of the Dead

Mary Magdalene & the Myrrhbearers in the Christian Tradition

Rites, Rituals & Services of a Myrrophore – “PriestX of Sacred Oils” in today’s time.

Essential Oils:
The Precious Essence of Creation

Essential Oils as Plant Medicine: Communing with the Spirits of Nature

Ritual Medicine: The 5 Categories of Plant Spirits & their Ritual Healing Powers 

Becoming an Oil’s Steward: Developing Sacred Relationship with the Plant

Biochemical, Energetic, & Cosmic Properties of Essential Oils – understanding their multi-dimensional healing power

Oil Cultivation: growing, harvesting, & producing Sacred Oils as Medicine – selecting oils for your work

Essential Oils & the Neteru:
The Egyptian Spiritual Science

With Khemetic Priest, Eze Okoye – 2 Part Initiation

The Tree of Life: An Introduction to the 12 Neteru* as Cosmic Forces of Creation & their Expression in the Natural World

The Body Temple: Locating Power Centers for the Neteru in the Human Body & Understanding Methods for Activation

Essential Oils & the Neters: Learn which essential oils match with each of the 12 Neteru & why you would call on each for healing, consecration & other purpose of anointing

Heka & the Art of Invocation:
Speaking Words of Power

Heka: The Spirit of Invocation & Speaking “Words of Power”

The Sacred Name: Chanting the Ren or True Name of the Neteru to enter trance & call upon their Power (learn sacred chants for Isis/Ausset, Heteru/Hathor and other Neteru significant to healing)

Consecration: Awakening the Power of the Oils to Perform desired Work

Blessings: Generating Prayer Requests & Speaking Healing Words of Power over People, Beings & Creation as Spoken Invocation

The Divine Human:
Anatomy, Energy & the Lightbody

Essential Oils & the Endocrine System: Translating Spirit into Matter. The significance of inner & outer oils in the healing process. 

The Egyptian Lightbody: Learn 15 Points of Power in the physical body according to the Egyptian Tree of Life & how to open the human form to Divine Energy through these sacred gateways 

Healing: Stimulating Healing Energy through Touch, Heka (Sacred Chants) & becoming a vessel

Initiation & Cultivation: Supporting Long Term Healing Processes through Essential Oils

Potions, Unguents &
Methods of Application

Unguents & Potions: Creating Oil Blends to Treat Various Illnesses

Ritual Baths, Aromatherapy, & Direct Application Techniques – Creating Healing Experiences & Environments through the Use of Sacred Oils

Essential Oils & the Endocrine System: Translating Spirit into Matter. The significance of inner & outer oils in the healing process. Harmonizing the spiritual, energetic & physical bodies.

Activating an Oil to be Used in Healing: Prayer, Invocation & Meditation – A Lightbody Medicine 

Stimulating Healing Energy through the Art of Anointing: Touch, Energy Centers & the Flow of Cosmic Lifeforce

Healing over Time: Supporting Long Term Healing Processes through Essential Oils

Unguents & Potions: Creating Oil Blends to Treat Various Illnesses

Ritual Baths, Aromatherapy, & Direct Application Techniques – Creating Healing Experiences & Environments through the Use of Sacred Oils

Ritual & Ceremony
Essential Oils in Rites of Passage, Soul Work & Ceremonial Transitions

Essential Oils in Rites of Passage: Coming of Age, Marriage, Graduation, Initiation & Consecration

Essential Oils in Sex Magic & Sacred Sexuality: Oils to Enhance Erotic Power, Genital Anointing, Immaculate Conception (Conceiving the Soul of a Child), Menstruation, Pregnancy, & Birth Oils for the Mother

Essential Oils in Trance Ceremony: Vision Quests, Invocations, Prophecy & the Receipt of Soul Guidance through Sacred Oils

Essential Oils in the Death Process: Death Doulaship, Supporting the Soul in its Transition, Funerary Rites, Grief Rituals & the Power of Essential Oils in Connecting to the Other Side

Led by…

Eze Okoye


Eze Okoye


Eze Okoye is a priest in the Ausar Auset Society where he has been taught in the manner of the Khamitic/Egyptian priesthoods of ages past. In addition to the Khamitic training, Eze has undergone 6 year training in the shamanic methods of China with special focus on the Early Daoist era of Shamanism. Lastly Eze, began his preparation in the traditional Igbo medicinal training of his native homeland Nigeria.



Pre-Training Video on the Egyptian Bodies of Light 

Note: This is an advanced course.

If you have not studied the Egyptian mysteries with Akara before
please watch the 30-minute pre-training video on the Egyptian Bodies of Light before your arrival.

Bring: notebook, pen, refreshments & your favorite essential oils to the live course. 

Please bring Jasmine or Spearmint essential oils (sacred to the Goddess Isis / Ausset ) if you have them.  We will be learning about oils & oil blends sacred to 9 different Neteru during this class, yet focusing primarily on Isis/ Ausset & her powers of trance healing.

* If you cannot attend live, replays will be available afterwards for your convenience.


Normal Investment $777

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Payment Plan – 3 monthly payments


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