Know thyself as deathless

And able to know all things – all arts, sciences, the way of every life. Become higher than the highest height and lower than the lowest depth.

– Muata Ashby, Egyptian Alchemist

Egypt, the Egypt of antiquity...

exercised a mysterious fascination over me. I recognized a picture of it immediately, without hesitation and to my great astonishment.

– Pierre Loti

Egypt is full of dreams, mysteries, memories.

– Jane Erskine Stewart

Egypt is the Gift of the Nile.

– Herodotus

It was this Great Science

based upon an intimate and exact knowledge of cosmic principles-that fused art, religion, science, and philosophy into one coherent whole and sustained Ancient Egypt for three thousand years.

– Anthony West

Amenti Tours

 Amenti is the name of the Kingdom of Osiris – recalling the closing of prayer in the Christian tradition (“Amen”) and meaning honest or trustworthy in Arabic.

Here at Amenti Tours, we specialize in hosting safe, inspirational tours & group retreats for mystics, scholars, and spiritual seekers in the land of Ancient Egypt .

Our tours are bespoke experiences, tailored to the specific esoteric, academic & historical interests of each group – and covering all of Egypt from Cairo & Alexandria to Aswan, to Egypt’s exquisite desert oases, to the Red Sea. 

We support spiritual teachers, thoughts leaders, academics, and small groups who are interested in the spiritual & intellectual mysteries of Ancient Egypt, in crafting tours that inspire the soul. 

 Our Tours


Want to create a tour that explores Ancient Egyptian mysticism?  The Christian histories in Egypt?  How about a tour based in Hellenistic astrology? 

We create shamanic & initiatory experiences, woven with the best education, sacred sites guides, and quality immersions which nourish our groups in body, mind, soul & spirit. 


Cairo          Luxor          Aswan

Alexandria         Amarna

Siwa       Sinai

Red Sea

Below are signature tours led by Akara Sophia for individuals and small groups visiting Egypt. To the right you will find custom-design tours designed for  larger groups and facilitators with special interests

Please get in touch with us below to schedule a complimentary tour-planning session for your group! (see form at the bottom of the page).


Our Signature 10-Day Tour

Our signature 10-Day Tour, following the Nile River pathway of initiation from Aswan to Cairo. Click Here for more info.

Custom Tours

Designed for special interest groups

Egypt, Science of the Stars

A custom tour planned for a group centered on Hellenistic Astrology. Click here for more info.

Short Tours with Akara Sophia


If you are coming to Egypt and would like to book a single or 3-day tour with Akara, we offer the following specialty tours below. Akara specializes in tours of Dendera (the Temple of Hathor), Luxor (where our retreat house is located), and to the Oracle of Siwa.  You are welcome to stay with us if you are coming to Luxor and explore at your leisure as well.

Luxor Tours

Temple of Hathor

3-Day Siwa Oasis Tour

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